Saturday, 31 January 2009

Irritable today.

Dude stirred me up the wrong way last night at work. Sometimes I wish it was the wild west a coupla hundred years in reverse......or even 50,000 years ago. I think I would have taken great pleasure in using a club.

Sometimes the high ground is best utilised for things other than morals.

I should not watch Underbelly anymore.

Friday, 30 January 2009

I Love Sarah Jane (short film)

Check it out, when you can.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

SHIT, your addresses....and 'Underbelly Style'

Before Xmas I got a few of your addresses as I was gonna send ya's a 'Moko T-Shirt'. Unfortunately with the crash and burn of JS your info went with it. Now I've got a wardrobe full of shirts. lol Me no complainy, but that's what happened cause I'm sure some of ya's a wondering.

I'm FINALLY about to get into Underbelly the TV show. A guard from work brought it in for me to watch. Always been too cheap to buy this one for some reason, and the second season is about to kick off.

It's odd, but typically 'media', but everytime there's a killing that smells of dodgy dealing here in Aus the media call it 'an Underbelly Style Killing'. Fuck they annoy me. Sorry Clumsy, not individually, but the whole spinning vortex of sensationalism that is 'The Media'. 'Underbelly Style' has an entertainment connotation to it. People's suffering isn't entertainment unless it's on 'Funniest Home Videos', then it's comedy GOLD. But in the news?, no, it's bad.

...unless they're handcuffed together and try running either side of a pole....and it's on the news. THAT'S funny too...

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hug your family.

The husband of a friend of my missus died tragically last night in a car accident. Three young children left without a dad and a wife without a husband in a blink of an eye.

It's really easy to take for granted the time we all spend with each other but sometimes a tragedy like this is an unfortunate reminder of the fragility of the human body and its grip on its existence and how common it is for someone to unknowingly see their loved one walk out the door for the last time.

Don't forget to just look in the eye of the people you love and just tell them what they mean to you occasionally.

Monday, 26 January 2009

A Moral Conundrum...Thou Shalt Not Kill. [edit included]

At JS I remember writing about a dilemma I had regarding doing jobs that required you to potentially take a life. ie: the military, or police.

Whether I like it or not my upbringing was staunch moderate Christian.....if that makes sense. I am Presbyterian, which is moderate Christian, but the old man was fairly staunch on the morals that series of cosmic, spiritual, and universal scare tactics that came with 'faith'.

I'm human; I make mistakes. But I believe as long as you learn from those mistakes and attempt to change so as to avoid them happening again then you're moving forward in a positive way.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make as a Christian is the 'Thou shalt not kill' one. I believe that you're allowed to protect yourself and a third party from imminent death at the hands of someone with bad intent....or self defence. If God had intended self defence in that 'Thou shalt not kill' deal then he really didn't fully grasp what he was creating. You might take me out, but it won't be while I'm on my knees. If that wins me a ticket to the great BBQ, then so be it.

For me however, that big rule still sits in my subconsciousness. Wanting to challenge myself personally and professionally in jobs that require the potential for taking life raises that question because I volunteer to be put in that position. I sign up KNOWING that the potential is there to break that deal with God. I've really have struggled with that one...

...until last night.

I'm currently reading a book called Warrior Brothers, by Keith Fennell (a must get, couldn't recommend it more) where he raises the question of hunting animals versus humans. He said he'd rather hunt humans (as a professional soldier) than animals due to the fact of choices. 'Mr Enemy' wandering the hills of Afghanistan makes a choice to be where he is and what he's doing with the knowledge that there are others out there who are required to stop him - not verbatim, basic vibe for me. Hunting animals for food is one thing, but for fun is something else....and I agree.

It's about choice.

Something in all that just clicked with me. As a police officer you volunteer for the job with good intent. Your gun is there to aid in preserving your life and that of a third party. A person with bad intent makes the CHOICE to confront them with the knowledge of the potential consequences and who they're confronting but they CHOOSE to continue on that course anyway. Of course the potential to get it wrong and take the life unnecessarily is there, but that's where sense in what is right and wrong and being able to assess the situation is important. I believe it's harder for a police officer to make those calls compared to the soldier. The moral envelope for a soldier is MUCH larger than that of an officer IMHO, but the morals are much the same if you consider the basics.

To justify it morally to myself I consider the intent and choices of the person involved.

Anyway, that sits better with me.


I wrote to Keith Fennell this morning. I just to thank him for unintentionally clearing this issue up with me.

My email:


First up, great book. Highly recommend to anyone who'll listen.

Second, Thank you.

I'm wanting to challenge myself professionally by joining the police. I'm 35 and professionally unfulfilled. Long story short, one of my biggest moral dilemmas is in regards to taking a life in the course of fulfilling your duties due to my religious up bringing. This issue was something that was a real concern to me until I read your book. You mention in it how you felt about killing the roo at the range and with your mate and when you were learning to shoot. You mentioned about that comparing against taking the life of a human being less morally disturbing to you due to the choices that human has made. That's where it clicked for me. You join the services or the police with good intent. The 'bad guy' puts you in the position of taking his life with the knowledge of who you are, what you do, and the steps you must take to preserve the lives of yourself and that of a third party based on HIS actions. It's about choice and intent.

[info and link regarding this post edited out]

You guys who serve are more of an inspiration for attempting to achieve personal greatness than you'll ever know to the people who read about you and your lives. Thankyou for serving, and thankyou, personally, from me.

Kindest regards, Pete

His reply:

Hi Peter,
thanks for your feedback.
I think you should go for it.
After reading your email, I believe a person like you would be well suited to the police force. I'm sure you'll be able to do a lot of good.
Taking life is not a pleasant thought and I have recently re-visited the subject:

One of the first questions I was asked during my interview was, ‘If you were sent to war, could you kill a person?’ I was so pumped to have made the interview stage that I’m surprised I didn’t say something like, ‘If you let me in the army then I’m happy to kill as many people as you want.’ But in reality, my thoughts then and now haven’t changed that much. I think my answer was, ‘It would not be something that I would enjoy, but if I was confronted with a situation where I was required to take life to save my own or that of another, then I would.’

Over the last couple of years I do know soldiers who have bragged about taking life, as if the experience gives them status or great joy. For me, such comments either shout false bravado or present far deeper issues, that one has been desensitized to the point that they are out of touch with society. For me, catching a wave, having a laugh with a few mates or hanging out down the beach with my family gives me joy. And like any parent, I’m definitely guilty when it comes to bragging about the exploits of my children, but taking life does not define who I am. It is something I have had to do and it neither brings me guilt, pride nor joy. It is a hollow, dead feeling that I don’t like to think about..

All the best Peter and take care,

Humbled at his reply. I wrote back just thanking him for his time.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Swagman, the Jumbuck, and Matilda

I never realised. After hearing *gag* Walt *gag* Waltz *gag* Waltzing *chunky gag* WALTZING MATILDA *vomit*


After hearing Waltzing Matilda *gag* for the 57,000,456th time since arriving on these shores almost ten years ago ... and laughing like a hyena every time it put up against the Haka I realised:

What the fuck is a Jumbuck?. Sorry, I have to post it for my fellow foreign brothahs and sistahs:

Up came the jumbuck to drink at the waterhole,
Up jumped the swagman and grabbed him in glee;
And he sang as he put him away in his tucker-bag,
'You'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me.'

Perhaps I was attempting to block it out. Turns out a Jumbuck is a wild sheep. Freaks.

OH, and ya know 'who' Matilda was?....

Matilda was the swag (bed roll). So he did the 'Waltz' in a swag with a sheep?.

...and Australians call this song their unofficial anthem. Seems suitable, really.

Oh, and he actually drowned (original lyrics before the tea company got hold of it) himself cause he got caught Waltzing Matilda with the Jumbuck in the swag.

Tea Company? ...
Fucken random stuff.

Same drunk arsehole, different face

Some days I hate my job.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gadgets I'd Die Without...

Well, not die....but, ya know.

....twitch uncontrollably.

Ok, I love me gadgets, but some just don't work for me. I've always had issues with Nokia and their phones. I hate the way they release a function one at a time for every model and charge like a wounded bull for it, but I digress.

The list:
  • Mobile phone. I never have the latest and most expensive. The prerequisite for a phone for me is that it must make phone calls anywhere I am (stay with me), it must have a 'decent' camera - >3 mega pixels now. I'd aim for 5. That's only because I'm constantly taking footage of shit. Video cams really aren't that HANDY all the time. You can't just wander everywhere with a video camera. I don't have a phone with browsing internet. That's on the list for my next phone because of the nature of what I do for a job. I'm outside, and usually bored. I see the benefit in maps on a phone, but with browsing internet that negates all. Just that, a good camera, and the ability to make calls, and I'd be happy as pig in shit.
  • GPS in the car. Love it, need it, detects speed cameras, gets me out of all sorts of shit. Dunno how many eps of Lost In Brizvegas I could've made by now without it. They can be slightly fallible with an ever expanding large city, but on the whole, a total necessity.
  • Digital video camera. I ALWAYS have it in the car. You just never know when a payday might pop up like a lotto ticket. Check out my videos on Youtube (link to the right) for a few examples of having one handy. Stack, Bats, and I've got buckets more of them on the comp.
  • iPod Touch. I recently upgraded mine to the equivalent specs of an iPhone. It's awesome. I use it to blog sometimes, and I use it for various other things. The games are the coolest thing out. Free and cheap from iTunes.
  • Laptop. Nuff said. Greatest thing out. It even has a finger print scanner for security. Never used it, but the coolest thing EVAAAR.
  • Xbox 360 Elite. You know, coolest piece of gaming goodness EVAAAAR. And I used to be a total Playstation freak. Not that I'm biased against PS3, I'd own one as well as the Elite, but the missus....and all that. Sigh. It'll happen.
  • I'm working on a GREAT TV.....stay tuned. *cough cough Bravia cough*
  • My alarm clock is just cool. Hit the top and it displays the time on the wall so you don't have to struggle to focus on the screen. My last one told you the time when you hit the button, the new one is just quirkier.....and it gives you the temp...that's just shit you need to know.
  • Climate control in the car. A must. It's not just aircon, it's CLI-MATE-CON-TROL.
  • I've got an old school - now - canon eos film camera. It takes the best pictures.
  • Electronic Wok. Awesome.
  • Gas BBQ. The missus spoilt me with a swishy one that we can take anywhere.
  • Instant hot water jug. You don't have to wait for it to boil. It pumps out hot water about 2 seconds after hitting the button. It fills to measure for your favourite cup. It's COOL.
...can't think of anything else. What's a couple of yours?.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Batmans Gay Room Mate

The fella that does these is young. Top end of mid teens I think...16 or 17. Quiet genius. All his stuff is stop animation with lego. The Darth Vader series is gold. Better than Robot Chicken doing Star Wars.

[edit] My bad, this is the young dude who does Star Wars. Check 'em out, he's funny as. Young, too.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Greatest Albums.

Most albums have great songs, but occasionally, artists have great albums.

What constitutes a great album for me is when you listen to it straight through or on shuffle and you don't feel the need to skip a song.


  • Korn, Follow The Leader.
  • Nirvana, Nevermind.
  • Pearl Jam, Ten.
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magic.
  • Gomez, In Our Gun.
  • Mazzy Star, So Tonight That I Might Find.
  • Silverchair, Frogstomp.
  • VAST, Visual Audio Sensory Theatre.
  • Metallica, Kill 'em All.
...and on and on it goes. If I put my mind to it I could easily think of a dozen more. Double that if you venture into the 70's and 60's. There's plenty of excellent compilations around as well. Black Sabbath, Back Trackin', and Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Ultimate Experience are just two.

What makes a good album and what are a coupla of your favourites?.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Does God Hate Gays?.

I direct your attention to a video. Well worth a squiz if you've ever been directed towards the bible in an attempt to justify ignorance and bigotry and hate.

If this post attracts the attention of people of faith or those with a .... sheltered (for the want of a better word) disposition. I must warn you it contains course language...

...actually, the course language comes from your brethren.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Congrats America.

Ya's did something good. Even if all he achieves is to save some lives by using diplomacy a little more than El Shrub, that's a good thing.

People tease the 'Hope' vibe associated with Obama's presidency but that is something totally lacking at the moment globally. On 09/11/2001 the world looked at the States and cried along with you. There was sympathy and anger just the same as you felt. ONE YEAR LATER your president was one of the most hated men around.

HE fucked up a opportunity for massive advancement in the concept of global unity. He really couldn't have fucked it up more. Now the world is united in its division.

Who knows what he will achieve. But what he has already achieved is Hope for many in something better.

Good luck Obama.

p.s. Don't fuck it up. ;o)

Monday, 19 January 2009

A CLASSIC example of Aussie preju......ignorance.

There's an age old argument about whether 'Australians' are racists. Quite obviously the answer is 'there's racists everywhere'. But the argument is generally aimed at the fundamental under fabric of Australian culture.....the Australian cultural knickers, if you like.

There's one dude on Youtube that I kinda like, in some respects. He thinks he's hot shit but on some levels he has a certain........matey, blokey, caring sorta vibe about him. A good fella to get on the piss with, if ya know what I mean. On another level though, he typifies the Australian dominant psyche from an immigrant's point of view - me.

Check out this argument about banning the Islamic Burka in various areas of retail.

If you are ever looking for a definition of 'Yobbo', refer people to him, BUT, the "fuck off back to your homeland if you don't like it" argument is totally mainstream, down the line, typical.

Actually, Islam has been here longer than Christianity. They traded and bred with the Indigenous population up the top end for a LONG TIME before Christians arrived. But that argument aside, when does someones ancestral homeland stop being THEIR own homeland?.....after one, or ten generations?.

It's ignorance and bigotry pure and simple.

I couldn't tell ya how many times I've been told about how wrong it is for immigrants to be taking 'our' jobs. I usually reply, "I'm an immigrant", and theirs is, "yeah, but you're a kiwi, like one of us", and me, "you mean 'I look white'". (I actually hate the term 'white')

Indonesia is actually closer to Australia than New Zealand is. But they fall into that 'bad immigrant' status.

Now before I get haranged for being a generalising prat. If I know you, I don't think you fit into that category, but that doesn't mean that under current of bigotry isn't there, it is, and it made an appearance in Cronulla.

End vent.

What's the significance of Lincoln?

I keep hearing links between Lincoln and Obama. What's the dealio?.

To me it sounds like the media have odds on an assassination...

Is that what it is?.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Anal Bleaching...?

There's funny story involving an employer whose drew the lucky straw of being HIS boss' secret Santa over Xmas. Said employer made the mistake of asking a co-worker of mine what he thought he should get HIS boss.

The co-worker thought about it for about 0.065 seconds then quirked with the reply, "Well, the new day spa just opened up and I hear they have a special on anal bleaching......".

The boss did a fantastic impression of a ripe tomato and walked off. Funny as hell, and many a tear shed in hysterics. After uncontrolled screeching laughter settled I questioned, "Why would you bleach your arsehole?".

The answer is fairly obvious but rather perplexing.

'Somehow you've come to the conclusion that you don't quite like the shade of your arsehole'.

Next question: 'How did you come to that conclusion?'.

And: 'Who sees alot of your arsehole to care?'.

And: 'How do you pluck up the courage to enter an establishment and say, "I would like my arsehole bleached please"?.

And the thing is, it's not an on-call for porno movie sets. This is a day spa in a shopping center!. It really boggles my mind.

Anyway, have a nice day all.

Friday, 16 January 2009

The SAS After The Military

Soldiers Without Borders by Ian McPhedran is about what some members of the SASR (Australian) get up to when they think they're heading towards their 'use by date' in the Australian army. It includes members the New Zealand SAS, as well.

It's interesting, but disappointing. It interesting in the fact that the SAS soldiers trained in this part of the world are amongst the best in the world. It goes into 'acceptable' detail on ex-SASR members in the United Arab Emirates military and what they're up to. It glimpses at some stories from some ex-soldiers and the sort of missions they might do - without giving anything away, or really confirming they actually are doing it - in private security in mostly undisclosed areas - but generally hinted at Middle East...

Ya know what I'm getting at. Such amazing access to some of the largest private security contractors in the hottest war zones ON.THE.PLANET and no real payoff.

I got shafted by the price, again, but I didn't get me a 'reach-round'. It's like getting as far as the panties then hearing, "I'm waiting for marriage". Sigh.

It's still one for the collection, but stick it near the top of the shelf. I'm glad Mr McPhedran didn't step on any toes. He might grow a set oneday and publish some stories, and not just resumes.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Yep, that time again. This is all very nice, but...

I looked around and the official outcome was 'Meh'.

*leaves to look for the scaffolding muttering....*

"Where's that crazy bitch *cough* ummm lovely young lady with the stilettos?..."

DUDE, where's my pocket protector?

Got into that course. Stoked, can't wait. Turns out it's two nights a week, not one. And it's 'xx-amount' not 'x-amount'. Yep, well done, so much for quotes. I'll have to juggle my work nights or quit. Either way I'm ok with it, a day job wouldn't hurt.

It starts first week of Feb, and goes through to mid June. Which isn't so dramatic.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ok Kiddies...shush....short film time.

I found some short movie stuff. So occasionally I'll post the one I like. I'll try and link them in the right somehow so you can come back when you've got some quiet time. But make sure you watch them, they'll be something special.

First one up is about - TO ME - the commercialisation of a certain event.

Rare Exports Inc. (best viewed in full screen - click the box on the player menu bar)

Large 'Cat' Stalking Coast...

I'm not gonna bore ya's with the details apart from it's another Yowie, Yeti, Big Foot, whatever story but this one being on all fours, and purrs......deeply, apparently. The thing that I reckon needs pointing out is that the cat pushed its paw into the mud...

The claws are SO deep but it didn't scrape out?. The old boy in the photo is gonna to hell for this one.

I remember someone giving the media shit once in NZ. They said they had found AND captured a live 'Moa' and were holding it in their shed. The media rocked up, there was a commotion in the shed as they were nearing it..........all exciting and shit. The dude - Maori, typically lol - opened the shed door and one of these was sitting there. Lmao. Funny as fuck.

Anyway, back to regular programming.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I'm gonna weigh my with the yank setup....

5 pounds sounds MUCH better than 2.5 kilos!!!.....

Fairly stoked with that. That's been in 9 days.


Hey, I sign up for a "Preparation for Application to the Police Force" course today. You've gotta do at least 200 hours university level study to join the cops here in Au. The course I'm getting into today - hope to christ it isn't booked; it wasn't on monday - takes modules from the Diploma of Justice. Ill be doing it at a 'Tafe', which is a 'Polytechnic' in NZ, dunno what that is in the States. It's higher than High School, and lower than University....

It's a 6 month course doing one night a week. Can't wait. I wanna get the Feburary intake because the next one is July.....BLAH. That'll go through to thanks.

Wish me luck.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Ignore this...testing RSS

....ya had

'Playing' Bowling...

Why is it you 'play' every other sport apart from bowling. You 'go bowling', you 'bowl' but you don't 'play bowling'.

...I'm going Ten Pin Bowling. Well, I'm not, I'm just making a point.

Stupid fucken english

Anyway, nighty night nights.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kill them, just don't insult them.

Our old friend Prince Harry is 'in it' up to his knees again for saying a mate of his in the army with some head gear on looked like "a rag-head".

And he called another one from his squad, company, whatever, "our Paki friend".

Good grief.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Lost weight.

Everytime I get back down to the house from the gym I go and have a shower and jump on the scales.

It still says, "GET OFF YOU FAT FUCK". I sigh, and step off. IT's frustrating not seeing immediate change when you're busting your hump.

Last night I got to work and went and picked up my radio, attached it to my belt and flipped the hand-piece over my shoulder and clipped it to my colar, I grabbed my 3 'D cell' maglite and attached it to my belt through the ring thingo and chucked the keys in my pocket, and THEN, my pants began to migrate south....

I GASPED. "No way", I exclaimed.

I then pulled my belt just one notch tighter. I grinned like that stupid cheshire cat and text the missus...


Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bag checks at shop doors.

That's one thing that shits me to tears. Basically they're saying to you, "Welcome to our shop, we don't trust you, we believe you are a thief. Show us your bag to prove you're not".

Ummmm Moko says, "Fuck you".

Piece of advice. The people on these doors are unlicensed and have no right to search you. If they stop you and demand to see in your bags that's Deprivation of Liberty and an illegal search. Even the cops can't 'just search you'. They need reason to do it. If they really want to search you without your consent they need to drag you to a police station....

As homework, kiddies. Next time someone wants to search your bag at a door say to them, "Are you accusing me of theft?". Then take a photo of their face. lol jokes. Then say, "If the scanners go off then you can search my bag.....ok?".

See what happens.

I told the missus to try it, and she did. The dude on the door just said, "Fair enough".

lol SO PROUD. Don't just let these people do what they want. They don't have the right.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

IS this dis-ing a potential employer?

I'm uncomfortable with sending personal info over the net to sites and persons unknown. I'm currently looking for another job with more hours. I found an ad a coupla days ago for a local employer who wanted potential employees to send their resume by post or net...

I'm always like, "yeah, then......?"

Your CV or Resume contains enough info for someone to take your identity and buy themselves a shiny new fridge, or Xbox, or mobile phone - on a PLAN, or whatever, on credit. Dunno about you guys but if my name is going on a payment option then I wanna be the one using it.

When I find an ad I always touch base first.....for those reasons. This is some of the one I sent a coulpa days ago.

[Coupla paragraphs of personal info removed]

I live at Fernvale (20 minutes from Ipswich) and I am looking for local employment. I am 35 years old and have a professional attitude and manner as an employee. I take pride in my work and enjoy working with others.

I write this note just just to touch base with you. I have sent highly personal and sensitive information over the internet previously and have received no reply on occasion. This makes me uncomfortable as I'm sure you'll understand.

I would appreciate a basic run down of your position available. If possible could you include pay rates and work hours, or a basic idea of a roster. My work availability is flexible to your requirement as an employee.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Sure enough, no reply. Would you be offended - as an employer - if someone did that?. The other side of me doing that is gaining information on pay rates etc without having spent the good part of a day fixing up my resume and emailing it then finding out the job has shit pay and long hours. Fuck that.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Screw this fricken exercise shit

Ok, confession time. I'm 108 kilos (210lbs or something). I like being in the 80's. That means I've got 20 kilos (40 lbs) to lose. SIGH.

We've got a gym - I should show ya's. But I'm concentrating on the exercise side of things (no weights yet). I'm doing 45 mins in the gym and 30 minutes of that is sweating. I'm hoping that's enough. On my two days off I do it twice a day.

My calves HATE ME.

Plus I've knocked alot of the extra food on the head. It's hardest at work. I get free food -pasta's, garlic bread, steak sandwiches, cappuccino's, subway, KFC, coke etc - from work. That has been my downfall.

The hardest part was saying ciao to the subway cookies. I love cookies. Cookies love me.

But it's good being conscious of what is going down my cake hole.




Sunday, 4 January 2009

Disrespecting Dead Journalists.

Since 2003 200+ journos have been killed in Iraq alone. Quite striking is the amount of persons of ME origin or decent amongst the dead. But that list doesn't include the other wars around the region - and planet - that have and have had embedded journos filming and reporting.

If you go to places like Youtube or Livevideo the footage is ashamedly tame for the realities of combat and personally I think it disrespects the lives risked and lost for that footage to be lost on the cutting room floor.

SURELY it's out there somewhere...but where?. Al Jazeera put some up occasionally that reflects on war's truth. Especially in their Shooting The Messenger Series, but even so, it's just a glimpse of what is....or should be...out there.

Should the supporters of our military actions be made to SEE and HEAR what becomes of our intolerance when it lands in the laps of our 'enemies'?. We are ALL responsible for the dead and dying through our support of our governments decision to make war. Remember voting in Howard in 2004?. Most of us did.

Our kids at school should see what we support, and so should we. Now, if only we could find it.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I have a dream...

My whole working life has been made up of jobs. Just something to earn a crust and get me outta the house. It hasn't been fulfilling: spiritually or professionally. Having spent the last 15 odd years working in various jobs HAS given me a handy set life tools though. Whatever I do I'm good at it, because of those skills. Which brings me to this year...

I actually wasn't going to write this down, or put it out there for various reasons, but mostly, it's because I'll have some sort 'way out'.

This year I want to go for the cops. It probably sounds a fraction cliche for someone from the security industry heading that way and I don't really want to do it for what many would believe security guards might do it for. More power, respect, a gun....whatever. That ain't it.

You are MORE answerable to your position than nearly any other job as a cop. You don't get much respect. Guns in a job ain't fun.

I wanna do it cause of the skills I mentioned earlier. The money is getting better, but most of all it's because of SOME of the cops I come across are real fucking gomers. If they can do it, then sure as shit, I could do it better.

It's gonna be a year long challenge - fitness, citizenship, some study - and it ain't guaranteed, but worth the effort.

I do have a backup plan, but that may come into play later.

Wish me luck.

...and thanks Nat, for the motivation.

Friday, 2 January 2009

New Years....(video)

We went to South Bank just on the southern side of the Brisbane CBD for New Years eve. Fairly average fireworks, but it was really nice being there. Like most of us I don't really include include my little lady in my online stuff cause of her privacy.....excluding this one. lol. The chick at the end is her.

Israel Vs Hamas

The one sided media is annoying me.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Regarding RSS Feeds

Seeing as we don't have an update function or a homepage can someone tell me how to set up the RSS feeds so I can subscribe to blogs on other iPlanets (coined, fuck other than Blogspot.

I subscribe.....check.

Where do I the list of updated?. Can I get them via the Vista gadget thingos, or is there a better way?.