Friday, 3 April 2009

Here come the Hornets.

I get a total woody when it comes to the military gear. That ain't a secret. But just on the news they were saying the new F-18 super hornets are gonna start to pedal off the the production line.

I live right near a major airbase. We get the F-111's all the time which these hornets are replacing, and the C-17's, and various other weird and wonderful ones. The new choppers (Tigers?) venture out this was occasionally.

Can't wait for the super hornets.

Now, back to that damn website. lol.


  1. I don't think it has anything to do with you being near an airbase. They are just keeping tabs on you, what with you being a Kiwi and all.

    Just put one foot out of line, go on, they are waiting for it.

  2. You young techno-punks will never know or even begin to comprehend the simple pleasures of flying in the frigid dark within the drafty frame of a B-17 Flying Fortress with your lambs wool collar up against the chill, preparing to drop tiny bombs, using only the eyes God gave you for guidance, on hidden factories and the occasional village cathedral because it is really, really hard to see in the dark.

    With my crummudgeon rant out of the way, I readily admit that the Super Hornet is major cool.

  3. you play H.A.W.X yet?..the thooper horney is a unlockable aircraft..

  4. sheesh ................ and there i was thinking u had a hornet invasion... yano the bitey flying insect type?? not the man made flying
    Ya had me at the woody statement.... till i realised u were all military...pmsl,,sorry i shall try and redeem myself at a later date.

  5. NAut ~ maybe that's why they do the low screamings runs down the valley. To dodge my vengeance.

    PB ~ Spitfire. Greatest sounding plane EVAAAR.

    AK ~ Nah, I haven't. I enjoyed ace combat 6, but got sick of just flying round in circles day after day shooting down the same plane.

    Red ~ roflmao.


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