Thursday, 30 April 2009

ClickBoomDead Intro.

Tell me what ya's think.

Guess where the voice comes from.

4 dead, 13 injured, guess what he's arrested for?.

Here's a link to to some footage and an article - ( kinda heavy footage) - about a 38 year old male in the Netherlands who drives his car THROUGH a crowd at speed killing four and injuring 13 and guess what he gets arrested for?....

"...has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out an attack on the Royal Family."

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Re: The Billions I Win in Emails

Man, I'm gonna just set up a bank account for all the estates and lotteries I win and assistance I'm asked to give Generale Jose Whothefuckever to slide some cash outta their country and I get a SPLIT and just send 'em that!.

Picked up another cool US$Mil this morning!.

I want an Island.

...and Ninja Bunnies. Damn adorable, but edgy and dangerous. Could you imagine Swords for Ninja Bunnies. OMG. Little ears sticking out the top of their little black head gear.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Alright....Twitter Opinion

Its been a few days since signing up to Twitter so I've had a chance to sus it all out. Total waste of time like Facebook but better THAN Facebook....unless you like all the Facebook apps.

I fucking hate Facebook.

Twitter's great for talking shit real time to people you'd only otherwise read about or talk to in the comments of their blog. I talk to most the crew that come by here and we all spend the evening or day waffling shit while we're doing other stuff online. IT's great for organising stuff too. It's basically an instant messenger with one window for everyone.

On the negative side if you sign up to too many other twitters you'll get bombarded with spam - (as Uamada found out) - and you can't keep up. I wouldn't bother signing up to news feeds or shit like that. My suggestion is keep an eye on who follows you and block the spam. You don't get that many - like one or two a day - but if you let it get away you're gone.

The Tweet Deck is a download must. It's like a control panel for Twitter.

BUT, the plus side is finding the quirky feeds. I got this from SnoopDogg this morning.

"snoop d o double g i make that shit go bump bump"

If you didn't know you'd think it's Ghandi speaking. lol. Plenty of fake celebs out there too. So watch those. Do a little research on who THEY'RE following and you'll figure out if they're real or not.

I'm following Weird Al Yankovich too. rofl.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

GBH on Police Officer (video)

CHRIST this one makes me SPIT TACKS.

Below is a shocking video of an assault by drunk fucking RICH pieces of shit on Officers attending a fight at a pub. The older guy doing the swinging later has a heart attack and the police save his life. The young guy that head butt the officer gets off on....wait for it....self defence. SELF DEFENCE from a Police Officer breaking up YOUR fight. Apparently the young guy tripped while running to aid and in fear of his defenceless father's life from the POLICE.

The officer knocked out won't work again. Paralysed down the left side, lost HALF his eye sight, is learning to walk again.

A JURY found them not guilty. Because of that the officer can't receive victim of crime payments to aid his rehabilitation. They got off because they could afford a QC.


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Pandemics, Terrorism, and Global Crisis.

Apparently there's a Human Swine Influenza outbreak in Mexico with 68 peeps toes up and 11 crook in The States. Not saying any of the things in the title aren't going on but like Birmo mentioned a few weeks ago about the dude that was content in the fact that he didn't know there was a 'Global Crisis' (tm) going.

Makes ya wanna pull up stumps and erect a bivvy under a tree in the scrub.

What, is the fear of God not effective any more?.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Lest We Forget.

I'm sure most of ya know that today, the 25th of April, is ANZAC Day. ANZAC day is the most significant day that links Australia and New Zealand in remembrance of the fallen of originally, Gallipoli, but all wars as well. We've fought along side each other in every war since Dubya Dubya One. Probably excluding Iraq, although the Kiwi's are there as engineers and shit. I'm sure the SAS have snuck around there somewhere.

You'll come across alot of stuff about the ANZAC's today, or I hope you do. When you do, take the time to think of the men and women who have, and are, fighting and dying for you and me, but most of all, the fella beside them in the dirt.

Lest we forget.

...and to the TV Channels. How about we put the movie 'Gallipoli' on tonight, instead of fucking 'Independence Day'. Unbelievable. Wouldn't take a fucking genius to link the two together. Who are we offending with ANZAC Day?.

Killing Investigative Reporters...

I think I'm a fraction twisted but I can't help but think that one day some stupid little cow of a 'hard nosed pulp news investigative reporter' is gonna stalk the wrong scum bag out to the boons and find themselves starring in their own High Def version of 'Blair Witch' meets 'Wolf Creek' when the crew corners him.

There's plenty of people out there who quite happily take people out for the shits and giggles of it. It's just a matter of time before a reporter finds themself face to face with an Alpha Wolf with the emotional capabilities of a grizzly.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Moko Twits, on Twitter.

ADD ME DAMMIT. I feel so alone.

...and what's a GET????. I tried the widget thingo from Nauts page. *weeps*

I have a Tweet Deck. Don't wanna know what the missus said when I told her I had one.


Meh. The Lost Boys was WAY better.

How can you have a vampire movie without Holy Water, stakes, garlic, and body parts?. Seriously, no gore. Coupla stalkers though.


How come Vampires are all ridiculously good looking?.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BFBC Sound Effects

I made a video for my Youtube thingo with a capture I got of a shot that reminded me of Saving Private Ryan where the sniper took out the German sniper in the French town.

I was watching it last night when I got past the visual side of it -which is awesome - and started listening to it. Pretty spectacular. It's best heard with headphones or a mean sound system set up.

Close your eyes and listen.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Book Of Truth: For School Leavers.

For ages now I've wanted to do a book - (serious humour) - about the difference between what the world promises while you're at school to what it delivers when you cop that size nine in the arse and are told to GET your olds, AND the school. Basically for school leavers. Via a contract with the Department of Education would be great!.

The sorts of things I'm thinking is surviving the first year. GET a trade or a degree: preferably both. The truth about the work force. The truth about chicks till they're 26. The truth about guys till they're 50. The truth about relationships. The truth about your friends. The truth about drugs and alcohol. The truth about share houses - (can offer further literature for THAT one) - and home ownership. The truth about kids. The truth about your society: media, politicians, beliefs etc etc.

What truth would've helped you back then?.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The School Violence Conspiracy

I'm doing a project at the course about youth gangs in schools. My section of the project - (cause I've gotta do a group thing.....pfffft) - is statistics of violence. Patterns and shit. I got hold of the Queensland Police Annual Statistical Review for 2007/2008 - (website, not the report) - which makes for some scary reading when you look at the 15 - 19 year old age bracket - (offenders). By FAR the most frightening.....ANYWAY, the bit that I've been struggling with is finding actual figures and breakdowns of incidents on the school grounds. I.JUST.CAN'T.FIND.EM.

I got on to my missus' sister who works for a school and she said even THEY can't get access to other schools figures. We've all been to school, we ALL know shit happens, so why is it SO difficult to find transparency?. Are we afraid of the truth as a society?.

Anyway, back to it.

David Tua. Boxing KO's. (video violence WOOO)

Here's a little known fact about yours truly. BIG boxing fan. Don't get to watch it without pay TV so my viewing is limited to Youtube and the knockout vids. Just happened to be skimming the K1 fights - (search K1 top ten knockouts; awesome) - when I accidentally stumbled upon a video of David Tua.

"Who is David Tua, Moko?", I hear you ask, well my friend, I'm glad you asked. David Tua kicked off his career in the Olympics in Bar-tha-lona....*crickets*'s a pronounciation joke......NVM..... Barcelona, in '92. The dude that took him outta the Olympics got his skinny arse knocked out by Tua later that year as a professional.

Tua is a bit of a hero in various parts of the South Pacific, excluding Australia. They wouldn't know who the fuck he is. Half them don't even know who the fuck THEY are. Anyway, "in 2003 Tua was named the 48th greatest puncher of all time by Ring Magazine and of his first 27 fights, 23 were by knockout. Tua fought for the WBC, IBF, and IBO world heavyweight championship titles in November 2000 - and went the distance in a 12 round bout - but lost on points by a wide margin to defending champion Lennox Lewis." Awesome.

IF his right hook wasn't devastating enough, check out his left. Fucken thing of beauty.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Zombie Goat Caught Creating Ghillie Suit

I shit you not. If they start evolving a trigger finger, we're screwed.

Image Hosted by

Friday, 17 April 2009


Me, the missus, Uamada, and The Drej caught the stage show version of He Died With a Felafel in His Hand at the Arts Theatre, in Brisbane (add that for googling purposes).

I had NO IDEA there was a comic. I'm googling one today.

TO be honest we were going at the show a fraction cautious hoping it wasn't just gonna be stupid. But, I thought at least we get to catch up with a coupla dudes I've known for yonks, I like heaps, and never met. The paradox of the internet.

Me and the missus live WAY out in the sticks so decided early that we'd skip dinner with the fellas and just meet at the theatre. Dodging typical tropical storms we arrived in shitloads of time and SPEWING, there was a restaurant right next fucking door that was Tibetan and regional food. We got to spend an hour yapping with Uamada *cough cough waiting for Drej cough* then when Drej arrived we were sort of shuttled into the theatre with seconds to spare.

You'll cop that for awhile dude. Drej picked up a win with the champagne at half time. *golf clap*

I'm not going to critique the show itself because really there wasn't any time to sit and pick at it. I treid to remember some one liners, but couldn't, it just kept ticking. You just sat and laughed. When we got inside and the seating dude separated me and the missus from the fellas. No biggie really, but kinda, ya know?.

The opening scene set the tone for the show. A group of people bouncing around the stage like monkeys to the sound track of 2001 A Space Odyssey (?) had you thinking, What.The.Fuck. Then, you notice the seven or eight foot tall joint. Funny. Excellent.

Coupla highlights were the JB monologues, the dude's laugh in front of us, and the Bundy Bear in the fridge. Holy fuck, did we laugh.

Now, let me point out that I believe it's a miracle that Birmo can string a fucking sentence together let alone be an author going by all the pot he smoked.

The theatre is a cosy little place that you can't help but love the moment you walk in. IT cost $25 bucks for a 2 hour live show and a t-shirt was just 20 bucks. Kinda unbelievable in these times that you'd get a night like that out with some great company for fuck all damage to the back pocket. Really excellent.

The missus LOVED the show, as did I. Credit has to go to GC who we didn't hassle for time cause she was obviously as busy as a blow fly but she took the time to say hi to us anyway. Really cool. Squire Bedak needs a standing ovation.

If you're looking for more of a take on the show itself, head over to Uamada's place for an excellent little review.

Unfortunately we couldn't hang around with the guys after the show cause of the drive ahead. I'm definitely looking catching up with that skinny arsed - but taller, he'll point out - Uamada and I hope if Drej comes back from the outback sometime we'll get some more time to yap.

Great night, great fun, 10 out of 10 for entertainment.

Here's a picture on the print on the t-shirt I got. Funny story behind that. lol.

Image Hosted by

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Regional Defence.

This part of the planet is starting to head towards real defence issues with Australia and The States disagreeing on where the future lays with combat and how to prepare. Australia wants to equip the military for more conventional warfare and The States is heading in the direction of more unconventional warfare like with what you're seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Already the Pentagon has announced cuts - (see below posting).

The reason this is coming about is due to the massive arms build up China is going through right now and the potential of India with Pakistan heading towards HUGE dramas. That sucker is a nuclear powered locomotive without brakes. Dramas there isn't 'if', but 'when'.

It seems to me that resource defence is gonna be a huge thing in the future with a glimpse of it happening in Iraq at the mo. Obviously it would be unpopular for Australia to take an offensive role in SECURING resources so defence of current resources - (whether they be owned by Au, or others, but accessed by Au) - is gonna be the future role. Pre-emptive shit isn't out of the question though.

China being what it is - (communist, big, not all that concerned about human rights) - are gonna begin to look for more resources to feed the mamoth thing it is. It's just inevitable.

The question is, do we prepare now, or when they're securing the sub-continent?.

RARE Footage of HAVOCK in Combat!!!

lol. Imagine it with All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix. Yep, Youtube didn't like that idea.

Moko recommends watching it in HD. Click the play in the middle and quickly hit the HD button. Takes longer to buffer but the quality is the best EVAAAAR. And you can see HAVOCK'S brains better. :o)

Monday, 13 April 2009

*shakes head* (image)

Some questions you probably don't want answered.


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Obama's 'Guantanamo'.

Check out this 'thought provoking article' about Bagram, Afghanistan.

A snippet, or two.

Edited info to get to the point:

"So ... Barack Obama -- the one trying to convince Democrats to make him their nominee and then their President -- said [in September, 2006] that abducting people and imprisoning them without charges was (a) un-American; (b) tyrannical; (c) unnecessary to fight Terrorism; (d) a potent means for stoking anti-Americanism and fueling Terrorism; (e) a means of endangering captured American troops, Americans traveling abroad and Americans generally; and (f) a violent betrayal of core, centuries-old Western principles of justice. But today's Barack Obama, safely ensconced in the White House, fights tooth and nail to preserve his power to do exactly that."


"In the wake of the Boumediene [versus Bush] ruling, the U.S. Government wanted to preserve the power to abduct people from around the world and bring them to American prisons without having to provide them any due process. So, instead of bringing them to our Guantanamo prison camp (where, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, they were entitled to habeas hearings), the Bush administration would instead simply send them to our prison camp in Bagram, Afghanistan, and then argue that because they were flown to Bagram rather than Guantanamo, they had no rights of any kind and Boudemiene didn't apply to them. The Bush DOJ treated the Boumediene ruling, grounded in our most basic constitutional guarantees, as though it was some sort of a silly game -- fly your abducted prisoners to Guantanamo and they have constitutional rights, but fly them instead to Bagram and you can disappear them forever with no judicial process. Put another way, you just close Guantanamo, move it to Afghanistan, and -- presto -- all constitutional obligations disappear.

Back in February, the Obama administration shocked many civil libertarians by filing a brief in federal court that, in two sentences, declared that it embraced the most extremist Bush theory on this issue -- the Obama DOJ argued, as The New York Times's Charlie Savage put it, "that military detainees in Afghanistan have no legal right to challenge their imprisonment there, embracing a key argument of former President Bush’s legal team." Remember: these are not prisoners captured in Afghanistan on a battlefield. Many of them have nothing to do with Afghanistan and were captured far, far away from that country -- abducted from their homes and workplaces -- and then flown to Bagram to be imprisoned. Indeed, the Bagram detainees in the particular case in which the Obama DOJ filed its brief were Yemenis and Tunisians captured outside of Afghanistan (in Thailand or the UAE, for instance) and then flown to Bagram and locked away there as much as six years without any charges. That is what the Obama DOJ defended, and they argued that those individuals can be imprisoned indefinitely with no rights of any kind -- as long as they are kept in Bagram rather than Guantanamo."

Scary stuff.

I wanna be a politician...

Mate, seven years talking bullshit and retire on a tidy little lifetime income. Noice.

The missus thinks I'd be corrupt and there'd be scandals...


Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter Egg Day

Today's - (Sunday) - Dog Day for Christians. Even if you don't swing in that direction, acknowledge the day for the vibe that portrayed. Easter eggs. I jest.

To me it's about sacrificing something, anything, for the benefit others, and being 'reborn', or enlightened, or gaining something spiritual from the act. Mend a rift. Buy someone groceries. Hug someone. Tell someone what they mean to you.

Just do it, then acknowledge someone else having done it for you.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pentagon Military Financial Reforms. Yikes.

Interesting article. Here's some highlights.

"A MAJOR revamp of the $723 billion US defence budget will see the Pentagon dump big-spending equipment programs but retain the controversial $16billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program expected to be the backbone of the RAAF's air power late next decade.

The budget audit announced by Defence Secretary Robert Gates effectively ends any hope of the RAAF acquiring the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, priced at $US130 million ($182 million) each, after the Pentagon decided production should cease.

Others to face the chop include the C-17 heavy airlifter, of which the RAAF has four.

The cuts will see large conventional military programs slashed, and greater emphasis on lower-tech battlefields such as Afghanistan, with special forces and unmanned aerial systems as the big winners."


"Mr Gates [DefSec] said he planned to halt new purchases of the fifth-generation F-22 from aerospace company Lockheed Martin after delivery of the 187 now on order.

The good news for Australia is that spending on the F-35 JSF, another Lockheed Martin program, will be increased from $US6.8 billion this year to $US11.2 billion next year, money that is expected to help cap development costs for allies such as Australia."

"The Ausmin [Australia–US Ministerial] talks are expected to canvass more Australian troops for Afghanistan.

North Korea's long-range missile program will also loom large in the talks."

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Where my damn EASTER MOVIE??????

WTH?. IT's Easter, we've got holidays and a huge percentage of the population recognise it, but we can't watch a damn movie about it.

Who's the fucken jerkoff that decided THAT one?.

I'm gonna bitch slap the first person who rambles on about other cultures. Fuck 'em. I'll quite happily have their fucken holidays off too. Feel FREE to whack a damn movie on about fricken Ramadan, or bloody Ghandi or whatthehellever.


BTW, if you don't fucking recognise fucking volunteer or go clean your fricken kennel or some shit. Just don't tell me about "fucken wah wah wah I'm a whiny prick and I have every friggen right to be a sour arsehole and not believe in shit wah wah wah I'm a wank". Fuck off.

I WANT MY DAMN JESUS MOVIE. The Story of Easter is a GREAT fucken movie. What, I gotta BUY the damn thing now?.



Coupla our guys winning shit.

Watch it. Love it.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Question about the stock market

I wanna buy shares in MetalStorm. I've been thinking about it for YEARS. The thing that stops me from doing it - apart from the price previously - is being damned to hell by helping fund weaponry. Surely God can see some good in it though?....

Anyhooo. Is the arse gonna go out of the market further or will it start to gain soon?. MS stock were at 2.50 mid last year and had dropped back to .40 now for obvious reasons.

I remember at school we a had project where we were 'given' 500 bucks. Mine lasted about 3 weeks and I'll lost it all in forestry. A class mate 'made millions' by the end of the year. After school I did forestry and it came back and kicked arse. Just like 8 years too late for MY project.

.....maybe I should find that dude on Facebook......Toby.......Toby someone......hmmmm

The way I figure it, unless we DO go apocalyptic (Maybe I should bet on that as well, for one each way), the stock market WILL eventually creep back. Should I be happy with .40c or should I wait for a bit. It has some cool shit and has some MAJOR interest from some MAJOR players. I think some of its tech will be picked up. The under barrel grenade launcher being one. Area denial two.

What ya's think?.

Nuclear Shelters in Japan.

See our Japanese brethren are scrambling for nuclear shelters since Kim Jong Crook is letting off large sky rockets. Scrambling, actually being 12 in the last two months. That's twice as many as they normally get in an entire YEAR though.

38 grand will get you one. Thing is, if they're gonna nuke you do you REALLY wanna survive it, or are you PRAYING for a windy day the day they let them rip?.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Anutha WTF. Brought to you by: The English Language.

I think I figured it out. It hit me like a bolt of lightening, or more like, an hour show on ABC, yesterday.

My plan to get 'amn't' (am not) put into the English language has still not come to fruition (and that's 'frew-ish-shon' not 'fruit-ion', go figure) but one that perplexed me yesterday was 'lose' and 'loose' when you consider 'chose' and 'choose'.

That's 'lewse', as in 'not tight', and that's 'chewse'. I know, does my fucken head in too.

Anyway back to that show. I think Blackadder did the best rip off of Samuel Johnson (Dr Johnson to his friends, or now, Dr Cock, to me). It seems after watching that show yesterday Rowan Atkinson was more spot on than anyone realised.

Samuel Johnson wrote the Dictionary in 1755. Well, it was published then, after nine years of writing, and setting his wig on fire with candles cause he was almost blind. True. Dr Cock was almost blind, he had Tourets, he wrote it in the dark, was morbidly obese, and was born in the early 1700's.

THAT, my friends, explains A LOT about our language.

See Naut, finger on the pulse.

How come 'everything' is one word, and 'every time' isn't?. Hmmmm?.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Most violent game EVAAAR????

This why we need an 18+ rating.

But anyway.....Enjoy.

Comes out on the 9th here in Aus, I think.

Dammit, banned from another site.

I forget people don't always appreciate honesty. One dude was yapping on about how soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder are pussies in a pussy society run by pussy fathers.

Long story short, I called him a fucking wanker and how I hope his son has a sane future cause his old man wasn't gonna be there for him if it wasn't. He was yapping about his son at one stage. By the end of it I think he was talking about Chuck Norris. Nah, no one other than Chuck himself is THAT awesome.

There's very few times I regret opening my hole and offering what some people need to be told (which I hardly EVER do *wink wink*), and this isn't one of them.

Don't know HOW many sites I've been banned from.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Here come the Hornets.

I get a total woody when it comes to the military gear. That ain't a secret. But just on the news they were saying the new F-18 super hornets are gonna start to pedal off the the production line.

I live right near a major airbase. We get the F-111's all the time which these hornets are replacing, and the C-17's, and various other weird and wonderful ones. The new choppers (Tigers?) venture out this was occasionally.

Can't wait for the super hornets.

Now, back to that damn website. lol.