Thursday, 21 April 2011


In Australia, there's been 'unrest' - read: arson, and attacks on emergency services - in one of the asylum seekers processing plants. Let's call it what it is. Understandably, the inmates - again, what it is - have got the shits over processing application times - this is where 'understandably' ends - and decided to burn their compound.

As an immigrant, and a non-citizen, I KNOW that if I get the shits with whatever and decide to burn 9 buildings and attack the fire fighters that come to fight the fires, AFTER ... I finish being tasered, I'll be heading to jail. AFTER I finish my sentence I'll be deported.

I'm sympathetic to asylum seekers because in reality we created most of them.

Arson and anti-social behaviour INCLUDING assault shouldn't be tolerated one little bit.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Military, Para-military, and Society

SO here's what I'm thinking...

The problem with the military, and para-military organizations (police and such), is that they are a power unto their own. They shouldn't be run by civilians who have no idea but they need independent services keeping them in check, such as criminal investigators, shrinks, medical services, and such BECAUSE, in the end, people expelled from the military and police end up back in civilian life. They are TOO independent when really there's no real logical reason for them to be that way anymore. Those days are gone where the military had to run that way 'on the run' cause of distance from their society.

Friday, 8 April 2011

After two weeks...

Well, here we are two weeks after starting the new job. Really liking it, long hours - up to 14 and none under 10 - but they go really quick. Quite a bit to learn but none of it is super complicated. I'm just off-siding for what they call 'specials'. We go round in a truck that has a tail lift and do pick ups that fall out side of the normal courier type stuff. Dealing with bulk, and such. Awkward things.

The thing is, that creates variety in the day. None are the same. I get along well with the driver and we have a bit of a laugh. He can be a fraction bossy outside of what he needs to be, but he's been doing it for years and that's just who he is. I'm starting to say "yeah, I've got it" sort of thing and he's starting to lay off a bit.

The hardest part to get used to is the lack of time to yourself during the week and no amount of pay really makes up for it. Pay day's great, but quality of life is important too. Having come from shit pay of years I'm appreciating the financial and job security. Am able to plan some holidays to NZ later this year and organize some savings. So, I guess that makes up for the hours.

Onward and upward.

Friday, 1 April 2011

@Can_Do_Campbell Photo Bomb

You might have missed this if you're not on Twitter and really have NO IDEA WTF I'm on about, but here's my highlight for the news week and really this deserves a standing ovulation. So, to the man himself: Bravo. The Question Mark in he middle is the fake Can_Do on Twitter standing next to the real one. Love it.

Here's the reporting of it.