Friday, 24 April 2009

Lest We Forget.

I'm sure most of ya know that today, the 25th of April, is ANZAC Day. ANZAC day is the most significant day that links Australia and New Zealand in remembrance of the fallen of originally, Gallipoli, but all wars as well. We've fought along side each other in every war since Dubya Dubya One. Probably excluding Iraq, although the Kiwi's are there as engineers and shit. I'm sure the SAS have snuck around there somewhere.

You'll come across alot of stuff about the ANZAC's today, or I hope you do. When you do, take the time to think of the men and women who have, and are, fighting and dying for you and me, but most of all, the fella beside them in the dirt.

Lest we forget.

...and to the TV Channels. How about we put the movie 'Gallipoli' on tonight, instead of fucking 'Independence Day'. Unbelievable. Wouldn't take a fucking genius to link the two together. Who are we offending with ANZAC Day?.


  1. Christ, even Breaker Morant would be more appropriate than Independence Day. That's so wrong.

  2. LMAO

    SAS are like freakin' ninjas man..*poof* there goes one now.

    ID4 on a AUZ national 'day?..weird.

  3. This seppo is pleased to know about it, and to make sure my son knows, too.

  4. MOKO, which stupid cock sucking tv show moron has set that one up..we need an e/mail address, thats soooo go dam wrong its not funny

  5. They played Midway this afternoon, it could have been that great old Tobruk film.

    They could be showing Kokoda on tv tonight.

  6. As per usual, the great minds??? that decree what is shown on T.V think that because we have seen, heard, witnessed the ceremonies, marches etc all day, the last thing any god fearing Australian who may have had some connection to an ANZAC, would want to watch is another movies in the same vein....
    Somewhere along the way, these so called great minds??? have totally forgotten that Aussies and Kiwis are f***ing proud of our DIGGERS,, and want to see as much as possible,., especially on the day of ANZAC itself.

    STOOPID TOOSERS, f**** numbnuts, need a good two-upping right into the chin,,,one, two and watch the glass jaws hit the deck..

    O M G ... I almost sound vicious,, *grins*

  7. rofl. Yes, yes you do.

    Glad we all agree.


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