Friday, 17 April 2009


Me, the missus, Uamada, and The Drej caught the stage show version of He Died With a Felafel in His Hand at the Arts Theatre, in Brisbane (add that for googling purposes).

I had NO IDEA there was a comic. I'm googling one today.

TO be honest we were going at the show a fraction cautious hoping it wasn't just gonna be stupid. But, I thought at least we get to catch up with a coupla dudes I've known for yonks, I like heaps, and never met. The paradox of the internet.

Me and the missus live WAY out in the sticks so decided early that we'd skip dinner with the fellas and just meet at the theatre. Dodging typical tropical storms we arrived in shitloads of time and SPEWING, there was a restaurant right next fucking door that was Tibetan and regional food. We got to spend an hour yapping with Uamada *cough cough waiting for Drej cough* then when Drej arrived we were sort of shuttled into the theatre with seconds to spare.

You'll cop that for awhile dude. Drej picked up a win with the champagne at half time. *golf clap*

I'm not going to critique the show itself because really there wasn't any time to sit and pick at it. I treid to remember some one liners, but couldn't, it just kept ticking. You just sat and laughed. When we got inside and the seating dude separated me and the missus from the fellas. No biggie really, but kinda, ya know?.

The opening scene set the tone for the show. A group of people bouncing around the stage like monkeys to the sound track of 2001 A Space Odyssey (?) had you thinking, What.The.Fuck. Then, you notice the seven or eight foot tall joint. Funny. Excellent.

Coupla highlights were the JB monologues, the dude's laugh in front of us, and the Bundy Bear in the fridge. Holy fuck, did we laugh.

Now, let me point out that I believe it's a miracle that Birmo can string a fucking sentence together let alone be an author going by all the pot he smoked.

The theatre is a cosy little place that you can't help but love the moment you walk in. IT cost $25 bucks for a 2 hour live show and a t-shirt was just 20 bucks. Kinda unbelievable in these times that you'd get a night like that out with some great company for fuck all damage to the back pocket. Really excellent.

The missus LOVED the show, as did I. Credit has to go to GC who we didn't hassle for time cause she was obviously as busy as a blow fly but she took the time to say hi to us anyway. Really cool. Squire Bedak needs a standing ovation.

If you're looking for more of a take on the show itself, head over to Uamada's place for an excellent little review.

Unfortunately we couldn't hang around with the guys after the show cause of the drive ahead. I'm definitely looking catching up with that skinny arsed - but taller, he'll point out - Uamada and I hope if Drej comes back from the outback sometime we'll get some more time to yap.

Great night, great fun, 10 out of 10 for entertainment.

Here's a picture on the print on the t-shirt I got. Funny story behind that. lol.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome little meet up. Getting uber-excited about going to see the play. Kicking myself that I haven't been yet, as a mate is playing a small part. I remember seeing a version at QUT Theatre a few years back and was tickled pink by it.

  2. I'd love to catch the show but I've got an even longer drive than you ;)

  3. I've got the book and the comic.
    I didn't hang around after you left - I was going to wait and talk to nat some more, but all i started thinking about was the train, so i took my shirt and stubbie holder and wandered home.
    I am going to go to another play there

  4. Let me know if you want some company.

  5. Hey Moko - I'm so glad you liked the show. I know enough of the Burgers to know you'd be completely honest if you didn't like it. ;)

    It was lovely to meet you and your lovely bride - I didn't realise you had to come such a long way! Sorry I didn't get to catch up with you again after the show - I was planning to take some photos!

    Again, thanks for a great review, and I'm so pleased you liked the theatre!

    Cheers, Natalie.

  6. Excellent that you enjoyed the show.

  7. Mate, it was a great night, and yep, give me all the stick you like, I deserve it! In my defence, well, I don't really have on the turps with my best mate from way back and subsequently ended up hammered, and lost in the middle of nowhere. As you say, just made it with seconds to spare.
    So, big thanks to you, Mrs Moko and Uamada for taking the time to meet up and hope I didn't say or do anything too incriminatingly stoopid.
    Also fantastic to meet the truly Fabulous Girlclumsy and even Anthony from the 'burger as well. Great Night!

  8. Glad you and the missus had a good night out Moko, means a lot to me.

    The white-man's theatre's usually a rip-off and you're lucky to score a root afterwards even after splurging a shitload of hard-earned.

    You lot close to Brizzy are lucky to have the Bris Arts Theatre. Just wouldn't exist anywhere else.

    Use it and abuse it, or just plain lose it.


    PS thanks for the note on my blog. Where are your footy tips?

  9. Now I'm just simply getting jealous of all you lot getting to see the show. Tour, tour, tour, Bridge Hotel, tour.


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