Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mental Illness and Gun Ownership

Another whack job walks into a crowded area and takes out a another dozen or so people. I think the universe looks at us as a species and just shakes its head. We're flawed, and scary. Not sure what gets people to the point that they've lost that much humanity and distanced themselves so far from their soul they could hold a gun against a group of people and watch sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, and babies, die, in a most gruesome and torturous way.

I can't comprehend this shit. The soul is getting a fragile I think. I can't look at headlines and just see a story any more. I see people I could love and cherish. It's only some universal lottery that I wasn't born related and/or formed a friendship with them. Every time I read about THEM, I well up and get lumpy in the throat.

Some call it evil. Some call it a twisted form of faith. Really, the truth of the matter is that it is mental illness and some form of alienation from reality that caused this. Sure, guns were the choice of method and there's a very reasoned argument for the much heavier regulation of firearms in the States. No civilian needs access to military weapons. There's a place for heavier calibre semi-auto's in pest control but there's no reason why someone need mags 30-100 rounds deep in a civilian situation. I can't see the issue with people having personal protection. I wish we did.

The point of this is though, past the headlines and debate on weapons there's people mourning and in some serious pain. Let's not forget about them, and let's not forget about why it REALLY happened. Mental illness.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Holy Shit

Didn't realise its been that long.

Found some motivation via Naut to update here. All good, and nothing to report. Really, anything that I post on the web now is via my photo blog on the right there, and one daily image blog HERE. That last one is just with the iPhone and no effort goes into them other than keeping me thinking about taking shots and looking for things to take shots OF.

Uh, work is tickety boo and I've got 3 weeks hols coming up in late August. Making a effort at saving some cash for a trip home to NZ but for some reason money won't stay in my bank account. We'll get there, I'm sure.

Trace is doing alright.

Ummm that's about it really. I'm always available on Twitter via @MokoTwits and of course FaceBook which I won't link here.