Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I'm gonna weigh my with the yank setup....

5 pounds sounds MUCH better than 2.5 kilos!!!.....

Fairly stoked with that. That's been in 9 days.


Hey, I sign up for a "Preparation for Application to the Police Force" course today. You've gotta do at least 200 hours university level study to join the cops here in Au. The course I'm getting into today - hope to christ it isn't booked; it wasn't on monday - takes modules from the Diploma of Justice. Ill be doing it at a 'Tafe', which is a 'Polytechnic' in NZ, dunno what that is in the States. It's higher than High School, and lower than University....

It's a 6 month course doing one night a week. Can't wait. I wanna get the Feburary intake because the next one is July.....BLAH. That'll go through to Xmas...............no thanks.

Wish me luck.


  1. Luck!

    Yep weight loss and weight lifted should always be in pounds while your actual weight should be kilos. It's all about the psycology.

    Polytechnic, WTF!

  2. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK, Kemosabe *hugs* Oooohh you're getting thinner *wink*

  3. Over here we would call that a technical school, a vocational school, or a community college. (For example, here in Springfield, MO, we have Ozarks Technical Community College.)

    Good luck, Moko! Rock their socks off. :o)

  4. Naut ~ Yeah, dunno how they came up with that. Similar to the yanks tho, apparently. Thanks mate.

    SD ~ Thankyou.

    Mando ~ AH, k. Thankyou. Similar to the Kiwi's with the Technical.

  5. Okay, someone has to crack this one. I hope you become the best cop money can buy.
    Seriously - good luck. Don't volunteer for the tazer test.

  6. Thankyou mate. I've seen them on Youtube. lmao. Doesn't look like much fun.

  7. Good luck with the Feb thing - the sooner the better!

  8. and make sure you weight yourself after a dump - that's good for another pound at least

    btw congrats you you you prick

  9. U ~ roflmao. I do. Straight after the morning evac. lol

    Thanks Lerm.

    Cheers as well Seppo. ;o)

  10. Nothing to it what's a bit of study time? Good luck buddy!

  11. Good Luck Pete
    Do they teach you all about doughnuts and coffee and stuff?


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