Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bag checks at shop doors.

That's one thing that shits me to tears. Basically they're saying to you, "Welcome to our shop, we don't trust you, we believe you are a thief. Show us your bag to prove you're not".

Ummmm Moko says, "Fuck you".

Piece of advice. The people on these doors are unlicensed and have no right to search you. If they stop you and demand to see in your bags that's Deprivation of Liberty and an illegal search. Even the cops can't 'just search you'. They need reason to do it. If they really want to search you without your consent they need to drag you to a police station....

As homework, kiddies. Next time someone wants to search your bag at a door say to them, "Are you accusing me of theft?". Then take a photo of their face. lol jokes. Then say, "If the scanners go off then you can search my bag.....ok?".

See what happens.

I told the missus to try it, and she did. The dude on the door just said, "Fair enough".

lol SO PROUD. Don't just let these people do what they want. They don't have the right.


  1. Yep. Once got 12 months free groceries from Wollies when an over ambitious store employee attempted an illegal stop and search.

    It was ironic because at the time I had a contract with Myers to train their staff in security matters.

  2. Jb Hifi is a classic one. That joint will get sued one day.

    I got a call from a tenant- from Target, I think - oneday about someone refusing a search and they were heading in such and such a direction. I just laughed and hung up. They complained, of course. They got a quick run down on the law before the complaint even got near me. lol

  3. I have never, not once, had someone do a bag check on me. Hell, at BestBuy here it's a rule that if you buy anything over 200 dollars and are walking out of the store with it, they check your receipt/bag. I've bought over a grand worth of camera stuff, no one checked. Went in with the dude and we dropped a few hundred on a new TV, no one checked. He goes in, by himself, buys four dvds, they check.

    Go figure.

  4. With the camera and security suites available to stores these days, there aren't a lot of reasons to search bags. You see random searches sporadically around here, but I can't remember the last time I had to deal with it.

  5. honey, they do the same thing to employees going off shift in some stores. i mean, you always hear that employee theft is a big deal, but it makes me sad to see the girl, after 8 hours at a cash register earning $6.50 an hour, opening her purse for the manager to inspect before she can go home.

    You're exactly correct though. They're in effect asking you to hand over any potential incriminating evidence against yourself, and here, at least, that goes against the constitution - fifth amendment if i remember right.

  6. ohh error here buddy I worked LP Detective for the Marmaxx Corp for a few years and we were licensed theft investigators and we were allowed to stop anyone we suspected (meaning we better damn well have had our eyes on the merchandise at all times) and ask them to come back in (I did drag a few people I wont lie) when they have $200 worth of stuff shoved down their pants I will be getting it back and they will be going to theft and refunding is the reason prices rise and the paying folks like you and I suffer

  7. oh as for bag checking we never did that we had to know exactly where anything was stolen on a person before we stopped them otherwise you had to let them go or you were not going to have a job for long if you fucked up and trust me you didnt fuck up--we had training and certification I dont know about any of the other store policies but Marmaxx does cover their asses

  8. I figure about the time I take any kind of backpack into a store and they ask to check me..I'll politely go with them to a back office..set my backpack down,stare them in the eyes as I'm unzipping my pack,pull out a unloaded handgun,magazines,Surefire flashlight,Toshiba laptop,Panasonic headphones,mini first-aid kit.
    Then I'll proceed to empty my pants pockets..Moto RAZR,bluetooth headset,pocket knife,keys,wallet,sony PSP..and ask them matter of factly:
    "I would like to see proof of me stealing or taking any items and placing them in my pack sir(or ma'am)"
    "I am invoking the 4th Amendment here because I have never stolen anything from your store,nor do I plan to.However I may stop purchasing from your store and tell all my friends and family about what happened,which in turn they will tell their friends and family..and soon it'll be e-mailed around the world..friends of friends.All because you have a power complex.

    So I better get a handgun soon eh? ;) I have my backpack ready. *grins*

  9. K ~ Yeah, and special forces can smack you over the head with their M4 and zip tie your ass to a cabinet if they choose...

    I'm talking about the untrained bag check chicks and dudes on the door.

  10. God, I am such an American. I never even think twice about these things. I'm suddenly realizing that I've given up even the pretense of the right to privacy. I need to work on that.

  11. I worked at Sears for a few years in high school and we had to leave our purses in lockers and empty the contents that we wanted to take with us into a clear plastic "purse" before we were even allowed near the floor.

    If we were leaving our shift or going on break, we had to show our clear purse to a manager so they could verify that we didn't have any merchandise stuffed in it (oh, and this plastic purse was approximately the size of a makeup bag).

  12. i work at a hospital and was told a few months ago we werent allowed to bring a backpack or totebag. because we might be stealing from them. and they even had the nerve to try and go through my friends/coworkers backpack. crazy. and now the patient bags that they can get to carry their stuff home with are now clear so you can see to make sure they arent stealing something. classic. i do get offended when they try and search my bags at walmart. i paid for the stuff. get over it.

  13. well I can always put them in a headlock/sleeper hold..
    Most of the "rent-a-cops" are fat fucks who can't run..whereas I can.

  14. Good advise unless one of the plastics slips something into your bag to prove they're not going to get fucked over by you. Unlikely tho it may be, it is a risk.

    Talking about grocery store lines, I was putting my groceries through at the checkout this arvo, when this mad lady pushes me from behind and yells at the checkout chick "I want the manager here now" I turned and said quite reasonably*, "Is the shop on fire." "No" came the answer "Well wait your turn."

    It is, I think, turds like the mad lady, that provoke stores into these excessive reactions.

    *rather threateningly


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