Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kill them, just don't insult them.

Our old friend Prince Harry is 'in it' up to his knees again for saying a mate of his in the army with some head gear on looked like "a rag-head".

And he called another one from his squad, company, whatever, "our Paki friend".

Good grief.


  1. I was watching sky when this broke. It was their top story for an hour.
    Gaza is about to glow in the dark for the next 200 years and they are worried that the third in line to an obsolete throne used some bad words.
    This planet we live on is a bit strange sometimes

  2. I'm with Uamada.

    There are more important things in the world.

    The new role of infantry: "Close with and kill the enemy." but don't say anything bad about them.

  3. There's worse words thrown around out there, and always have been. Harry's rounding out nicely to be the character Birmo created, yeh?

  4. funny.. i bet more people say that than they want to admit. he is just getting caught doing it because he is in the spotlight.

  5. IF I was him I'd be breaking in to my brothers bedroom and poking holes in his stash of condoms. In 5 months, and for the next 5 years you'd be left the fuck alone.

  6. So that's the worst they could come up with?
    Oh yeah, he's a really naught boy is Harry.
    What a load of fecal fungus.

  7. Don't know about the raghead comment, but was he wrong about having a Paki friend? Are we not allowed to mention the country from where some of our friends come?

  8. The world is in a tail spin ressession, pakistan and india are still up for a fight. Israels using WP on civvies and we're worried because Harry called soemone a raghead and another a paki?

    Yes it puts everything else into perspective doesn't it?!!!


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