Wednesday, 15 December 2010

An Update Before Xmas

Well, here we are rapidly approaching the end of another year. Fuck me don't they fly?

I caught a huge break recently and picked up a new job. Great money, and hours, and really enjoyable work. The sort of shit I like anyway, and with the sort environment I'm most comfortable with. You either perform to the best of your ability, or you don't. It's hard work, but I take that side of it as being paid to work out. I start early, but finish early too so the arvo's are mine. If I'm not too shagged. I'm a girly man with the "late night" being to about 9pm. lol

There's potential for personal professional expansion, but I sorta walked straight into what I like and how much of it I like and when I like it. Win. I'm getting on well with the people I'm working with and having to prove yourself is a fun challenge. Unloading 48 foot truck trailers by hand full of cardboard boxed freight in the heat really is a challenge and I work along side man-trees from various parts of the Pacific Islands. They are cool, they just want to see that you will bust your hump just as they do. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's a huge positive step forward for me and the end of a tough coupla years with work related problems.

Personally, I'm ticking over quite nicely. The missus picked up a part-time job that's quite physical and she's doing that for her health more than anything. She's looking forward that. There's no real stats for people in Australia - or anywhere I believe - who are post-transplant with lungs past 5 years. They are all dead. She's 8 years out. This is an under laying thought that we are all aware of and really don't discuss. What's there to say? She's a bit heavier than she should be so some exercise that she's getting paid for can only be helpful. So long as she doesn't over do it; which she's capable of.

Xmas will be spent in Australia with her family. Hoping to get back home sometime next year, and a new car is on the horizon. Been yapping about that for awhile but was really waiting on some job security.

So, I guess that's me till Christmas. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE who've taken the time to acknowledge me and mine throughout this year and I very much appreciate popping in and out of your consciousness occasionally. Whether you're Christian or not, Christmas is a time for family and kindness.

Much best wishes to you and yours,


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fare-the-well you ugly pig bastards

I live right on the northern approach to the Amberley Airbase. Daily, we get to watch C-17's, AWACS, Super Hornets, Singapore F-16's, Blackhawks, Tigers, and various other assorted military aircraft roar on by but one that ALWAYS makes you stop and appreciate it, and that is the F-111. Or the Pig.

Today they get taken out of service and will do their last flyby for ever. I reckon no other plane - maybe excluding the Vampire and Meteor - has such a impact on the psyche in and around Ipswich. Everyone you talk to loves them, and everyone you see stops and looks when they go by. The Super Hornets are something special and we always run out for a look when we hear them but there's something .... clinical ... about them versus the personality of the Pig. In the near future we look forward to losing control over our bladders when the F-35's start appearing on the horizon, but right now, it's The Pig's turn.

We were fortunate enough to get to the Amberley Airshow in 2008. Amazing stuff, but that show gave me my greatest memory of the F-111 and thank CROIST I had my camera. You could feel the heat.

So farewell you big beautiful ugly pig bastards. You'll be missed.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

North Korea

So what do we reckon. Kim Crook bombards a southern island over wargames with the Seppos and deploys SAM's all over the joint. The South are under pressure from within to boot the north in the balls.

Closest we've been to something irreversible for ages. Where to from here?

Seems to me if it's gonna happen you wanna cut the north off from China. What's the consequences with THAT?.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Am I carrying WHAT?

Got pulled over by a copper for whatever reason. Usual questions regarding what I'm doing in my own registered and insured car on a public road, but then came a curly one.

"Are you carrying any weapons?"

Obviously he was looking for someone matching me and the car BUT, am I carrying any weapons?.

My mind processed this as, "Are you carrying an object intended to cause physical harm to me or anyone else?".

Loaded, much?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Holy shit, a blog entry: Black Ops

Well, the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops has come and gone. So far, impressed. I bought a 24" LG, LED, HD, PC - funny how we'll all know what those mean - monitor to game with. HUGE difference in gaming experience when you're looking through 1080p goggles. Out-fucking-standing. And ONLY for 260 bucks. The Turtle Beach headset just sets it off for something special. So anyway, enough masturbating.

The game isn't everyone's cup'o'tea and I DON'T play campaign. I just can't stand AI at the mo. It sucks, but APPARENTLY this one is something special. Multiplayer is sweet. I'm liking it. I hated Treyarch's World at War but this one has more features than you can poke a stick at. Seriously. I'm going to do a review by Monday of the gaming website so I'll do a run down then.

Coupla quirky things. Taking out Zombies as JFK - yes, THE JFK - is something different. There's also some hidden content which includes a top down view arcade game hidden in the menu which is fricken sweet. Theatre mode is something special. New game modes in which you can bet on yourself etc etc.

Content wise, most DEFINITELY worth the money. If you like FPS's but wasn't satisfied by MW2 then this might be yours. Some cool shit in there. 'Decoy' is a thing you throw that goes of like a packet of crackers and shows up on enemy radar. FANTASTIC for ambushes.

More soon.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Xbox Gaming Team For Black Ops?

Looking for some people to hook up with when Black Ops comes out. You only need to play semi-regularly and play to your strengths. You don't need to be great, just as long as you enjoy it, but play for the team and a tactical kinda way. Don't need to camp it, or run round giving away kills -*cough* - just communicate as we go. Even if you sit back plugging away and calling out enemy it's all good. I know Havock will be keen, and his boys, and will welcome anyone who's up for it.

I've got a capture card and will record - although I know Black Ops does this too - but will allow for some fun montage videos of us all owning, or being owned, just for the shits and giggles.

If you're sensitive about swearing, maybe this isn't for you.

Drop your Gamertag below.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

One Australian's SHAME

Totally unfortunate incident. ESPECIALLY the second one. BENT ELBOW .... seriously.... WTF MAN????

Friday, 22 October 2010

My First Piece Of ART-Art.

Had an idea running through my head for AGES, and it was one of those projects that I just didn't know how materialize. I had the vibe, I just didn't have the inspiration. Then BOOM, it clicked.

Before I unveil I guess I should explain. The entire page is the piece. It's the only thing that will ever appear on this site. The entire page IS part of it. What it's suppose to represent is writing - as in authorship - having transitioned from the typewriter and coffee stained paper to the digital age having almost taken away the exclusivity of authorship. The blog itself is the modern typewriter where ANYONE now can be an author, and influential, with technology making it VASTLY easier than it once was with just the typewriter, coffee, pencil, and calluses. Even the author's lament can only be viewed via use of a digital camera. That author is now merely a little moon in the galaxy where once he was the sun. And not that long ago.

Anyway, hope you like it. It can be viewed HERE.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

What Doesn't Kill You....

Found this over here quite by chance. Very powerful, and true. Makes you grasp the hidden meaning behind "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Like, "Men don't cry", and such. Very impressive.

satantits:  gpoy   Reply to Nietzsche. Distinctly not from the military school of life.

Monday, 18 October 2010


A thinking learning computer that tweets and asks for corrections. You can view the NELL project HERE.

Raises the obvious question. Do we need learning computers?. ESPECIALLY given free access to the net?. We are super paranoid about this already, but the reality is right there, learning, waiting, preparing.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Medal of Honor Multiplayer

First up, I don't care about single player campaign. I don't play em, and if 'First Person Shooter' (FPS) game developers made multiplayer only games, I'd be cool with that. Game AI is only an equation. It ALWAYS comes down to having enough ammo to beat it. Meh.

Medal of Honor Multiplayer is HARD. IF Modern Warfare was a challenge for you, this shit is on a WHOLE nutha level. I was the server cabin boy for the first few games, and then nearly EVERY other game there after. Think of this game as a mongrel cross between Battlefield and Call of Duty 4. The weapons 'loadout' is much the same as every other Battlefield game with just a few options from three classes; Assault, Special Forces, and Sniper. You're Terry Taliban, or a Seppo. The weapons reflect on which team you're batting for, unless you get the bonus stuff which gives you an M60 ... and something else, for both sides.

It has 'kill streaks', or 'kill(?) Chains' in this. The difference being, that in this your kill streaks come from points, not just kills. A kill is worth 10 points, a head shot is an additional 5 and a combo is more. The welcome addition is that not only are the streaks just for you, you can choose to help your team out. For example, your first streak is a UAV, OR, and mortar barrage. The UAV benefits your team, the mortar benefits you. On it goes. You can dish out ammo for the entire team, OR, a rocket attack for you. Please note, kill streaks are HARD to get. Snipers get the most. If dying infuriates you, then prepare for rage. It takes awhile to figure out you NEED to play tactically AND as a team. Game chat or good spacial awareness will win games. Sniper scopes are no more powerful than the ACOG's in other FPS's. In a way, this is good, it aids in stopping 'camping'. It's bad if you're in the mood for a good camp.

There are five or six game types and all being the usual stuff, and hard core is included. Hard core is good in this. You die just as easily is 'core', but just the in screen map comes and goes as the UAV pops up and down. The UAV's look retarded. They blat around and around in a tight little circle like one of those model planes on strings.

Negatives. It's TOO hard to spot the enemy. The grenades are retarded, they NEED to fix that. Once you pull the pin the countdown is ON for the fucker to go boom. If you're lining up a throw usually it explodes in mid-air, and the range of them is only like 20 feet. There's nothing in it really that's a step up from any other FPS. MW2 fans WILL NOT like it. There's no bouncing around like a retard and leaping across the map for a knife kill. BUT, for the first time EVER, DICE's knifing actually works WELL. I find the maps just a bit too small. That is good for intensity, but the games last and average of 5 minutes. You're all in, or you miss out.

I started really sort of going FUCK THIS DYING SHIT, but EVENTUALLY you should figure out some basics. One, is don't stand in the open. Two, is shoot and scoot. Don't stand still or you WILL get fucked up. Forget everything MW2 has taught you about FPS's. It doesn't count here. Play 'the lines'. Meaning, don't cover one direction, cover them all by moving around. Noob Toobs and rocket launchers won't save your arse. Really, the toobs are next to pointless. It isn't MW2.

If you're happy with the games you've got or are HANGING for Black Ops or BFBC: Vietnam, this may not be for you. If you're on the fence, hire it first. It's a DICE version of Modern Warfare, but really it's more a cousin of CoD4, not MW2. It's 'back to basics', but in some regards a little too much. The audio is TOP shelf. The battle sound is outstanding.

If I was to sum it one sentence: It's those occasional INTENSE firefights you get in Battlefield all in one game.

I like it, but it's not for everyone. Full multiplayer review coming soon.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Why's it SO morally reprehensible that it's illegal?

It's not illegal to have multiple partners, unmarried, why does it change from a golf clap amongst the peers, to 'disgusting', and a crime when the word marriage is involved?.

I might be a bit slow on it this morning cause I was up most the night on XBL. But as long as it's consensual I don't see a problem if you're into that sort of thing. One is a handful enough for me.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Selling Images

Mr Stu had a fabulous idea of me uploading my images to istock where there's apparent potential to sell them.

Should I?. I dunno if they're good enough.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Monday, 27 September 2010

White people, and Australian Media

I echoed a point GirlClumsy made in regards to the latest tourism Queensland with the new slogan "Queensland, Where Australia Shines". I actually think it's a very good slogan, BUT, agree with GC in regards to Qld being more than just FKN beaches. The advertising images also feature more great looking young people running on the beach. In my comment on I made that point, but included 'more white people' where they edited out the 'white' part. We do know there's FAR more to this country than Caucasians, eh?.

Interesting piece of editing, if you ask me. It actually have been aware of Australian media's allergy to anything non-white. I used to live with a chick that had Indigenous, Torres, Pacific Island lineage. Her nieces and nephews used to come around on occasion and plonk themselves in front of the box. Interestingly enough, there's NO mainstream tele aimed at non-Caucasians.

I really don't have an opinion, but I'm sure someone will read this that has a better idea than me of why this is the case. Next time you're watching mainstream tele take note of what cultures feature in Australian made media. Judge for yourself.

FK ME this emergency services thing shits me

Reading an article this morning about a bloke in the UK that called their 3 digit emergency number for a cat that was in his kitchen and he was trying to sleep. He wanted the police to remove it. Sure, you laugh at his retardation, but really they get THOUSANDS of calls just like all over the world.

We have an ad campaign here about only calling emergency services in an actual emergency... *record scratch*

FKN FINE PEOPLE THROUGH THE FKN EYEBALLS. $500 bucks for wasting their time would knock 60% of them right off the bat. $1000 for the next time, and CONVICT THEM OF A CRIME if they do it again.

FKN HELL, they will fine you for crossing a solid white line on the road, but not FOR ENDANGERING LIVES THROUGH WASTING TIME?????????


I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords...

The UN ... just to clarify before I go on ... yes, the United Nations ... officially appointed Malaysian Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman - female, in case you were wondering - as Earth's ambassador to ... wait for it ... waaaait ... alien contact.

This is the point I laughed till I saw stars and had to step away from the computer before I had a stroke.



Turns out, they didn't tell her about it. So she really MIGHT be a sacrifice.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Robin Hood

Yeah, it was alright. Was the story before he became The Hood. Was hoping for a fraction more 'Gladiator' than it delivered. Had potential for that but didn't quite get there. Bit darker, and a bit more brutal with a deeper story on various characters would've made it more than it was.

It's alright if you're each way on what to get.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Seriously, think I solved the internet censorship thingy. Instead of tentacle pron sites being .org, .com, .net, etc, just bundle the fuckers - so to speak - all up in a .cum address and make it illegal for them not to be...


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Death of the DVD

Blockbuster USA is about to go toes up over night due to being nearly a billion bucks in debt. If I was there I'd be renting every God damned DVD on the shelf ... but I'm dodgy as fuck. Thing is, the Seppo's net runs WAY better than ours and their deals on online entertainment makes digital renting the shit. Really, they should've seen it coming and if they didn't then perhaps store owners here should take heed with the NBN on its way. She's going to cost jobs in that area. It's just inevitable. Can't see a solution for the franchises. Their days seem numbered. I'll take a punt at less than 1,825, give or take a day or two for leap years. There goes my dream of owning a video shop. Maybe I should start an online rental now.....ish. C'mon Sauce Bottle, roll that shit out and make me rich.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Delhi, and Terrorism

Young Dani Samuels an Australian plate chucker pulled out of the games in the last few hours over her very real fears for her safety. Sleepness nights, and dread etc, then her games suit arrived in the post and she couldn't even open it. Obviously it's the right decision for her. Just ain't worth the stress, even if there turns out to be no incident, and obviously you pray there isn't, but it seems - and rightfully so - the spraying IN DELHI of a tourist bus was enough to make her mind up. Thing is, many are calling it a win for terrorism. Interestingly enough none of these people who are saying this are going to the games.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ban The Burka...

Kinda getting tired of references to the hijab. The reality on the street with your average non-muslim is that no one is concerned about the hijab. Feel free to wear that to your heart's content. The issue with the burka for the vast majority of non-muslims who are concerned about it - as I see it - is a security issue in various areas where NO ONE else can wear a "disguise". I have ZERO issue with muslim women wearing it in their day to day lives, but anything that POTENTIALLY jeopardises my safety is a concern. The harsh reality is that our military are at war with sections of this faith. On the other hand, many muslims are at war with every single one of us.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Changing the fuel filter in a Commodore

MY car was randomly dying, and before I started spasming I figure it needs some basic maintenance. Then we'll see how we go. Apparently Holden don't like you fucking with their cars - even though you own it - so what they do is make it a pain in the arse to do ANYTHING. Even then though, some things they can only make so hard. I had no idea so I tried googling how to do it - couldn't even FIND the fuel filter - and any of the info never had pictures to help. So, in the interests of helping my fellow cheap fucks, here we go..

If you do, don't blame me

Two things you MUST have if you're gonna dick around with the car is a manual - not the retarded shit Holden give you with the car; a REAL manual. $40ish from Repco. Exy, but worth it. Especially if you consider it will cost you hundreds for Holden to do it for ya.

Second is ramps. A must buy. While we're at this pic, Holden, in all their wisdom, put the fucking thing under the car just in front - towards the engine from behind - of the fuel tank. Ramps for me is like a oil filter removing strap thingo. Just get em.

Rightio, in to it. According to the book you need to release the pressure in the fuel lines before dicking with them. Something to do with fuel injection. First thing you do is remove the fuel cap; this takes the pressure from the tank. This is important for when you take off the fuel filter from the hoses. Trust me. Then you open the bonnet and find the "fuse and electrical centre". That is just on the left wall, on mine, a VT. Under the lid of it you will find a map to the 'fuel pump relay'. Take it out. Try starting the engine after you have removed it and 'run' till it dies. Mine didn't run at all. Then it says to turn the engine over for about 10 seconds. Just do it.

This is the fuel filter. You can get gear for plugging the fuel lines or if you're like me, and just don't want to, just do what the book says and work quick. Laughed at that. This is where removing the pressure from the fuel tank comes in handy. The shit POURS out, under pressure you'd get SHOWERED in it. Some forums I went to suggest I need a special tool ($20) from Holden to remove the fuel lines. Fuck that. I got them off with a standard pair of pliers by squeezing where that white circle is on the raised ridges. Took some fiddling, but got there. I removed the right side first.

I took the right one off and shoved the new filter - cost like 25 bucks - on with the yellow cap still. Pressure popped it off a coupla times but eventually stayed on. I did get some fuel down my arm. Gravity and all that. Next was to work the left one off then shove the new one on that hose. Again, more fuel. The old filter was full of fuel too. There's a strap that you can see on the pic above that holds it in place. The new filter came with a new strap, so I gave the old strap no mercy. Just try not to root the fuel lines. THAT would be a pain in the anus to sort out. Test the new one is attached good by trying - not overly - to pull the lines off, and make sure she's held in place well with the strap.

Bob's yer uncle and all that. Don't forget to put your relay back in.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maccas Muffin Vs Mine (image)

Second last blog was about Maccas 'stealing' my 'secret recipe' Bacon and Egg Muffin. Here's a screen shot of mine from the video.

Here's theirs. Fail.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Anarchists Cookbook and The Terrorists Handbook

Amazing how times have changed. Should start by saying, I don't have them, and I reckon these days even talking about them probably lines you up for 'a knock on the door'. Just because they're paranoid it doesn't mean they don't have badges, or pliers.

Apparently 'TAC' was written in '71 by a bloke that opposed the Vietnam war. Funny way of showing it, it seems, but turns out he had some sorta of conscience flap that prompted him later to try and get it removed from circulation ... too late...

The Terrorists Handbook - now renamed to The Big Book of Mischief (TBBOM) - sorta came across as the companion book to 'TAC' in the late 80's. Both then, were about making fireworks and smoke bombs for the young and stupid. Obviously now, both have taken on a vastly more threatening and insidious meaning. Years and years ago a school friend printed off the 'TAC' and the joy lasted about an hour because we were smart enough to acknowledge how useful our hands and eyesight actually was. Losing both those would obviously be less than welcome, but still, it was an interesting read.

These days even writing this I'm half expecting a maverick missile to come out of the blue and delete me. Again, funny - in a really sad sort of way - the world has changed for the worse.

Much like I have the SAS Survival Handbook - must buy - on the shelf I would REALLY like these two on the shelf for the same reason I'd like The Zombie Survival Guide and a tin of Tactical Bacon sitting right beside them. There's another one that I'll probably leave unnamed that I don't speak the language of that would be collectable. I guess this raises the question of legality. Anyone know if they would be illegal to import for the purpose of collecting?.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Streuth, McDonalds Stole Mah Baybee

In May, this year, I did a YouTube video on my 'secret recipe' Bacon and Egg Muffin. This can be viewed HERE. Warning, contains rude words like: fuck, and shit.

I actually hadn't found anyone else who puts tomato and BBQ sauce on the muffin ... until now.

Told ya's it was good. Haven't tried their version yet, but might on Friday. Hope some fucker didn't get a bonus for that idea. Still using shit cheese but...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bible and Koran Burning.

Local tosser - who happened to be a contracts lawyer for a local Uni - posts video on YouTube of himself ripping pages of the Bible and Koran out seeing which makes the better paper for a joint. For a start, unoriginal. When I was young and stupid and smoking pot I tried it with a Gideons ... then remembered the ink. In a way I agree with him; it IS just a book. Faith, for me, isn't found in a book, or a building, or through guilt. It's found inside yourself and it's a two 'person' contract. Between yourself, and the 'almighty'.

Think you'd have to have your retard hat on to miss the fact that some people of faith DO find their text of choice sacred and ARE offended by such acts. After knowing this and STILL doing it so overtly makes you a total fuckwit. The fella happens to be an Atheist. As we all know, fuckwits comes in all shapes and sizes and being a person of faith himself...

“I consider there is insufficient evidence to support a supreme being and that there is even less evidence to support any particular religion,”

...makes him a fucken hypocrite in the same breath.

How about we all just leave each other the fuck alone?.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Warning about buying from butchers.

Original poster is one. I'm 'StG'. HERE

LOLZ on Twitter...

Arnie having a go at Palin.

Over Anchorage, AK. Looking everywhere but can't see Russia from here. Will keep you updated as search continues.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bin Laden's Explanation..

Had - well, having - and interesting conversation with Jen on Twitter about 9/11. I made the comment after some conversation about her feelings about it all as to whether she's ever heard of Osama Bin Laden's "Letter To America". She hadn't, as I reckon most on our side of the paddock haven't. This an ACTUAL letter to the American people from Bin Laden himself about why it happened.

It seems to me that the attack on 9/11 has been sold to our side as another Pearl Harbor. Meaning, an instigating act of aggression. Now, don't get me wrong, I get tears at the footage and stories. It's horrific and terrifying at what these people went through and I can't imagine the horror. I've heard the phone calls as the building collapsed, I've seen the bodies falling and leaping from 90 floors up, I've heard them hit the ground. I'm getting lumpy in the throat just thinking about it.

One of the other travesty's that comes from 9/11 is the obvious smoke cloud from our governments as to why it actually happened. Not many people know that Osama Bin Laden wrote his "Letter To America" about why, in his mind, it happened. To me it doesn't justify the attack, but gives it reason, from their point of view.

Of course, if you share this stuff, you are anti-American. Jen herself is scared of linking - and even reading that letter - as she was afraid of the consequences. Interesting that they made people afraid of learning about our "enemies".

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Well THAT was a FKN waste

It's kind of ironic to me that The Sauce Bottle called an election to give the people the say in who runs the country after her and her mining company cronies pulled a Brutus on Rudd then in the end it comes down to one independent to decide between another election or a Labor government. At the final whistle, the people still didn't get to call it.

Katter turned out to be a waste of space IMO. I think his backing of the coalition - which is a FKN odd one after his opposition to various factions of the coalition in the past - was just to throw a curly one because he would've known who the other two were going for, which, if they kept their word after that 1:30 meeting they all would've known it was going to be a Labor gubbermint.

Oakeshott needs a FKN muzzle. Maybe he thought he was at the 'Brownlow'.

I like Windsor from what I saw yesterday. Thank fuck Windsor said Labor. His was the key vote, as it turned out. Not a big fan of The Sauce Bottle, but less of one of The Rabbott.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


In exciting news - for some - Apples announces its new range of iPods - and for Beeso, portable music storage and playback devices specific TO music storage and playback, and just to confuse him further, they have social media functionality - coming out VERY soon.

So, without further ado, Steve Jobs Presents...

The new iPod Touch:

Image Hosted by

The new Ipod Nano...

Image Hosted by

AND, the new iPod Shuffle...

Image Hosted by

Personally, not really sure which one to choose.

Article HERE.


Image Hosted by

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


It's interesting how dynamics change when an element is removed. It's a bit like removing a breed of fish from the ocean. Some fish being removed really won't make that much of difference, but others that have a significant impact on the food chain really does.

Hate to give the Atheist Heathen too much of a swelled head but Doc taking a step back and re-evaluating his part in the whole thing impacted. Nat voiced her dismay - let's call it what it is - at that reality and I saw that Chaz did as well in a one-liner - we're never REALLY blocked Chaz ;0). Not so unusually, I have noticed it as well.

It's always good to have someone to chuck a footy around with - metaphorically, or not - and talk shit while you're doing it. I got from Doc the ability to bounce my beliefs at him and have him laugh or actually wade in and take look ... then laugh. But at least I got to call him a *unt without him blocking me ... permanently. He's the most open minded narrow minded heathen around.

I came online because IRL I don't work with what really takes my mind. And probably, I couldn't, because so much interests me. So really this blog, Twitter, YouTube, my image blog, ThatAussieGameSite, and BirmoLand, cop the brunt of what's in my head, and usually Doc, Alan, and a few others take the time to reflect on what I have to say. Others just need to harden the fuck up.

Sounds like Doc is dead ... which, quite obviously he isn't ... or I haven't heard so yet ... and the dynamics of the planet Twitter in the internetverse will realign to create what Twitter will be and most probably Doc will float by like a turd and stink the place up again, but until then, you're all driving me fucking NUTS. At least cut and paste a fucking joke once in awhile.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Beneath Hill 60.

Very good. Well worth watching. That is all.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I DON'T GET this Boat Thing....or do I?. o.O

This boat people thing has me perplexed. It just doesn't add up. It's an ongoing thing and has been for FUCKING years.

The entire mainstream topic is nothing but misinformation, but the weird thing is, no one is fixing that misinformation.

Every man and his dog with at least two brain cells KNOWS illegal immigrants that come from boats barely register a blip on the entire number of illegals. Asylum seekers ... well ... we created half of them. With EV-ER-Y-ONE knowing the reality of the 'boat people' issue, why is it still a contentious topic?. The government - all four of them (elected, not elected, the people, and big business) - would HAVE to know the reality of what exactly is coming off the boats and how significant those numbers ACTUALLY are in the grand scheme of things. So why is it, they don't fix it?.

Is it, that they don't actually WANT it fixed?. The problem with that, is the topic is a HUGE problem for all the governments and gave Howard fucking nightmares. They would HAVE to know that it would be VASTLY cheaper setting up an on-shore vetting base - for the want of a better word - and run a campaign on the ACTUAL significance of these people that come off boats to the actual numbers of illegals in Australia.

If you want to look at this another way. Let's consider illegal immigration a virus - which they would have you believe it is. Boat people represent an airborne virus attacking the skin and air ways. There's a defined border that they need to get past in order to be a problem. There are ways to protect those air ways and I believe they do so VERY effectively. On the other hand, illegals coming on visas of various descriptions are like a virus being piped STRAIGHT into the blood stream.

Which, in reality, is more of a threat?. Isn't it obvious?. They would HAVE to know this. So why then, do those illegals not even register a BLIP in the debate. It fucken baffles me.

A coupla thoughts on this.

Who exactly would the spotlight turn on if they actually fixed 'the boats' issue - which they could tomorrow -with some basic steps in place?.... wait for it .... waaaait .... tourists. The vast majority of illegals come off of expired visas. In order to gain ANY visa you have to prove you can sustain yourself for the period of your stay based on your type of visa. This means money. This money gets pumped straight back into the Australian economy until they run out of money then a huge percentage of the people on visas leave; a chunk don't.

Boat illegals come here with nothing. They are a cost from the get go. IF governments went completely right wing on the REAL illegal problem, how much tourism would we lose?. Illegal immigration from boats has so many red flag issues associated with it that it makes an EASY distraction from the REAL ineptitude of border defence. They CANNOT defend the border from individuals on holiday and working visas. But they can be seen to ATTEMPTING to defend the border from fishing boats.

Reverse psychology from the gubbermint. By being seen as struggling to fix the boat people 'problem' it distracts from the absolute inability to fix the illegals problem on the whole. Interesting fucken thing.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mosque 'at' 'Ground Zero'

Gotta say, I'm a fraction each way on this one. I get what you could quite comfortably call the intolerant are upset about, and I have no doubt how it would be talked about in the mid-east. I'm offended no end and am overtly vocal about it when some fuckwit lumps me in the same basket as any other Christian.

I'm pro-choice, but not pro-lifestyle choice. I know all life on Earth evolves and adapts to its environment and changes in the environment cause the need for adaptation and over-coming ... or evolution. I just reckon it all started differently, and even that is an entire issue of its own. I'm considering the possibility the bible being vastly more metaphorical. I believe in separation of church and state. I believe there should be religious studies in schools, not religion in school. Kinda like how everyone does science. It's important to know about various cultures, is it not?. With all this you can see how I get shitty when some narrow minded hypocrite uses the words, "those Christians". That's offensive, so I can understand that most Muslims might just be offended at being lumped in the same hate filled basket that many use to describe, "those Muslims" when talking about the fundamental Sharia freaks who really do need no room to move in more 'enlightened' societies.

Should the more accepting muslims be condemned due to actions of a minority that have a twisted view of the same religion?. Do they not have a right to practice their religion?.

Is there a concerted effort by members of the Islamic community to use the basic fundamentals and political correctness of established democracies against those democracies themselves for insidious purposes?. Abso-fucken-lutely. It's a proven fact, but it's also a proven fact that people from other faiths do exactly the same thing. We should draw a line in the sand at a point where we are being asked to separate the state from the safety and place lives that DESERVE protection under that state in the hands of those that would stone people to death in street for falling in love. When our government is told to turn their backs on the safety of their own people, then fuck you Sharia fuckwit, pass me MY rifle.

From what the man in charge of the mosque 'at' 'Ground Zero' says that the mosque component is merely 10% of the entire project then you've got believe him.

We become the fundi freaks when we say people don't have a right to faith. They win, we lose.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Smart Phones.

Up till now I've been resisting the urge to get one. Really, one thing I've needed from a phone like the various smart phones previous was for them to expand on how I interact with the world. For gadgets, I've got the iPod Touch, Xbox for games, and laptop for the net. So really, I don't NEED a phone for those things.

My phone started to die - just a Sony Ericsson - and I needed a new one. I remembered reading about a few technologies available on the smart phones that really piqued my interest. Like I said I need the phone to expand my interaction with the world to make the investment worth while.

On my home computer the weather radar is important so we've got plenty of time to bring in the goats before the bad storms hit. The new phone does this. I have the same access to the weather radar at a coupla clicks while I'm out to see if I need to get home. Another one a program called "Layar". Layar is what they call 'Augmented Reality' where digital overlays the phone's camera to supply information you otherwise can't see, unless you're a Borg. What it does is when you point the camera in any given direction little icons come up showing you where restaurants, petrol stations, houses for sale, etc etc. You can even track other phones - with permission - and this feature would be perfect for planting a phone on your kid for big crowds.

Those two 'apps' are free to download but do use your data allowance. Layar coordinates between '', GPS on your phone, and the camera to come up with the information displayed on the screen.

Smart phones aren't just gadgets ... well they can be, but they can also make a difference if you want them to. Don't get me wrong, I've got Twitter on it and it has an exceptionally smart camera - where the ISO's can be naff - where you can download programs to make the camera work better. Below is a picture of the back yard from it using a filter called 'London' and a 35mm Film Full Bleed setting for framing. Click on the image, then click on it again, and then again. This from a phone.

I bought the HTC Desire on the Telstra - gag - $49 plan. That's the only reason I chose that over the iPhone4. That was on the $79 plan. Wouldn't use that much and the Desire does the same shit.

Oh, and Google Sky Maps blows my mind.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gotta laugh at...

...the brain first thing in the morning when the alarm goes off. It goes something like...

*beep beep beep* <---- Alarm, not brain. lol

Brain: Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. OH, ALAAARM. Up. Light. Sock. Sock. Socks. Shirt. Work Shirt. SHIT, WORK. Pants. Pants?. Shorts. Work Shorts. Socks?. SOCKS?. SHIRTS?. Wrong shirt. Why am I walking in circles?. Need to pee.

At about the realisation of needing to pee my brain FINALLY sparks I realise I'm standing in the hallway with my pillow and one sock. In my defence, I'm sick.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Moko's Church of Probability!

I'm thinking fuck it, too much shit just doesn't make sense or there never will be enough evidence to state actual FACTS and TRUTHS; only majority agreed theory. So I devised and plan. A plan, so cunning ... ah, never mind, already plagiarised that one.

I present you, dear soon to be follower of Moko's Church of Probability, The Church ... of Probability.


Moko's Church of Probability base beliefs is that, "I actually have no fucking idea so I'm going the greatest probability, but at least I am willing to admit this and will base my beliefs on the numbers".

Example. Chances are, the universe has aliens in it. Neither science nor religion can't prove SHIT; it's all faith. So I present to you, dear soon to be follower, is that Probably aliens dropped off "Adam and Eve" - being the first humans to colonise Earth - and there really is no "missing link", only an origin. The good book had it mostly right, according to the Church of Probability, and possibly they might still be right in regards to a power above the aliens, BUT, our higher power is probably alien due to "the chances are..." theorem within Moko's Church of Probability.

As for The Question. The origins of the universe Question. The Church of Probability acknowledges that we have no fucking idea and are willing to stop talking about it until some FACTS float to the surface.

Welcome, Brothers and Sisters.

Monday, 9 August 2010

EKKA day off...

WTF?. What's the point?. Won't make me go.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dead Man Walking !!

Image Hosted by

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why the Wikileaks 'war logs' leak is dangerous

IT blows my mind how naive people are and the entire topic is ANOTHER example why we don't have general access to military info and footage.

Wikileaks lost my respect when they posted the out of context "Collateral Murder" that was loaded with half truths and general misleading information. Now comes the 'war logs' of the Afghan conflict.

Wikileaks releases 10's of thousands of 'not for general consumption' documents from the US military. Probably the thing that best highlights why this is SO wrong is in the reports are the names and locations of various Afghan informants. The Taliban stated they are reviewing these leaked reports and will go after the people in these reports identified as informants. The Taliban also have a habit of going after the family of informants if they can't find the informants themselves. Aside from the obvious negative consequences for the informants themselves there is the ongoing damage these leaks will do for the troops on the ground. Chances are, your average informant in 'Buttfuck Nowhere, Afghanistan' won't know about the Wikileaks right now. Chances are though, they'll figure it out when their neighbour's head gets hacked off. What do you think this will do for intelligence coming out of these areas?. How would lack of civilian intelligence could negatively impact on the safety of our troops?.

Some are asking why this intel was so low level. Where do they think intelligence comes from?. Double Oh Fucking Seven?. Intelligence is a another word for information. Information is gained from conversations from foot soldiers with a kid booting a soccer ball in Kabul, through to high level talks.

This is a potential disaster for everyone involved. Let's hope it doesn't add to the body count.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Assange admits 'RPG' in "Collateral Murder"

In a New Yorker article written June 7th of this year was this little quote regarding footage of "Collateral Murder",

“One of them has a weapon,” Assange said, peering at blurry footage of the men walking down the street. “See all those people standing out there.”

“And there is a guy with an RPG over his arm,” Gonggrijp said.

“I’m not sure.” Assange said. “It does look a little bit like an RPG.” He played the footage again. “I’ll tell you what is very strange,” he said. “If it is an RPG, then there is just one RPG.

Gonggrijp is a colleague of Assange.

Here's MY video I made to show this instant.

What shits me still, is that he KNEW there were weapons - even if only actually a rifle and an RPG - and he STILL didn't acknowledge those in the video he uploaded. He ID'd a camera BAG but not two weapons?. He also left out of the vid the context of the choppers being there. By the crouch of the photographer that sadly died he KNEW there was a threat around that corner. Assange left this out as well. He played people's basic mistrust of all that's government. The guy sold out his integrity as a "journalist" - as he calls himself - and did something that accuses others of doing. And that's selling out your integrity for what he would perceive as the greater good, and in his eyes that would be the existence OF Wikileaks. Remember, Wikileaks was dead in the water previous to this story coming out.

Wikileaks shut due to lack of funds, states article written January 30th 2010.

5th of April 2010 saw the release of "Collateral Murder".

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Media, and Facebook

This one perplexes me.

Facebook signed up its 500 Millionth user. With the population of the world fast approaching 7 Billion, that's a SIGNIFICANT percentage of the population. Something like 7%.

It seems like that every single incident as a result of people meeting or interacting on Facebook that ends in death appears on the front page of news sites.

Now, if we were to cast a large bubble over the planet till we covered an area that equated to 500 million people and then compared the crime stats of that area against those as a result of online interaction on Facebook with each stack of stats sitting on Lady Justice's scales, the poor bitch would need 14 container ship cranes to hold up the real world side.

So why is it, that Facebook tragedy is getting a disproportionate representation?.

Monday, 19 July 2010

A Week For Kevin Rudd

I actually feel sorry for the bloke on some level. Dude's 'retiring' at 50-something on a zillion bucks a year; go fuck yourself there matey, but it's gotta sting like landing a jump on ya pushy and finding out the seat fell off mid air....if you know what I'm saying.

Here's a pictorial representage - it's a word - of Kevin Rudd's week. (a couple back, of course)

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Mind you, with Blockbuster on one side and a Chiro on the other, it's a win win. Should buy him an Xbox and he can hire games an do guest game reviews.

White Lady funerals in the same building might have been an omen though.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Deadliest Warrior

So I tripped over a game on Xbox Live Arcade the other day called Deadliest Warrior for a 10 buck download. That's the GREAT thing about Xbox Live Arcade. I saw it, then checked it out on YouTube to see what others had to say, then bought it.

It's a game spin-off of the Seppo TV series called Deadliest Warrior which is basically the mouth breathers version of Myth Busters with various 'warriors' throughout history pitted against each other with science. Great looking show; bought the first series last night on Amazon. God BLESS, Amazon.

I'll do a full review on the game site at some stage when I get some online time on it but the guts really is, you can be one of eight characters from history and fight against the others in a 'campaign' structured alot like Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat etc, or online in tourneys and one on one with strangers or through a private match with your mates.

There's the Apache, Spartan, Roman, Knight, Ninja, Samurai, Pirate, and Viking, with promises of Download Content coming and when you beat the game with characters they give you avatar content for your XBL persona. They reckon there's going to be other charaters as well. IRA versus Taliban anyone?.

You do get what you pay for with the 10 bucks. Initially it looks cool, but the frame rate can be dodgy on occasion and sometimes it's a little glitchy. I reckon they might put some fixes in if it picks up popularity. It is a return to the old button masher combos and I still haven't figured out half of them. What really brings the game to the table is that you can get your head chopped off at any time, your limbs frequently slop to the ground, a spear, arrow, flintlock shot, or ninja star through the forehead is a game ender with a gurgle.

I like it for a distraction, and am looking forward to getting online when I'm trained up a bit. Great one for a cheap piece entertainment, and challenging your mates in a party-up (XBL jarg) will be a GREAT one for bragging rights. I does have its faults and won't be for the purist, but if you give it a chance you'll see the depth it really does have in tactical one on one gladiator-esque warfare.

It's a hard game. 7/10. I'd bump it up to an 8 if they put some fixes in.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Marxism - Leninism

So I started reading about Atheism purely for the selfish point of storing boxes of ammo to fire at Doc when ever the need arises, but it quickly turned into an interesting read about the realities of human nature, versus ideology.

We all love a good brain fight; some more than others, and I enjoy firing shots about "well your bloke...." when in the end people that use faith - theist or not - to persecute then it's a sad indictment on humans as a species.

It's a fact that people with murderous agenda will use whatever tools work to achieve their goals. That rings true for the petty criminal, to the serial offender, to the likes of fundamentalist nutters from all creeds.

From the Fundamentals of Marxism Leninism Manual, Materialism and Idealism section.

The great historic service rendered by materialist philosophy is that it helped man to break free of all superstitions. Ever since ancient times it has taught him not to fear death, not to fear gods and other supernatural forces.

It teaches us not to hope for happiness beyond the grave, but to prize life on earth and strive to improve it. For the first time materialism gave man the realisation of his dignity and intellect, proclaiming that man was not a worm condemned to crawl in the dust, but nature’s supreme creation capable of mastering the forces of nature and making them serve him. Materialism is imbued with the utmost faith in the human intellect, in the power of knowledge, in man’s ability to fathom all the secrets of the world around him, and to create a social system based on reason and justice.

Interesting read. What's even more interesting is the rhetoric versus the man made reality of that Atheist ideology.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Medieval Politics.

Went to a festival north of Brisbane yesterday that displays all sorts of things from various periods throughout history. Apart from the obvious Knights type stuff they have ancient cooking, blacksmithing, carpentry, story telling, music, and on and on she goes. Some pictures HERE from the local rag.

Just a point that stood out for me was that it was all about history and learning for the love of learning for the people that take part. We were watching the Knights battle it out where the Turks take on whoever from another place in time, or traditional foes fighting it out where the politics of those battles are still being fought thousands of years later with smart bombs and tanks. The things is, the blokes doing it for the love of history were spotted later yapping about their gear over a pint or ten.

If only, eh....?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

FKN Hypocrites...

Gotta say, class act on Twitter last night. Not a huge fan of churches myself; full of hypocrites, but to shake your head at narrow minded xenophobes then set your attack dogs onto people of faith in the same day is a highlight in my online experience.

Well done.

Here's a couple of highlights:

@JohnBirmingham: Anybody feel like crashing the #hillsongconf hashtag with a little atheist jihad action?

@robdotcom71: Jesus is a shitty name for an imaginary friend..... I'd prefer something like Ozzy or Ringo.. #hillsongconf

@JohnBirmingham HAHAHA!! I've been bad too...can't resist stirring those pesky and misguided christians at #hillsongconf Fuck 'em!!

Yeah, and on she goes. All the kids that belong to hillsong would've enjoyed reading all that, I'm sure.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gillard on your ISP filter.

She supports it. It's coming to a random website near you by the end of the year.

Article HERE.

What's that, 3 for 3 for the knight in shining stockings.

Anti-Gay marriage. SOOOOLD OUT to the mining companies.

This asylum seeker waffle is just dog whistle politics for votes. Any idea where they'll get the funding and implement it before an election. GUA-RAN-TEE this will be her speech, "Okay, thanks for voting me in guys, but, it seems, we can't do a fucken THING about the stopping asylum seekers because that'll make us in breach of international law on human rights.......oopsie".

...oh, and Horta's going, "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis...?"

And now the ISP filter tripe.

Least we can't blame narrow minded religion for this chick. JUS-SAYEEN.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Why we need to sleep...

Twas laying in bed this morning and a random thought about the Transformers animated TV series found its way in about where a robot newly arrived from whatever their planet was called was going on about how superior they were to humans. One bloke pointed out to the robot that humans don't need to recharge like they do and other issues about rust and shit.

Long story short, it posed the question to me as a young fella about the human version of batteries. We DO need to 'recharge', sure, not energizer bunny type recharge, but we crash without sleep.

So my question: Why?.

What ACTUALLY is it in the human body that is the equivalent to batteries?.

So I turn to Lord Google which I consider a real version of Deep Thought from Hitchkikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Ready for it? (bolded by me to highlight where we're up to in this piece of truth):

"...neurons at the base of the brain begin signaling when we fall asleep. These neurons appear to "switch off" the signals that keep us awake. Research also suggests that a chemical called adenosine builds up in our blood while we are awake and causes drowsiness. This chemical gradually breaks down while we sleep."

Riiight. You don't wanna know what they're telling kids about it.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gillard on Asylum Seekers...

Kinda like the moment I've been waiting for, for some reason.


Gillard to send back asylum seekers who arrive by boat as can be read HERE.

Coupla points:

HUNDREDS of Afghan and Sri Lankan asylum-seekers are likely to be sent home under Julia Gillard's tough policy agenda to deter boatpeople.

New guidelines from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees are expected to remove the blanket assumption that any Tamil asylum-seeker from Sri Lanka's war-torn north should be considered a refugee. It will be replaced by assessments likely to focus on high-risk groups, such as Tamils associated with the defeated Tamil Tigers or critics of the Sri Lankan Government.

As Australian officials confirmed the arrival of another suspected asylum-seeker boat over the weekend near Christmas Island, carrying 34 passengers and two crew, Ms Gillard again signalled a policy shift on the issue, pledging to cast aside "political correctness".

Here's the governments own advice about travelling to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Definitely sound like places worth holidaying to oneday. If you go to the article link near the top there you'll see general support in the comments.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mining Tax

Sell out. Wrote this before an official announcement but odds on better deal than what the mining companies were LOBBYING FOR two weeks ago?.

Favourite quote from an article I read.

While the Government would not confirm any details of the agreement, reporters spotted two drinks trolleys laden with champagne, wine and beer being wheeled into the cabinet room at about 5.30pm.

I bet.

We should just let multinationals pick the gubbermint. Save us SO MUCH on advertising and campaigning.

Next, ETS and asylum.

Friday, 25 June 2010

One thing that came clear over Rudd's demise...

Democracy is an illusion.

Here's the definition:

n., pl., -cies.
1. Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.
2. A political or social unit that has such a government.
3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.
4. Majority rule.
5. The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.

How much of that fits the profile of the last week?.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

You know we've moved forward when... Asian asylum seeker born-again-Muslim transvestite with an Indigenous Father and Caucasian Mum gets VOTED PM. Until then, it's Brutus Match-Head as the Fed Boss.

REALLY hope Sir Wing Nut Dicktogs wins in the looming election. Just so I can incessantly fire shots at Chaz. PLEEEEEASE let that happen.

Moko predictions of Brutus Match-Head?. Sell out on asylum seeking and the tax for YOUR resources. I hope Kev left a thumb tack on her office chair.

I still think he had time to declare war on Indonesia before he signed off. Take THAT yer Jodie Foster lookalike...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Who SAID the Taliban were dreary FKRS?

IT seems we've been misunderstanding the Taliban for a LONG time. I always thought they were completely allergic to anything colourful and their women generally are on the receiving end of the worst of it. How wrong I was.

Just in the last week the ADF in conjunction with the ANA gave the Taliban a good old fashioned 'gutter-stomp'. In the clean up they found THIS:

Image Hosted by

YEEEEEAH, PIMPED OUT WEAPONS. I particularly like the blued folding stocks and pistol grips. Rather fetching. CHECK OUT THE RPG's AT THE TOP.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In the headlines..

Lost it over this one on Twitter....

@BreakingNews: American hunting Osama bin Laden with a gun detained in northern Pakistan - AP

Puma, you on holidays buddy?. ;o)

Edit. But wait, there's a an update...

US man arrested in Pakistan with a sword, claimed he was hunting Osama bin Laden

An American civilian who said he was hunting for Osama bin Laden and fighting the Taliban was arrested in northwestern Pakistan, according to local media reports Tuesday.

Gary Brooks Faulkner was armed with a pistol, a sword and a scimitar, an Arab weapon featuring a large curved blade, while attempting to cross the mountainous border from Chitral, northwestern Pakistan, into Afghanistan.

Faulkner repeatedly expressed his intention to fight the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, according to the local Chitral News. He had reportedly visited the region seven times prior to his arrest.

Authorities launched a search for the civilian after he entered Chitral as a tourist on June 12 and disappeared from his hotel the next day. He was arrested on suspicion and questioned in police headquarters, according to district police chief Muhammad Jaffar Khan, quoted by India's Zee News.

Faulkner will likely be deported from Pakistan. His arrest is the first of any American in the region.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Moko Delineates

New blog to house my images can be found HERE. I just reckon images come out better on a black background.

Please follow.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Jemaah Islamiyah Wins Northern Territory Election!

So here's a hypothetical. I've been "discussing" the Israeli thing on Twitter with Chaz ... and millions of others. Let's assume the hypothetical is what it is, just for the sake of argument.

The Northern Territory gains recognition as a sovereign state by the UN. Elections are held, and Jemaah Islamiyah as it stands right now, wins the election by majority and becomes the recognised governing body of a legally recognised sovereign state.

As Australia, what do we do?.


Just for the sake of Doc, who struggles with hypotheticals, let's assume the Indigenous population of the Northern Territory initially won the independence.

As an addition for Doc: Within the Shia theological framework, the concept of taqiyya (تقية - 'fear, guard against', also taghiyeh) refers to a dispensation allowing believers to conceal their faith when under threat, persecution or compulsion.

NZ 'most peaceful', Australia 19th.

New Zealand has been named the most peaceful nation for the second year running, smashing Australia which barely managed to scrape into the top 20.

The fourth annual Global Peace Index (GPI), compiled by global think tank Institute for Economics and Peace, looked at the relationship between economic development, business and peace.

The report examines key areas of conflict, safety, security and military factors in 149 countries.

Their latest index, presented on Tuesday, suggested the world has become slightly less peaceful in the past 12 months.

New Zealand took out the top spot because of its political stability, safety and harmonious relations with neighbouring countries like Australia, which came in at number 19 in the poll.

The "peace indicators" which the Kiwis outshone their trans-Tasman neighbours in were the number of conflicts fought, the likelihood of violent demonstrations, the level of security required per capita and a number of military factors.

The Kiwis were followed by Iceland and Japan in the poll, while Austria and Norway rounded out the top five.

The institute said small, stable and democratic countries consistently ranked highest and Western Europe was deemed the most peaceful region, with a majority of the area's countries ranking in the top 20.

Iraq was named the country least at peace for the fourth year running.


Funnily enough, I'm not that surprised.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Oh Noes!

My gaming TV shit itself. I have as much chance at winning the lottery as I have at using the main TV for gaming.


Friday, 4 June 2010

An interesting thing about death...

I lost my dog the other day, as most of you know, and now I'm kinda cool with it, in a way. Still looking for her when I go outside and thinking about how I'll need to get her food etc still pops up; it will for awhile, but the one thing the missus pointed out is the difference in what you experience with the death of an animal over the death of a human. Sure, there's a HUGE difference between the two and I'm not denying that partner laying in bed next you discussing your fears, hopes, and dreams, then dying is the same as your dog dying, but the mourning process is so VASTLY different.

The saddest thing about death of a loved one, for me, is the vast majority spend the rest of their lives mourning the day they lost that special person, and not celebrating the life and joy that person gave them.

With Mika passing the other day, we've regularly been talking about the things she did that made us appreciate her. Whether it was things that gave us the shits or the things that put us in hysterics or even the ones that just made us smile. All the little things that Tracy never knew about her - coz I got Mika before I got Tracy lol - I've found myself sharing. It's made the transition easier for me.

If only we could deal with it the same way with losing someone we love.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Good Bye Little Girl

My dog Mika passed away today. She got very sick so it was the only humane thing I could do. I owed her that much. She has been a part of my life for ten years and I got her just after arriving in Australia. I couldn't even begin to describe the things she helped me through just by being her. Right through her existence she won the hearts of everyone that had the pleasure of being around her. She really WAS a sweetheart and she will be missed.

Sleep well Miki-Moo.

Image Hosted by

Monday, 31 May 2010

An interesting thing happened on the way to war today

I dunno, I take this as the same as the WikiLeaks "Collateral Murder".

I don't really know much about the origins of the story, but I know the outcome, as much of us will by now.

There was a "Freedom Flotilla" coming out of Greece, apparently backed by Turkey - somehow - where a set up called "The Free Gaza Movement" were trying to get thousands of tonnes of humanitarian aid into Gaza and did so previously in 2008. No other international shipping had got there previous to that in 41 years. This information came from their website.

What ALSO came from their website was this:

Naively - possibly - they figured they could get through an Israeli blockade by just steaming on through. Israel had been saying for DAYS they would stop them ... but anyway, noble cause and all that.

Late yesterday - Au time - I started to see reports of Israeli commandos having boarded at least one of these ships, opened fired, and many - 20ish - had been killed and at least 30 wounded. Horrific stuff. I guy I respect, but usually go to war with on Twitter and YouTube started posting comments by others in regards to this. They were being called the Freedom Flotilla and I got shot down - so to speak - about some of the double standards that were being posted. The following being fairly typical:

Which is a fucking ridiculous statement, and I pretty much told him so. If we're gonna start taking scores and quoting facts let's not pick and choose which ones suit our agenda. And I told him that too. Hundreds of Israeli's have been killed by suicide bombers in the last ten years....but that's irrelevant to the issue. But that bloke turned out to be a reasonable fella.

On and on they went about the evils of Israel and murdering of "humanitarian freedom pacifist loving mung bean munchers" yadda yadda. Israel started making comments about how they were attacked and retaliated, and of course, this was ridiculous and equal the minister for info in Iraq in '03 etc etc...according to the people of Twitter.

Then I found this online and uploaded it to YouTube. I had been waiting for Israel to cough up some proof of their statements .... and here she was.

Check out the weapons, but mostly check out the gas mask worn by one bloke. It was a prepared ambush. Why else would you have gas masks?. They KNEW Israel would never let that aid through - right or wrong - and they KNEW they would be boarded, why else prepare for it?. Does this justify the killing of 20 people?, it doesn't, but does it justify the commandos defending themselves? bet it does. IF the ONLY thing you've got to defend yourself with is a rifle, then you'll use it. There's another video released by the IDF of the weapons these "humanitarian workers" were using. Sling shots and steel pipes etc.

The Israeli's were ALWAYS destined to be forced into defending themselves. That was apparently the point of the flotilla.

The interesting thing, and the point of this, as with "Collateral Murder", is the almost WANT by usually reasonable people to ride a wave hysteria instead of waiting for all the info to come in.

...anyhoo, Blunty day.