Monday, 20 April 2009

David Tua. Boxing KO's. (video violence WOOO)

Here's a little known fact about yours truly. BIG boxing fan. Don't get to watch it without pay TV so my viewing is limited to Youtube and the knockout vids. Just happened to be skimming the K1 fights - (search K1 top ten knockouts; awesome) - when I accidentally stumbled upon a video of David Tua.

"Who is David Tua, Moko?", I hear you ask, well my friend, I'm glad you asked. David Tua kicked off his career in the Olympics in Bar-tha-lona....*crickets*'s a pronounciation joke......NVM..... Barcelona, in '92. The dude that took him outta the Olympics got his skinny arse knocked out by Tua later that year as a professional.

Tua is a bit of a hero in various parts of the South Pacific, excluding Australia. They wouldn't know who the fuck he is. Half them don't even know who the fuck THEY are. Anyway, "in 2003 Tua was named the 48th greatest puncher of all time by Ring Magazine and of his first 27 fights, 23 were by knockout. Tua fought for the WBC, IBF, and IBO world heavyweight championship titles in November 2000 - and went the distance in a 12 round bout - but lost on points by a wide margin to defending champion Lennox Lewis." Awesome.

IF his right hook wasn't devastating enough, check out his left. Fucken thing of beauty.


  1. I love boxing too. I think I recall that the Tuaman was our national heavyweight champion at some ridiculously young age while he was still at school. Can't wait for the Tua Cameron fight if it ever eventuates.

  2. Hey, I know who he is and I only follow Foxy Boxing!!!

  3. We may know who he is but won't acknowledge him until he crosses the Tasman and becomes adopted as an Australian. Oh yeah, you can have Crowe back. We don't need him any more.
    But we're keeping Fred Dagg.

  4. I think I've seen him fight. I like kickboxing better and MMA to some extent. They have more diversity in knockouts.

  5. Yeah, that's why K1 is good. Gotta be weary of a dude that can boot you in the scone just as fast as he can snot ya with a hook.


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