Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pentagon Military Financial Reforms. Yikes.

Interesting article. Here's some highlights.

"A MAJOR revamp of the $723 billion US defence budget will see the Pentagon dump big-spending equipment programs but retain the controversial $16billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program expected to be the backbone of the RAAF's air power late next decade.

The budget audit announced by Defence Secretary Robert Gates effectively ends any hope of the RAAF acquiring the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, priced at $US130 million ($182 million) each, after the Pentagon decided production should cease.

Others to face the chop include the C-17 heavy airlifter, of which the RAAF has four.

The cuts will see large conventional military programs slashed, and greater emphasis on lower-tech battlefields such as Afghanistan, with special forces and unmanned aerial systems as the big winners."


"Mr Gates [DefSec] said he planned to halt new purchases of the fifth-generation F-22 from aerospace company Lockheed Martin after delivery of the 187 now on order.

The good news for Australia is that spending on the F-35 JSF, another Lockheed Martin program, will be increased from $US6.8 billion this year to $US11.2 billion next year, money that is expected to help cap development costs for allies such as Australia."

"The Ausmin [Australia–US Ministerial] talks are expected to canvass more Australian troops for Afghanistan.

North Korea's long-range missile program will also loom large in the talks."


  1. Dumb fuckers is all I can say. I would have kept the F22 in production, most of the costs ( dev ), have been forked out for and other countries would love it. THAT, includes us. DITCH the F35, single engine piece of shit.

    I'll bet the Navy gets it in the neck too.

  2. It's interesting they're heading towards drone stuff more. You'll see MASSIVE advancements in robot slave drone type shit.

    Yeah, I think WERE after the F22 weren't they?. I thought the yanks nixed it for their own use.

    Check out the QF4. Think we'll see more of that kinda thing. You watch pilot jobs start to get knocked back in the next 10 years.

  3. But what about the $7.5 Million that was to be handed over to L-3 Services, Inc. to build an EMP generator.

    With the rise of SKYNET due and Judgement day April 2011 this would be false economy.

  4. We all need those three pieces of equipment, gents. The metalwork lathe, the drill press and the powder press. Most other needs can be met with woodworking tools...


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