Wednesday, 15 December 2010

An Update Before Xmas

Well, here we are rapidly approaching the end of another year. Fuck me don't they fly?

I caught a huge break recently and picked up a new job. Great money, and hours, and really enjoyable work. The sort of shit I like anyway, and with the sort environment I'm most comfortable with. You either perform to the best of your ability, or you don't. It's hard work, but I take that side of it as being paid to work out. I start early, but finish early too so the arvo's are mine. If I'm not too shagged. I'm a girly man with the "late night" being to about 9pm. lol

There's potential for personal professional expansion, but I sorta walked straight into what I like and how much of it I like and when I like it. Win. I'm getting on well with the people I'm working with and having to prove yourself is a fun challenge. Unloading 48 foot truck trailers by hand full of cardboard boxed freight in the heat really is a challenge and I work along side man-trees from various parts of the Pacific Islands. They are cool, they just want to see that you will bust your hump just as they do. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's a huge positive step forward for me and the end of a tough coupla years with work related problems.

Personally, I'm ticking over quite nicely. The missus picked up a part-time job that's quite physical and she's doing that for her health more than anything. She's looking forward that. There's no real stats for people in Australia - or anywhere I believe - who are post-transplant with lungs past 5 years. They are all dead. She's 8 years out. This is an under laying thought that we are all aware of and really don't discuss. What's there to say? She's a bit heavier than she should be so some exercise that she's getting paid for can only be helpful. So long as she doesn't over do it; which she's capable of.

Xmas will be spent in Australia with her family. Hoping to get back home sometime next year, and a new car is on the horizon. Been yapping about that for awhile but was really waiting on some job security.

So, I guess that's me till Christmas. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE who've taken the time to acknowledge me and mine throughout this year and I very much appreciate popping in and out of your consciousness occasionally. Whether you're Christian or not, Christmas is a time for family and kindness.

Much best wishes to you and yours,


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fare-the-well you ugly pig bastards

I live right on the northern approach to the Amberley Airbase. Daily, we get to watch C-17's, AWACS, Super Hornets, Singapore F-16's, Blackhawks, Tigers, and various other assorted military aircraft roar on by but one that ALWAYS makes you stop and appreciate it, and that is the F-111. Or the Pig.

Today they get taken out of service and will do their last flyby for ever. I reckon no other plane - maybe excluding the Vampire and Meteor - has such a impact on the psyche in and around Ipswich. Everyone you talk to loves them, and everyone you see stops and looks when they go by. The Super Hornets are something special and we always run out for a look when we hear them but there's something .... clinical ... about them versus the personality of the Pig. In the near future we look forward to losing control over our bladders when the F-35's start appearing on the horizon, but right now, it's The Pig's turn.

We were fortunate enough to get to the Amberley Airshow in 2008. Amazing stuff, but that show gave me my greatest memory of the F-111 and thank CROIST I had my camera. You could feel the heat.

So farewell you big beautiful ugly pig bastards. You'll be missed.