Thursday, 1 January 2009

Regarding RSS Feeds

Seeing as we don't have an update function or a homepage can someone tell me how to set up the RSS feeds so I can subscribe to blogs on other iPlanets (coined, fuck other than Blogspot.

I subscribe.....check.

Where do I the list of updated?. Can I get them via the Vista gadget thingos, or is there a better way?.


  1. Tag, you're it! It's me, mary, aka kittenheel, aka yougottabekitten, etc. I don't have any idea how to do the subscribe thing. I'm just here to harass you a little.

    Happy New Year!

  2. dude i have a sidebar thingo in FF - i just click the feed button that is in the address bar and they come up all ready for me to read. or in FF you go to the bookmarks button and there is a subscribe to this page option

  3. Gotcha Cheers. Fkn Computers.

    MARY!!!!. I be over soon.

  4. Aha! The watermelon-headed kitten returns! Nice to see you, comrade.

  5. I went into customize, and edited the blogroll widget. You can add blog addresses one at a time, and all Blogspot and Wordpress blogs will show up in order of update, newest on top. Livejournal ones wont, but you can still add them to the blogroll.

  6. G'day Capt Flinty. Good to see you too.

    Copy that Doug. I'll get around to that in due course.

  7. HAZAAH it worked. Thankyou mate.

  8. Hey Moko

    Just to confuse you I am at two places

    Blogger is an old account I forgot I had so I revived it and rebuilt it. I'll do a post about that sometime today.

  9. I'm not that mean I only have ONE word press and btw Moko your bitch is too funny over at Dorries Fun Forum TGIF ~Karada~

    here was his post I about died laughing...

    *His QUOTE*

    "Indeed, I can be emailed by anyone looking to get in touch with me. I will not, however, be giving out any information to those who would wish to slander me just as they did when JS was still around."

  10. I'm everywhere..even at MySpaz..

  11. Hey, I just tried to view your complete profile - like I was invited to do above - and I got back a message saying, and I quote "mind your own business."

    What's that all about?

  12. OH MY GOSH!!! IT'S YOU!!! PETE!!! hahaha I was worried that I wouldn't find you again. Wait, this ain't right. I'm showing emotion.

    Must.. act.. robot-like..

    Good.. to.. see .. you.. here..

    OMG ITS YOU!!!!!!!!! *squeals*

  13. Roflmao. Why, hi there little lady. *shiny teeth twinkle and a wink*

    How you been?.

    Mr Boylan ~ No idea, but I like it. lol

    G'day AK.

    K ~ lol He's better off buried.


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