Tuesday, 31 August 2010


It's interesting how dynamics change when an element is removed. It's a bit like removing a breed of fish from the ocean. Some fish being removed really won't make that much of difference, but others that have a significant impact on the food chain really does.

Hate to give the Atheist Heathen too much of a swelled head but Doc taking a step back and re-evaluating his part in the whole thing impacted. Nat voiced her dismay - let's call it what it is - at that reality and I saw that Chaz did as well in a one-liner - we're never REALLY blocked Chaz ;0). Not so unusually, I have noticed it as well.

It's always good to have someone to chuck a footy around with - metaphorically, or not - and talk shit while you're doing it. I got from Doc the ability to bounce my beliefs at him and have him laugh or actually wade in and take look ... then laugh. But at least I got to call him a *unt without him blocking me ... permanently. He's the most open minded narrow minded heathen around.

I came online because IRL I don't work with what really takes my mind. And probably, I couldn't, because so much interests me. So really this blog, Twitter, YouTube, my image blog, ThatAussieGameSite, and BirmoLand, cop the brunt of what's in my head, and usually Doc, Alan, and a few others take the time to reflect on what I have to say. Others just need to harden the fuck up.

Sounds like Doc is dead ... which, quite obviously he isn't ... or I haven't heard so yet ... and the dynamics of the planet Twitter in the internetverse will realign to create what Twitter will be and most probably Doc will float by like a turd and stink the place up again, but until then, you're all driving me fucking NUTS. At least cut and paste a fucking joke once in awhile.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Beneath Hill 60.

Very good. Well worth watching. That is all.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I DON'T GET this Boat Thing....or do I?. o.O

This boat people thing has me perplexed. It just doesn't add up. It's an ongoing thing and has been for FUCKING years.

The entire mainstream topic is nothing but misinformation, but the weird thing is, no one is fixing that misinformation.

Every man and his dog with at least two brain cells KNOWS illegal immigrants that come from boats barely register a blip on the entire number of illegals. Asylum seekers ... well ... we created half of them. With EV-ER-Y-ONE knowing the reality of the 'boat people' issue, why is it still a contentious topic?. The government - all four of them (elected, not elected, the people, and big business) - would HAVE to know the reality of what exactly is coming off the boats and how significant those numbers ACTUALLY are in the grand scheme of things. So why is it, they don't fix it?.

Is it, that they don't actually WANT it fixed?. The problem with that, is the topic is a HUGE problem for all the governments and gave Howard fucking nightmares. They would HAVE to know that it would be VASTLY cheaper setting up an on-shore vetting base - for the want of a better word - and run a campaign on the ACTUAL significance of these people that come off boats to the actual numbers of illegals in Australia.

If you want to look at this another way. Let's consider illegal immigration a virus - which they would have you believe it is. Boat people represent an airborne virus attacking the skin and air ways. There's a defined border that they need to get past in order to be a problem. There are ways to protect those air ways and I believe they do so VERY effectively. On the other hand, illegals coming on visas of various descriptions are like a virus being piped STRAIGHT into the blood stream.

Which, in reality, is more of a threat?. Isn't it obvious?. They would HAVE to know this. So why then, do those illegals not even register a BLIP in the debate. It fucken baffles me.

A coupla thoughts on this.

Who exactly would the spotlight turn on if they actually fixed 'the boats' issue - which they could tomorrow -with some basic steps in place?.... wait for it .... waaaait .... tourists. The vast majority of illegals come off of expired visas. In order to gain ANY visa you have to prove you can sustain yourself for the period of your stay based on your type of visa. This means money. This money gets pumped straight back into the Australian economy until they run out of money then a huge percentage of the people on visas leave; a chunk don't.

Boat illegals come here with nothing. They are a cost from the get go. IF governments went completely right wing on the REAL illegal problem, how much tourism would we lose?. Illegal immigration from boats has so many red flag issues associated with it that it makes an EASY distraction from the REAL ineptitude of border defence. They CANNOT defend the border from individuals on holiday and working visas. But they can be seen to ATTEMPTING to defend the border from fishing boats.

Reverse psychology from the gubbermint. By being seen as struggling to fix the boat people 'problem' it distracts from the absolute inability to fix the illegals problem on the whole. Interesting fucken thing.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mosque 'at' 'Ground Zero'

Gotta say, I'm a fraction each way on this one. I get what you could quite comfortably call the intolerant are upset about, and I have no doubt how it would be talked about in the mid-east. I'm offended no end and am overtly vocal about it when some fuckwit lumps me in the same basket as any other Christian.

I'm pro-choice, but not pro-lifestyle choice. I know all life on Earth evolves and adapts to its environment and changes in the environment cause the need for adaptation and over-coming ... or evolution. I just reckon it all started differently, and even that is an entire issue of its own. I'm considering the possibility the bible being vastly more metaphorical. I believe in separation of church and state. I believe there should be religious studies in schools, not religion in school. Kinda like how everyone does science. It's important to know about various cultures, is it not?. With all this you can see how I get shitty when some narrow minded hypocrite uses the words, "those Christians". That's offensive, so I can understand that most Muslims might just be offended at being lumped in the same hate filled basket that many use to describe, "those Muslims" when talking about the fundamental Sharia freaks who really do need no room to move in more 'enlightened' societies.

Should the more accepting muslims be condemned due to actions of a minority that have a twisted view of the same religion?. Do they not have a right to practice their religion?.

Is there a concerted effort by members of the Islamic community to use the basic fundamentals and political correctness of established democracies against those democracies themselves for insidious purposes?. Abso-fucken-lutely. It's a proven fact, but it's also a proven fact that people from other faiths do exactly the same thing. We should draw a line in the sand at a point where we are being asked to separate the state from the safety and place lives that DESERVE protection under that state in the hands of those that would stone people to death in street for falling in love. When our government is told to turn their backs on the safety of their own people, then fuck you Sharia fuckwit, pass me MY rifle.

From what the man in charge of the mosque 'at' 'Ground Zero' says that the mosque component is merely 10% of the entire project then you've got believe him.

We become the fundi freaks when we say people don't have a right to faith. They win, we lose.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Smart Phones.

Up till now I've been resisting the urge to get one. Really, one thing I've needed from a phone like the various smart phones previous was for them to expand on how I interact with the world. For gadgets, I've got the iPod Touch, Xbox for games, and laptop for the net. So really, I don't NEED a phone for those things.

My phone started to die - just a Sony Ericsson - and I needed a new one. I remembered reading about a few technologies available on the smart phones that really piqued my interest. Like I said I need the phone to expand my interaction with the world to make the investment worth while.

On my home computer the weather radar is important so we've got plenty of time to bring in the goats before the bad storms hit. The new phone does this. I have the same access to the weather radar at a coupla clicks while I'm out to see if I need to get home. Another one a program called "Layar". Layar is what they call 'Augmented Reality' where digital overlays the phone's camera to supply information you otherwise can't see, unless you're a Borg. What it does is when you point the camera in any given direction little icons come up showing you where restaurants, petrol stations, houses for sale, etc etc. You can even track other phones - with permission - and this feature would be perfect for planting a phone on your kid for big crowds.

Those two 'apps' are free to download but do use your data allowance. Layar coordinates between 'whereis.com', GPS on your phone, and the camera to come up with the information displayed on the screen.

Smart phones aren't just gadgets ... well they can be, but they can also make a difference if you want them to. Don't get me wrong, I've got Twitter on it and it has an exceptionally smart camera - where the ISO's can be naff - where you can download programs to make the camera work better. Below is a picture of the back yard from it using a filter called 'London' and a 35mm Film Full Bleed setting for framing. Click on the image, then click on it again, and then again. This from a phone.

I bought the HTC Desire on the Telstra - gag - $49 plan. That's the only reason I chose that over the iPhone4. That was on the $79 plan. Wouldn't use that much and the Desire does the same shit.

Oh, and Google Sky Maps blows my mind.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gotta laugh at...

...the brain first thing in the morning when the alarm goes off. It goes something like...

*beep beep beep* <---- Alarm, not brain. lol

Brain: Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. OH, ALAAARM. Up. Light. Sock. Sock. Socks. Shirt. Work Shirt. SHIT, WORK. Pants. Pants?. Shorts. Work Shorts. Socks?. SOCKS?. SHIRTS?. Wrong shirt. Why am I walking in circles?. Need to pee.

At about the realisation of needing to pee my brain FINALLY sparks I realise I'm standing in the hallway with my pillow and one sock. In my defence, I'm sick.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Moko's Church of Probability!

I'm thinking fuck it, too much shit just doesn't make sense or there never will be enough evidence to state actual FACTS and TRUTHS; only majority agreed theory. So I devised and plan. A plan, so cunning ... ah, never mind, already plagiarised that one.

I present you, dear soon to be follower of Moko's Church of Probability, The Church ... of Probability.


Moko's Church of Probability base beliefs is that, "I actually have no fucking idea so I'm going the greatest probability, but at least I am willing to admit this and will base my beliefs on the numbers".

Example. Chances are, the universe has aliens in it. Neither science nor religion can't prove SHIT; it's all faith. So I present to you, dear soon to be follower, is that Probably aliens dropped off "Adam and Eve" - being the first humans to colonise Earth - and there really is no "missing link", only an origin. The good book had it mostly right, according to the Church of Probability, and possibly they might still be right in regards to a power above the aliens, BUT, our higher power is probably alien due to "the chances are..." theorem within Moko's Church of Probability.

As for The Question. The origins of the universe Question. The Church of Probability acknowledges that we have no fucking idea and are willing to stop talking about it until some FACTS float to the surface.

Welcome, Brothers and Sisters.

Monday, 9 August 2010

EKKA day off...

WTF?. What's the point?. Won't make me go.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dead Man Walking !!

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why the Wikileaks 'war logs' leak is dangerous

IT blows my mind how naive people are and the entire topic is ANOTHER example why we don't have general access to military info and footage.

Wikileaks lost my respect when they posted the out of context "Collateral Murder" that was loaded with half truths and general misleading information. Now comes the 'war logs' of the Afghan conflict.

Wikileaks releases 10's of thousands of 'not for general consumption' documents from the US military. Probably the thing that best highlights why this is SO wrong is in the reports are the names and locations of various Afghan informants. The Taliban stated they are reviewing these leaked reports and will go after the people in these reports identified as informants. The Taliban also have a habit of going after the family of informants if they can't find the informants themselves. Aside from the obvious negative consequences for the informants themselves there is the ongoing damage these leaks will do for the troops on the ground. Chances are, your average informant in 'Buttfuck Nowhere, Afghanistan' won't know about the Wikileaks right now. Chances are though, they'll figure it out when their neighbour's head gets hacked off. What do you think this will do for intelligence coming out of these areas?. How would lack of civilian intelligence could negatively impact on the safety of our troops?.

Some are asking why this intel was so low level. Where do they think intelligence comes from?. Double Oh Fucking Seven?. Intelligence is a another word for information. Information is gained from conversations from foot soldiers with a kid booting a soccer ball in Kabul, through to high level talks.

This is a potential disaster for everyone involved. Let's hope it doesn't add to the body count.