Sunday, 20 March 2011

Car Music

Any suggestions for decent car albums? I really don't need CD's of what's on the radio so I'm aiming for some chilled different stuff. I'm leaning towards Jazz and such ... but whatever whatever...

Something like this...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Career Paths Update...

So I went with the trucks. Purely for the reason that the pay is the same as depot work and there isn't as many people trying for a career in the bulk section. It's a niche area for sure, but the skills are interchangeable to a degree. With the depot work there's hundreds of people competing for a career and some of the ones who've upgraded have been there years and haven't gone past team leader. REAL slow progression. Also, depot full time work is from 0400 on. Bulk work starts at 0600. Jobs in bulk are as rear as hens teeth, ESPECIALLY in what I went for. I only got the opportunity through luck and constantly 'harassing' the people I want to work for.

And who doesn't want to play with trucks? My hours will be from 0600 to around 5pm. I'm okay with this. There's ARE inter-state driving jobs but licences for those take YEARS and I just couldn't be away from the missus. The reason I chose bulk was for her. The difference between getting up at 0245 for depot and 0445 is huge when it comes to lifestyle.

One thing I've learnt about progressing through jobs is transparency with current bosses. And having a good story to tell them doesn't hurt. I told my current boss - within the same company; there's sections - that I wanted full time work and the reason I chose other than him was to do with with where I lived and the hours I would be driving to and from work. NOT saying 'because career progression within your department sucks arse' was the way to go. Don't burn bridges, and be honest with them, EARLY.

The money's good too. More than I've ever earnt. Win. I start next Wednesday.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Career Paths

At work, I'm at a really interesting point. I'm only writing this - as with most like this - so one day I could look back at a point and go: "HA, little did you know".

I'm at a point where I can go one of two ways. Within the next month I've got the opportunity to pursue a career in driving large trucks - off-sider jobs coming, then work your way thru licences - or stay in depot and pursue a career in like everything to do with freight OTHER than driving.

Within myself I know which way I wanna head because I'm aware of things I don't like about the other. I'll explain those later.

Anyway, here goes nothing ....

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Last Pope

Whether you're a person of faith, or not, now is a REALLY interesting time in regards to the scriptures and prophecy in the bible. Not only were there prophets propheting the prophecizing of prophecies - lol, couldn't resist - within the scriptures, there were various others doing the same for this period right now.

Things like, The Last Pope visions by Malachi, the idea of Dawn of The Third Day within the scriptures referring to Christ's rising - this is stated that 1000 years on Earth is 3 days in heaven and we are in the dawn of the third millennia since Christ's crucifixion - and various other visions from ancient tribes and individuals who lay claim to visions of end times from various points in history. Not just recently, but 'obscure' times and 'obscure people'.

Pass it off as fairy takes if you like; I don't give a fuck, but the fact is this is the time where the prophecies from through the ages are predicted. Plenty of ones referring to natural disasters and wars, as well.

Something interesting to read about for the weekend of you're looking for something to study.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Wolves, Sheep, and Teeth

I come in here regularly and don't update. Fucked if I know why.

I really want to leave it, but part of me doesn't wanna let it go purely cause it was a straight out unprovoked - surprising, I know - attack on me personally by Orin under the guise of "FKNHVK". That one being one of his many guises. Talking about that 'drama' at Birmo's CBG the other day.

Now I've never had anything against Orin personally so it was a minor surprise that this Sybil fuck would overtly shoot at me personally. Before I let Orin know I knew who 'FKNHVK' was I considered the option of smacking the goofy fucker in the head, but, for the sake diplomacy at these 'Burger' gatherings which I very much enjoy I figured a chat would be the better option. I still think it is. Seems to me this bloke is a sheep in wolf's clothing ... or wolf in sheep's clothing ... when he gets online. I'm not sure yet.

Anyhoo ... I think the lesson from this - ESPECIALLY for Orin - is not to say anything online you're not willing to say in person. You tend to keep your teeth that way.

Oh, on a side note, I FINALLY started reading the Cap'n's little book called Angel Rising. Great stuff so far. Will blog about it when I get the chance to finish it.