Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BFBC Sound Effects

I made a video for my Youtube thingo with a capture I got of a shot that reminded me of Saving Private Ryan where the sniper took out the German sniper in the French town.

I was watching it last night when I got past the visual side of it -which is awesome - and started listening to it. Pretty spectacular. It's best heard with headphones or a mean sound system set up.

Close your eyes and listen.


  1. BF:BC is a great times there's so much going on..that just stopping and just listening..the war aspect..automatic gunfire,the whine of the tank engines (can't beat 1500SHP turbine engine on the M1Abrams),grenades..the screams of team mates or the enemy getting hit and/or dying..airstrikes,artillery strikes,helicopters..

    the whole cacophony of battle

  2. AK ~ Yeah, distance makes a difference too. When you're near the street the sound is crisp...excluding stuff miles away, but when I'm on the crane thingo the sound bases out heaps. Amazing.

    Rhino ~ Yeah, something special.


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