Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Congrats America.

Ya's did something good. Even if all he achieves is to save some lives by using diplomacy a little more than El Shrub, that's a good thing.

People tease the 'Hope' vibe associated with Obama's presidency but that is something totally lacking at the moment globally. On 09/11/2001 the world looked at the States and cried along with you. There was sympathy and anger just the same as you felt. ONE YEAR LATER your president was one of the most hated men around.

HE fucked up a opportunity for massive advancement in the concept of global unity. He really couldn't have fucked it up more. Now the world is united in its division.

Who knows what he will achieve. But what he has already achieved is Hope for many in something better.

Good luck Obama.

p.s. Don't fuck it up. ;o)


  1. I think he has a huge task before him, not only has he got to clean up the current mess, to do so with the minimum fuss he will have to pursuade the left wing and center republicans that he is not slick willy.

    I think that that is something that his supporters do not understand as change means change and to move forward he may change how tradtionally politics is played in DC and elsewhere.

    There could be a lot of activists who will be very dissapointed...

  2. Global unity while the fundys(as birmo calls them) call for the destruction of Christians,their countries and Israel? Doubtful.

  3. I love this post, Moko. Amen! :o)

  4. Methinks Chaz hit the nail on the head.

    I feel neither great hope nor deject hopelessness-just want everyone to get on with the nation's business. We'll see what the man can do.

  5. i'm glad you australians and brits and europeans and people from everywhere else didn't give up on us and were able to see that not all americans have the same views as the bush administration.

  6. Great post, Moko!

    Amen, Mary Kitt-Neal.

  7. He'll give it a good crack and it will be interesting to check up in a couple of years to see how things are going. .

  8. Global unity in how to deal with the Fundi's AK. They've wanted to take us out since 9 months after Abraham jumped the fence.

    Thanks guys. We're coming into an interesting time.

  9. Mary ~ Some of ya's aren't a bad bunch. :p

  10. What AK is failing to point out is that the massive sectarian violence escalated after Bush created the "axis of evil." Relations with Iran were improving and they were electing moderate politicians. The Koreans were marching under one flag in the Olympics, and Lebanon made progress in getting the Syrians out, and the Syrians themselves were probably close to a little Khadaffi-like shift, with the right diplomacy...something Bush knew or cared nothing about. His drawing a line in the sand with Iran pushed them toward the only inevitable result...electing anyone who said they'd tell Bush to eat a dick, which is what they did.

    Thank God we've elected a wordly person who actually understands what people think outside the US...and more importantly, cares what they think.

  11. Peace follows war and expansion follows recession. I'm glad Bush is gone but I'm doubtful that Obama will find a panacea for what ails us and it would be hard to isolate and measure what effect his policies have on the economy, etc. Will be interesting to see his foreign policy decisions. Mostly however, I'm just happy that Sarah Palin is nowhere near the whitehouse. Or my house for that matter. What an idiot.

  12. Hey Puma. Nah, of course he won't. Palin and Co. were never gonna win.

  13. Fingers crossed for all concerned - it is, as you say, going to be an interesting time ahead. The Puma FTW

  14. It was the Man In Charge that destroyed it all, not the party, but Curious George had lots of help. I hope that all who Obama selects to advise and assist are not the power brokers that assissted #43.

  15. Post 9/11 I think all he woulda heard was, "we gotta get in there and prove we can't be fucked with george..."

    ...and even at the time it was seen as the wrong thing to do. Unfortunately arrogance and pride lead the way. The sympathy could've been used, but it was abused.

  16. While I am not normally such a pessimist, Obama will be disliked eventually. Give him a year. Wait until we Americans see that he can't right the economy in a quick manner.

    I personally do not think he has the know-how to reverse the current situation in a timely and just manner. He's going to stumble a lot.

    Will he be better than Bush? Probably. I hope so anyway.

    We need to revive Reagan and let him handle the current economic situation. When he took office, the economy was actually in more dire straits than it is now. He managed to right it in a relatively short period of time. We need Reagan back..

    *grabs a shovel*

  17. lol

    He's been given the controls of a plummeting plane. It'll take a year just to figure out if that plane has even got wings to help pull it up.

    *searches for wooden stakes*


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