Friday, 24 July 2009

Event Horizon

I'll be back on this page when the time is right.

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Shan't be long.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well, YOU SAID for better OR worse...

Occupational Health and Safety would have a seizure over this...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Class doesn't have ANYTHING to do with money, credentials, your job, the shit that you drape over yourself, what you drive, or where you live. It's ALL about how you carry yourself.

22 year old drunk dies.

The bullshit around the death of a 22 year old fella in the UK is doing my head in.

Part of me twitches a pang of sympathy, but that's about it. I definitely don't think he deserved it, but he definitely didn't doing anything to help himself.

There's thousands of people out there who should be queued up before people who make the same decisions he did.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sites worth perusing...

On the right 8=====>

Jamin (the blue box) introduced me to the Thorne dude. SRSLY worth a read if you need a laugh.

In other news. I have to face C*nterlink later today. GROOOOOAN.

Monday, 20 July 2009

OH EM GEE, a breakthrough...

I received the following on one of my videos at Youtube.

"cause your a dirty fucken camper with 1 skill to camp u dirty fucken camper"

...and my reply?.

Well, instead of usual return serve with bite and an unloading of words that would put HAVOCK!!!11!!!1 to shame and make a hooker blush, I said...

...and I quote...


I'm becoming an adult!.


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Artillery = Landscaping, one round at a time.


Half tempted to have a go at the Reserves for the fitness and experience.


Friday, 17 July 2009

We came in peace. We left as victors.

Now I've gotta think of an entry to go with the title.

Actually, on the news there was footage of the bombings in Jakarta, just today. The reporter used the phrase, "Bloodshed at breakfast". Thought that was a beauty...not considering the context, of course.

It's funny how people are so matter-of-fact about certain things. A photographer said he saw what appeared to be the remains of one of the bombers. He said that going by the condition of the remains it could really only BE the bomber. He said it like he was describing what was on his plate before the explosion.

When I was doing security I had to talk with a fella who wanted to commit suicide. I was stuck, by myself, with this fella for maybe a solid 5 minutes before the coppers arrived. That contact with someone in that frame of mind really fucked with my head for a coupla days.

I couldn't imagine what it would be like seeing the bits and pieces of someone.

Sorry, bit random. lol.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Australia's Shame...

No, not 'concentration camps' for the illegal immigrants. No, not the stolen generation. No, not Waltzing Matilda, though, that's seriously woeful....but THIS...

Lest We Forget.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

JB's Big Erection

You NEED to check Blunty today.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

WTF Spam Filter

On Youtube there's a spam filter password thingo you've gotta enter after fuck all comments. Beats the living shit outta me why they can't just write the letters in a normal font. I mean, WHAT FUCKEN DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?.

Anyway, I entered 'colowkk'. I wasn't it.

Image Hosted by

Dude, where's my job?.

In UnZud you had to compete against 500 other people for a job. I'm not exaggerating. Divine intervention and working for next to nothing was what got you a job and as long as it paid, you did it. Before coming to Aus I worked seven nights a week with 3 part time jobs just to get something that resembled a wage. The depression was horrible. Seriously. The unemployment rate was something like 12%. I believe Aus's at around 6% at the mo, and climbing.

I came to Aus in March '99 and it felt like I walked into the job version of the land of milk and honey. You could be ANYTHING you wanted. One job was a pain in the arse?, no worries, just quit and in two days time you'll be doing something else, guaranteed.

In the last two weeks I've applied for maybe 20-30 jobs. Not a fucking whisper back. I'm not aiming high either. Looking at night cleaning jobs and various other 'shit kicking' jobs.

As the concern gets more I start waking up earlier. I'm now waking at 04:30 and just laying there going, "Fuck".

I'm one of the fortunate ones too. I don't really have that much responsibility compared to most. I can't imagine the stress many are going through right now.

I contacted the Gov this morning to get on the dole. Sigh.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bravo Tennis Australia

In Australia the media - (justifiably) - got a hard-on for football players, and other sports, who 'play up'. If you believed the headlines you'd consider them a bunch of fuckwits. Isn't an Australia-only issue by any stretch of the imagination.

The guys shuffling the paper without having a background on the footy field can see the drama associated with punters 'boycotting' as seen with a Sydney team a few years back. Bad press nearly fucked them, and so it should. Sponsorship is where the power of the people stands in regards to football, but thank Christ associations like Tennis Australia and Swimming Australia play by societal expectations.

Check this article out.

"BRYDAN Klein, a player identified as a future star of Australian tennis, was yesterday banned from the elite circuit for six months for racially slurring a rival.

The West Australian, who made his Davis Cup debut in Thailand alongside Lleyton Hewitt in March, has also been fined more than $30,000 for calling South African Raven Klassen a "kaffir" at a tournament in England shortly before Wimbledon.

The 19-year-old, who has apologised, has also lost the support of the Australian Institute of Sport -- which included coaching and travel assistance -- and is banned from competing in all ATP tour events from July 20.

Klein, who reached the second round of this year's Australian Open, can reduce the suspension to four months if he completes a "racial sensitivity training" course, the ATP said in a statement yesterday.

The body ruled the use of the slur in the final round of qualifying at Eastbourne "repugnant".

"It is particularly upsetting and entirely unacceptable for this to be used in a sporting event such as the ATP World Tour where equality amongst sportsmen is a predicate to fair competition and, indeed, paramount to the success of the tour and of the sport," the statement read.

If only footy took it that seriously they wouldn't have social fucken retards raping and shitting in hotel hallways. Their sponsors need to come into bat.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Rofl...I'm such an idiot.

Watching a vid on Youtube about a firefight in Afghanistan with the Yanks and Afghan troops going at it against whoever. Pretty intense stuff. Dude calling in air support from inside the village. Could even hear a chicken in the village. More shooting, and more animals. Could hear a dog this time, then the chicken again. This time a rocket hits a wall RIGHT NEXT to a Yank....scares the CRAP outta him.

They retreat from the village and are heading back down a road with air support strafing the hillside. They must be still near the village cause I can hear that dog....then the chicken...just as loud....WTF???...

Now they're further down the road and I hear the chicken....roflmao....I'm thinking you fucken tossers. I see red. I'm warming up a serve for dodgying up the vid for dramatic effect. Cause this is an official vid from DVIDS.

I start at the keyboard like I'm bashing the fucker with a pork sausage with it stuck on CAPS LOCK. The video has ended by now and I'm going AT them.

Then I hear the chicken again...

lol I'm thinking I've lost it. I check, yep, the vid's paused. Then it dawns on me. I had Farm Town on Farcebook open the whole time...

Thank fuck I didn't save my tirade. lol

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Battlefield 1943

DICE, the company that created the breakthrough online multiplayer, Battlefield: Bad Company, just released another breakthrough game - (in regards to it being a cheap downloadable) - Battlefield: 1943. You can pick it up at XBL or the Playstation online market (PSN?) for around AU$20. It's 550mb download, or there abouts. It comes out on PC in September, sometime.

If you want explodey goodness, GET the those two Battlefield games. You won't be disappointed.

I gave them a bit of stick via Twitter for a late release - (but wasn't their fault, REALLY) - and now you can't get online multiplayer here for lack of servers, or something. Apparently that's being rectified, quick sticks.

Normally, Battlefield is a game you can play online every time you kick it in the guts. Billions of yanks online - (they usually snag hosting) - at any given time and the condition of the Aussie internet makes for a chore getting a game fairly frequently with Call of Duty 4. Battlefield have never had that drama. Usually you always can get a game.

I gave the tutorial a run this morning and it looks great. There's nothing comparable around for the same price. I'll do a vid later when it's up and running because I know EVERYONE who reads my blogs gives a shit.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"...and have you got experience?"

Said the '10 year old' taking my call at the job agency.

"Well, no, but I'm keen, a fast learner, I've got loads of experience in factory work and truck yard work, and really is experience THAT important in regards to this position?", I replied.

"Yes!. Well, that's a requirement of the employer..."

"I see...", I said feeling somewhat gipped, " you think you could pass on my details just in case?", I say, almost begging.

"Ummmm...well...yeah, I suppose so", she says. I can envision her with her hand poised over the little red hang up button on her phone base. I pass my details on and don't hear a pen or a keyboard confirming the information.

"Thanks heaps for that I say. Racking Asphalt from a truck isn't too dissimilar to some of the jobs I've had", I say holding back the urge to call her a fucken dick head.


I had another job agency that I sent like ten resumes to for various jobs over the course of a few days. I get a TEXT MESSAGE 3 WEEKS LATER saying they had one shift for a security guard THAT NIGHT. lol Fucken true. Dunno what you've gotta do to get a shitty job.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Child Abuse, or Discipline....

Over at Lou's.

Hope she doesn't mind lol. Oh well. Lovely lady, interesting topic.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Chicks, and sales.

I personally can't remember the last significant thing I bought that wasn't needed, or used. Well, 'needed' could be conjecture depending on who's telling the story. Seeing as I am, it was NEEDED. Same with acquiring items. It's tackled like a military op with the moon sitting just right and the day selected with all the variables considered, itemised, and alternate plans in place in case of unforeseen circumstances arising. Then she's over before anyone knows I was there.

Twas talking with Al on Twitter and he mentioned how his 'lady friend' - (whatever the hell THAT means...he's SOOO tapping it either way ;o) - when he raised the point of how she's going rank on shop sales and has bought stuff she just doesn't end up liking.

DO ALL chicks do this?. My missus - ( PRAYS TO THE LORD ABOVE SHE DOESN'T READ THIS) - buys SHIT cause it's on sale thinking she's saving money....I mean, you know....

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Why I Think Atheism Is Bullshit

It seems to me that people are finding it easier and easier to give religion a coupla barrels whenever they feel the need and it's usually done like "guess what I said to THIS fuck knuckle today", and not taking the time to consider those around them.

It seems to me that this has come about since 2001. THe Christian and Islam slant on current events seems to have given them a set of testicles where previously they were firmly planted around their lower bowel. For sure Atheism has been around since the Greek Gods condemned them, but lately it's cool, or something, to hurt others.

Not taking a direct shot at you Stu. It's just a symptom of bigger things.

I think some people think I'm some sorta religious freak, which I'm not, I'm more in the 'considerate of others' camp. If you want a run down of where I'm at, consider me "treat those as you wish to be treated". People making blantant comments that I KNOW would make someone else be uncomfortable gets my back up. Doesn't really matter who says what....either way, it's rude. Say what you want say in your own blog, but publicly, unless of course all those around agree to discuss it, don't. To me, making statements that can hurt is NO DIFFERENT to being racist in a public forum.

To me, it's just straight out intollerant and arrogant.

And those comments nearly always comes from the Atheists. Who are hypocrites, IMO.

Anyway, I was gonna do a thing where I described the chances of the Universe accidentally happening so as to be able to handle life. What the chances ACTUALLY are for an enzyme to happen accidentally and THEN that a cell needs 2000 of those accidental enzymes etc etc. I'm not stating God created the universe, but maths itself makes it almost impossible for things to just happen. There are BILLIONS of things that needed to accidentally happen IN ORDER for us to be here.

SO someone convince me why Atheism is right. Why are you Atheist and not Agnostic?. Something was proven to you to make you land in that camp. Without attacking religion, convince me. I won't take "Aww but it just doesn't make sense" arguments.

I'll don my pocket protector and thinky hat and leave the cross in the drawer.

I think there's more evidence of creation, than evolution.


Friday, 3 July 2009

The Mist

Saw the movie The Mist a few weeks back - I've been thinking about it since I saw it. Didn't know anything about it before I we watched it and don't really like Stephen King as an author. He has a few I do like, but I find him too out there.

Anywho...The Mist was typically fucked up by another Director - (not that I've read the book) - but it was as enthralling as watching paint dry in a situation where the potential for something good was there. A group of townsfolk stuck in a supermarket surrounded by a mist with monsters in it.

...and King's monsters are a fraction 'meh' till the end. It was kinda like a 50 chapter book with the first and last chapters being kinda good. Mostly it was about the dynamics of a group of strangers in extraordinary circumstances with some dominant personalities running the joint.

So I watched it a few weeks back and it stuck with me, that is why I'm writing this. In case I've convinced you to watch it, stop but I doubt it.


THE mist is a result of 'military' experiments in the area that open a worm hole to a parallel universe, or another world. Enter, the monsters. At the end some towns people are forced to leave the 'safety' of the supermarket before the inevitable happens. Plus, they out stayed their welcome. The social dynamics - with the religious hell and damnation leader - and a few other characters that need a bat to the head early on due to the FRUSTRATING nature of their personalities. The obviously token black guy being the most frustrating. The fucker wouldn't just get some basic shit through his head. That did my head in. Bad way to do the charater.

Knowledge, IMHO, gives people a false sense of security when it comes to survival. You come across a wild dog, or a snake, or whatever, and a certain amount of knowledge that you have about those animals and chances are you'll survive the encounter. Insert a foreign scary threat and you strip that security away and also the ability to rationalise the situation...or people panic. When they get outside and away it is made clear that things have changed. We are NOW ants in a new world with 100 foot high other-world animals with prehistoric ways of dealing with us. You are not made aware of the 'event horizon'. It just IS.

Then the decision time comes. The truck runs out of gas and five people are left in the middle of 'another planet' with nowhere to go. Leg it, or wait, or top yourself?.

The most frustrating was the potential for something really great, but it didn't seem to have the want to tackle it at depth and with substance. What a waste for something so thought provoking.

Anyway, hope that gets that stupid fucken movie out of my head.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Resource Wars: If America Invaded Aus.

Okay, let's say the yanks wanted to build a force in the north end for the intention of securing resources in this part of the world. The Australian government went, "Nah", the the yanks went, "Rightio" and using some of their assets already in place followed by an invasion force in northern Aus secured it anyway and 'took' resource deposits up north.

Obviously not considering other better logistical options the America would more than likely consider first. But if it came to it, would Aus - citizens - fight American military.....or more so, Americans?.

A tomato sauce sandwich is NOT weird

Tomato sauce is the equivalent of Ketchup. I've always had them, and are my mid evening snack. The mother-'in-law' thinks I'm a nutter.

A slice of bread. Margarine it. And lay a line of so...

Image Hosted by

Fold it over from corner to corner at the end of the sauce lines VIOLA....sauce sanga. Milo sandwich ain't bad.

Chip, or 'crisp' chips is THE best.

Big issues, tackled.