Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Where my damn EASTER MOVIE??????

WTH?. IT's Easter, we've got holidays and a huge percentage of the population recognise it, but we can't watch a damn movie about it.

Who's the fucken jerkoff that decided THAT one?.

I'm gonna bitch slap the first person who rambles on about other cultures. Fuck 'em. I'll quite happily have their fucken holidays off too. Feel FREE to whack a damn movie on about fricken Ramadan, or bloody Ghandi or whatthehellever.


BTW, if you don't fucking recognise fucking volunteer or go clean your fricken kennel or some shit. Just don't tell me about "fucken wah wah wah I'm a whiny prick and I have every friggen right to be a sour arsehole and not believe in shit wah wah wah I'm a wank". Fuck off.

I WANT MY DAMN JESUS MOVIE. The Story of Easter is a GREAT fucken movie. What, I gotta BUY the damn thing now?.




  1. theres no anzac day holiday either *cries*

  2. Saw a guy with a shirt 'Caucasion, the new minority'. Laughed!

  3. What? Why can't you have your movie? That blows.

  4. whinge whinge whinge, go see Star Trek instead the story is a whole lot more realistic!

    BTW any accusations that i'd be more sympathetic IF you'd turned up to celebrate Chaz Day are completely unfounded

  5. You can only have it if you promise to crucify someone.

  6. Are you spending any of the holiday in a church type setting moko?

  7. U ~ Pffft be shooting people online. lol

    Simon ~ Hey mate. Long time. See what I can do.

    Chaz ~ Please. Jesus turned water into wine. That kicks arse. Love to see Spock do THAT.

    Rhino ~ There's a Church here at the hospital where the body corp doesn't allow crucifixes.

    Lerm ~ lol

    CT ~ Bastards.

  8. Don't celebrate Easter one bit, not into any religion mumbo jumbo, but if they give holidays and chocolate then I am first in the queue.

  9. ...and on your way up the hill to the pearly gates God will snipe your arse off the side of the hill with his lightening rifle.

    Damn heathens.

    DO something good in exchange for the chokies and days off work.

    ...that benefits SOMEONE ELSE.

  10. You do know that they found the first page ripped out of the bible that said "This book is fictitious and all characters portrayed to either living or dead are purely coincidental!"

  11. Whatcha ya believe in Stu?.

    I'll add a caveat. Ya can't tell the bibble hasn't been tampered with by the powers that be with murderous agenda's over the centuries.

    Talk about yourself, not the bible.

  12. Go find The Greatest Story Ever Told. Maybe it will be on TV this weekend. Star studded cast, but the critics didn't think it was all that and a bag of chips.

  13. Hey dude, you wouldn't like it. Fucking Hollywood, true to form, just threw the book out the door. There's no sex in it either.


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