Friday, 27 May 2011

Why are comedians so FKN precious?

A dude on a talent contest show here copied a coupla comedians jokes and told them on the show. I get that you shouldn't do it - because comedians are insecure as fuck - but there's a grey area there that makes the entire shit storm about it a fraction hypocritical.

I've been to pubs where people have been singing - for money - and haven't attributed the songs they're singing to the writers of these songs. Do you think they're paying royalties while making money at pubs from it? Personally, I can't see the difference when comedian's delivery in a LARGE part of the success of the joke. Much the same as singing.

I'd have an ENTIRELY differing opinion if he profited from the jokes but really, what's he done, told a couple of jokes on a stage. Lighten, the fuck, up.

Friday, 20 May 2011

End times, the rapture, and fucken idiots

The Egyptians, The Mayans, and Christians ... probably a few others ... reckon now is the time when either we all die, many die, some die, some sorta die, or we enter a period of so called enlightening - no, not quickening like in Highlander.

For the Egyptians apparently their main corridor in their largest(?) pyramid is 2012 inches (they measured in inches?) long before the the main chambers open up and are sorta layered above each other in an apparent symbol of various levels of enlightenment.

The Mayans had a calendar. IT went to 2012. Maybe they ran out of space.

The Christians have the dawn of the third millennia. One day in heaven is equivalent to one thousand years on earth. ie: the second coming of Christ as symbolized by Easter. Dawn in most places is around 6am. 6am is about one quarter through the day. One quarter through the day is 250 years into a thousand years. So, IMO, if we're gonna get all symbolic this stuff can happen as far out as 2250ad.

There are other things like natural disasters, wars, and the fight for democracy throughout the middle east being seen as people becoming enlightened on some level. Right up till the end of 2012 people are gonna get stupid on this stuff. So if we're gonna take shots at people of faith ... a-fkn-gain ... please don't lump them all in the same basket because quite fkn obviously everyone believes something different.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden's Head...

They should put it on a pole at ground zero.

Just saying.