Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Smart Phones.

Up till now I've been resisting the urge to get one. Really, one thing I've needed from a phone like the various smart phones previous was for them to expand on how I interact with the world. For gadgets, I've got the iPod Touch, Xbox for games, and laptop for the net. So really, I don't NEED a phone for those things.

My phone started to die - just a Sony Ericsson - and I needed a new one. I remembered reading about a few technologies available on the smart phones that really piqued my interest. Like I said I need the phone to expand my interaction with the world to make the investment worth while.

On my home computer the weather radar is important so we've got plenty of time to bring in the goats before the bad storms hit. The new phone does this. I have the same access to the weather radar at a coupla clicks while I'm out to see if I need to get home. Another one a program called "Layar". Layar is what they call 'Augmented Reality' where digital overlays the phone's camera to supply information you otherwise can't see, unless you're a Borg. What it does is when you point the camera in any given direction little icons come up showing you where restaurants, petrol stations, houses for sale, etc etc. You can even track other phones - with permission - and this feature would be perfect for planting a phone on your kid for big crowds.

Those two 'apps' are free to download but do use your data allowance. Layar coordinates between '', GPS on your phone, and the camera to come up with the information displayed on the screen.

Smart phones aren't just gadgets ... well they can be, but they can also make a difference if you want them to. Don't get me wrong, I've got Twitter on it and it has an exceptionally smart camera - where the ISO's can be naff - where you can download programs to make the camera work better. Below is a picture of the back yard from it using a filter called 'London' and a 35mm Film Full Bleed setting for framing. Click on the image, then click on it again, and then again. This from a phone.

I bought the HTC Desire on the Telstra - gag - $49 plan. That's the only reason I chose that over the iPhone4. That was on the $79 plan. Wouldn't use that much and the Desire does the same shit.

Oh, and Google Sky Maps blows my mind.


  1. Indeed a too like any other and I believe more dependent on the person who uses it than the technology itself for how sefull it is.

    I so agree Google sky maps indeed ROCK

  2. Don't they call those photo filter apps 'Hipstervision'? Ain't seeing you with the oversized sunnies and the skinny jeans somehow mate.

  3. haha, no, it's Vignette for Android, but I have my days of hipstering it up mate!

  4. Over here it'd need to be a puffer jacket and ugg boots of course...

  5. Beeso-baiting aside I'd go the HTC simply cos I can't believe the iPhone experience can be worth $360 more on a yearly basis. Sure it might be a bit better but not nearly twice as good, as it'd need to be.

  6. Yeah, that's part of what did it for me. Lots I don't like about Apple either. iTunes is just a blackhole. I'm uncomfy with something that FORCES you into their gravitational product pull. iBooks is another example. It's like how nokia did business too. Now it's Nokia who?.

  7. "Forces" ? Right. Still lovin my ipawn4. Had the 3g version for 2 yrs, apart from me droping it, didn't give 1 problem. It just worked. New version just expands. Want new tunes? Just download free from limewire or wherever and copy over to itunes, couldn't be simpler or free-er.

  8. Got nothing against the iPhone. Great phone. Don't use the phone for music...personally. Of course, unless you wanna illegally download shared music. I lost 300 songs to iTunes. Not a big fan of it. Love, also, how you can't cancel downloads PERMANENTLY without basically having to have a sit down with Stevo.

    What is it with apple users and the defence of their product?. Geeez, anyone would think you're saying Star Trek was better than Star Wars.

  9. Oh, and forces. Yes, forces, Apple is its own universe. Once you're in you may as well just stay there.

  10. Ha! Is the Smart Phone smarter than Moko?

    Does The Rise of the Machine begin on instructions from the Smart Phone?

  11. Funnily enough, the little optical eye mouse thingy is called, "Terminator". I shit you not.

  12. I use a camera to take photos. I use a computer for the internet. I use a telephone to make telephone calls.

    Does this make me an old fuddy duddy?

    Probably. But then, I remember when domestic microwaves first came to Australia, and when VHS video players were too expensive for the average family. I even remember when television was in black and white. *sigh*

    Oh, look at the time, I'm due for my nanna nap. Have fun with your multifunctional media tool, Moko.

  13. Thanks, have fun your multi-function tool too.

  14. Yeah, it was a dodgy attempt at inferring 'vibrator'....but ... *dull thud* and all that.

  15. I have a Samsung Omnia II, and I can say three things for certain:
    1: I will never buy a Windows phone again.
    2: A 5MP phone camera is still just a pinhole camera.
    3: I wanted to use my phone for music, but it will.not.shuffle. I'll keep my iPod classic for a little while yet.

    On the other hand, I do like being able to hook up to hot spots and surf when I get bored with talking to whomever I'm with ;-)


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