Monday, 6 April 2009

Question about the stock market

I wanna buy shares in MetalStorm. I've been thinking about it for YEARS. The thing that stops me from doing it - apart from the price previously - is being damned to hell by helping fund weaponry. Surely God can see some good in it though?....

Anyhooo. Is the arse gonna go out of the market further or will it start to gain soon?. MS stock were at 2.50 mid last year and had dropped back to .40 now for obvious reasons.

I remember at school we a had project where we were 'given' 500 bucks. Mine lasted about 3 weeks and I'll lost it all in forestry. A class mate 'made millions' by the end of the year. After school I did forestry and it came back and kicked arse. Just like 8 years too late for MY project.

.....maybe I should find that dude on Facebook......Toby.......Toby someone......hmmmm

The way I figure it, unless we DO go apocalyptic (Maybe I should bet on that as well, for one each way), the stock market WILL eventually creep back. Should I be happy with .40c or should I wait for a bit. It has some cool shit and has some MAJOR interest from some MAJOR players. I think some of its tech will be picked up. The under barrel grenade launcher being one. Area denial two.

What ya's think?.


  1. If you believe history then the market will build over time if you invest long term. Whether MS will be around long term is the gamble.

    $0.40 sounds cheap enough to have a go. It's only got to get to $0.80 to double your money. MS has been around for a long while and it maybe a long while more before it starts really producing results.

    Mind you, just start a couple of rumours about massive production contracts and watch the share price rise.

    Remember, never invest if you can't afford to lose it all.

  2. "Remember, never invest if you can't afford to lose it all."

    Absolutely. And I'm thinking long term. The market can only go up from where it is now, so...

  3. Moko, I've been thinking along the same lines. The rule of thumb for the stock market, out of five companies you buy into, one goes bad, two OK, next one better and the last better still. That's how monkies and darts can make money there. The real trick is diversify, it helps until you see stockbrokers climbing out the window.

  4. Sounds good Moko, I'd go for it!
    1000 shares = $400 bucks. That's not to much of a gamble, and if it goes back up to its original price later, that's $2400 bucks!

  5. I reckon that it is a gamble. If you are happy to gamble on it, then shoot from the hip. If not, I'd pass.

    Perhaps buying an indexed linked, exchange traded fund is a good bet to start with.

  6. That should be index, not indexed. I am not a smart man - so don't take my financial advice!

  7. Moko,

    I've been thinking along similar lines, mainly because I think we should support australian tech companies, but also because it's metal storm.

    Hmm I wonder if Marcela would let me purchase $900 worth... I bet not.

  8. Problem with investing in one company, particularly one whose main target business I'd guess is defence contracts, is that defence contracts aren't necessarily given out strictly on merit - so even if the company does well it may not get the payoff. Still, the market always trends up, even corrected for big crashes.

  9. Oh yeah, totally go for it.
    A sure bet.
    Garunteed triple your dough, in about 50 years.

    Interesting (and a touch of guilty pleasure) watching Macquarie & Mini Mac crumble. Then I remember the mums & dads who are getting rogered.
    My Dad told me the other day that his self funded retirement assets have dropped in value by >40% in 8 months. Others have suffered worse but he thought he was securely set for 20 comfortable years - not looking so likely now.

    But yeah if you're going to take a punt why not in an Aussie Tech mob - they seem to be going about it slow & steady not flash in the pan.

  10. I can't add much to what's already been said, except one of the headlines yesterday was top US brass saying we need to cut back deeply on new investment in high tech weapons and pour the money into practical stuff like infantry weapons and such. Not sure where your company falls into that. I do know the price of ammo has skyrocketed in the past half year. I don't see that changing as long as we're in a shooting war.


  11. Great to see ya again Puma. You not writing at all, or just in that particular blog?.

    Seems to me the stock market fluctuates. Right now - (stay with me) - its bottomed out. Doesn't look like MetalStorm, the company, is going anywhere. Not that I'm on the board or anything. And Yeah, just thinking about flicking some notes at it and seeing what happens.

  12. It's "tax season" where I work. Long hours and no time or energy to write anything worthwhile. Just been lurking when I have a few minutes to spare.


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