Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dammit, banned from another site.

I forget people don't always appreciate honesty. One dude was yapping on about how soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder are pussies in a pussy society run by pussy fathers.

Long story short, I called him a fucking wanker and how I hope his son has a sane future cause his old man wasn't gonna be there for him if it wasn't. He was yapping about his son at one stage. By the end of it I think he was talking about Chuck Norris. Nah, no one other than Chuck himself is THAT awesome.

There's very few times I regret opening my hole and offering what some people need to be told (which I hardly EVER do *wink wink*), and this isn't one of them.

Don't know HOW many sites I've been banned from.


  1. Eh. Tolerating fools gladly isn't on my resume either. I miss the Tokugawa shogunate, when you could just dismember people for being excessively stupid at you...

  2. I had a dream about that. Problem was I was the head dude of my clan and we got over run and my 2IC lopped off my swede so the other clan didn't get me. Really sucked. Had a nice sword tho.

  3. jesus im so glad the tokusomethingsomething shogasomethingsomething is no longer in effect.
    Id be screwed.
    This whole comment proves it.

  4. Copper ~ Yeah, ya get WAY OVER eating plain rice too. They didn't have beef and blackbean then. Bastards.

    Lerm ~ Ya know why Chuck carries guns?. He's protecting THEM.

  5. I just don't know. I not only tolerate fools, I cherish them for their entertainment value. I get banned, too, eventually, but it usually takes a while for them to realize I'm making fun of them. They may be fools, but not all of them are stupid as well. Most of them, but not all of them.

  6. So time for a rename?

  7. U ~ Just a political opinion type site. Debate....something.

    B ~ Nah, couldn't be fucked.

  8. You got banned from a poltical debate sitwe? Thats good going mate.


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