Thursday, 23 April 2009


Meh. The Lost Boys was WAY better.

How can you have a vampire movie without Holy Water, stakes, garlic, and body parts?. Seriously, no gore. Coupla stalkers though.


How come Vampires are all ridiculously good looking?.


  1. Twilight is in my top 5 vampire movies
    Other top 5 include Queen of the Damned,Underworld 1 and 2

    however last on my list is 30 days of night..that was a HORRIBLE movie.

  2. lol 30 Days of Night is in my top 3.

  3. See, I HATE movies and books about vampires with the exception of the Twilight series! The reason being that there is no "Holy Water, stakes, garlice and body parts

    I like the watered-down, girly version! ;D

  4. My kids love Twilight, well the girls do. Books, movie, anything to do with Twilight in fact.
    Me?? I havent seen it, read it, bothered with it, am so just not into that sorta thing... (unless it stars Wesley Snipes .. i.e. a shirtless Wesley... mmmm drool)

  5. "How come Vampires are all ridiculously good looking?. " Makes me think I may be a Vampire?

  6. I note that Twilight is almost ready for DVD release so it can't have been that popular. From what i've read it's very teeny in it's mythos and so Buffy is proably more hardcore!!

    Won't be watching it unless I'm on a plane and there's nothing else.

  7. Yeah, wouldn't bother mate. Kinda shit, really. Didn't find anything really appealing about it.

    Naut ~ Step away from the mirror dude.

  8. Since when do vampires sparkle?

  9. The missus was saying the book is WAY different. Seems directors ahve a habit of fucking with things that are good.

  10. nosferatu was the vampire movie. buffy was the show.
    everybody else should just give up

  11. Because I’ve long been into folktales and mythology, I occasionally take a look in the relevant section of Yahoo Answers, as I did a few weeks ago. I swear that about a quarter of the questions there were from teenage girls asking about vampires (including ‘How do I become a vampire?’) – all of whom were clearly completely ignorant of anything other than the Twilight series. It caused me almost physical pain.

    As for the good stuff, some of the early Hammer productions were good for a laugh, especially the ones with Christopher Lee (as most of them were).


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