Monday, 21 October 2013

Some honesty with myself.

I'm basically a professional offsider, and I have a run that's mine. I get various drivers. I wrote this a month or so back, and put it on Facebook. It really was just for me and I guess a way to tell people close to me what was going on with me at the time. Things have changed for the better since then, apart from anxiety I get occasionally. And that's really just a result of who I might be with. I don't go well with some drivers of my truck.

I'm reprinting what I wrote here because I got a great response from random people on FB. Even from some top ranking people in public service who deal with real horror. And have for a long time.

We had an accident at work a few weeks back. A guy on a motorbike made a really bad decision and was devastatingly hurt under the truck. He is apparently okay, but weirdly, it has stuck with me.
My logic says he's fine apart from a long road of healing but for some reason it has stuck with like a big splinter festering away. It's odd, my logic and reason has perspective and wants to file it away as finished and dealt with. But for some reason the mind doesn't accept this and it manifests in anxiety and sleeplessness. I'm like a cricket in the truck. It's frustrating.
The incident was horrible and the sounds were something I hadn't heard before. It stuck like watching something die. He was broken, skinned to the muscle and bone, his bowels released, and there was nothing anyone could do to help. It's over and that moment passed. But it's like an emotional echo.
So this is another step in exorcising that demon in an attempt to slot reason, logic, and mind into one harmonious thing. Hope this helps....
And I hope it helps someone else.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern,

I'm just writing regarding an enquiry I made for a dog wheelchair from your company some weeks ago.

Not 100% sure - okay, I'm 0% sure - why I haven't heard back after being quoted $600 (not including postage) and after sending measurements with multiple phone calls and emails. I believe the measurements were slightly off, and that was the last I heard. I was more than happy to re-measure, then buy a chair due to the declining health of my much loved Dalmation, Wrinkles.

At this point I must contend I am not a business owner and with that in mind I have no idea how to actually run a business. Having said that, I am a consumer, and have been purchasing stuff for almost forty years ... excluding the first say ... five ...  where my mum wouldn't let me go shopping on my own and funding for lollies was really at a minimum. BUT, when I did get money for lollies and was old enough to walk to the shop on my own I bought things, beginning my consumer career.

Sometimes the shop keeper was a crotchety old prick, and really, in hindsight, $2 in $0.01c lollies probably would've pissed me off too. I guess that's why he started going by weight and then he made bags up for like $0.50c. Genius really, and business foresight. He had a product, saw a need, got the shits, found a solution, and still made money. You don't need to be David Koch (Kochie, off that silly morning show that handles the financial stuff for people too stupid to figure it out for themselves) grasp the basics of business in situation like that.

Even me, a consumer, not a business owner, managed to get all the synapses in my brain firing hard enough to get it. Good lesson really, and is still applicable today. Which brings me back to you.

Thank you for not replying to any of my emails or calls in anticipation of happily handing you $600 plus postage for a chair.  Thank you, because you losing my business resulted in me looking a fraction harder from necessity due to my dog being unable to shit outside and peeing himself on the floor. My back problems were a MAJOR issue because he weighs around 35k's so I had to hold him up with a towel under his belly so HE could aid ME in getting him to the toilet. He was just as uncomfortable as I was with going 'potty' inside all over himself.

THANK YOU, because I found a lovely lady who sold her second hand chair for $200. 

Wrinkles is actually improving day by day. On a good day he can walk himself out to the toilet a few times. The other times we use the $200 chair. Sure, we have to help, but he's happy, and so are we. We saved a few hundred dollars, met a lovely lady, and got some of the personality of our much loved and adored dog back.

Thanks again, 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Talon Fotografika

Working on a 'professional' photographic portfolio for my various random shots.

Thought I might share the initial development with you guys. Still a work in progress.

Please click ---> Talon Fotografika