Friday, 9 January 2009

Lost weight.

Everytime I get back down to the house from the gym I go and have a shower and jump on the scales.

It still says, "GET OFF YOU FAT FUCK". I sigh, and step off. IT's frustrating not seeing immediate change when you're busting your hump.

Last night I got to work and went and picked up my radio, attached it to my belt and flipped the hand-piece over my shoulder and clipped it to my colar, I grabbed my 3 'D cell' maglite and attached it to my belt through the ring thingo and chucked the keys in my pocket, and THEN, my pants began to migrate south....

I GASPED. "No way", I exclaimed.

I then pulled my belt just one notch tighter. I grinned like that stupid cheshire cat and text the missus...



  1. Dont trust scales, they are in on the conspiracy. Trust your belt!
    Well done Bro.

    Mind you when you hang radio 3 D cellmaxi mag & all that other crap off the belt it's no wonder it heads south.

    When I was back pushing black boxes I had most of the Maglight range from Micro (2 X AAA), through Mini (2 X AA) right through to my Maxi Mag for heavy days (4 X D). Is it too early in the morning for feminine hygene product humour? nah!

  2. Isn't is great when things like that happen?

    I had a moment a few months ago when I was slipping on a pair of my favorite fishnets, they lace up starting at the ankle and go up the back to the top of your ass. SO hot. They weren't pulling as tight as I wanted and I had to have the dude tighten the laces up for me. (Which, in and of itself can be pretty damn hot.)

    But I haven't exactly been trying to loose weight, I go to the gym because I HATE my thighs. So that just made me beyond happy. I have to now lace up a new pair this weekend. Fun times, man. Fun times. :D

  3. Bob ~ Roflmao, female hygene, yeah, let's not.

    I have a well worn notch in my belt from hoiking me duds closed with the crap attached to it. lol. I've got a 4 cell 'D' that I gave up on.

    Morph ~ I think I've posted my stance on fishnets, tats, and goths before. lol

  4. If you're working for muscle as well as cardio, you'll shift weight quite slowly. Muscle is denser than fat. Add a little muscle, add a lot of weight. But yes: you notice changes, like belt-tightenings, and shirt-fit alterings. That's the clue.

  5. Listen very carefully to me..

    No, stand closer.. stand closer!

    Okay, now..

    Don't ever.. I mean ever.. I don't care if it begs for you to believe otherwise..

    Don't you EVER believe a scale. Those fuckers are out to get every single one of us. It's why I use mine as a mini step stool. Fuck those numbers! Argh.. they hate me! They hate all of us!

    Oh wow.. psycho moment..


    Way to go, dude!!

    *high fives you*

  6. Yay, that's awesome! I had one of those moments the other day, too. :o)

  7. Great feeling, Mando. Kinda satisfying after all the work.

    Doll ~ Thankyou. There's nothing good that comes from the scales. Really, I think what matters is how you feel and if you you're satisfied with how you look.

    Capt ~ Yeah, I'm aware of the muscle weight thing. That's why this is about how I feel and whether I can comfortably do what is required with the coppers.

  8. Like a steak - that is Well Done - congratulations!
    You are almost inspiring me to get off my lazy, age-ridden ass.
    And, don't worry about the police fitness thing - you'll shit it in with a solid couple of weeks training.

  9. Thankyou mate. Yeah I reckon I'd be alright going by what I've seen waddle out of cop school recently.

  10. Will they let you use Surefires in place of the Mags?..heavy SOBs those are.
    I have a Surefire G2 Nitrolon in black,I upgraded the P60 Lamp Assembly with a Surefire LED lamp assembly.
    It's great.

  11. Oh yeah, ya can. But Mags make the best bat to tee off on someone with. My company won't let me carry a baton. I work in one of the most hazardous areas in Brisbane and they won't let us carry protection other than a torch, and THAT'S only because they have deniability if we kill someone.

    I like the Led Lenser. Surefires are great too.

  12. It's ok, I found that fat for you. I will mind it here on my hips till you want it back.

  13. I bought a clear glass digital scale just because it was cool. I do not take any reading as gospel, because a few pounds either way is normal depending on time of day, and how much has went in or out :-)

    I worked out for a while (some years ago), just to get some shape, and I still ended up losing weight although I didnt need to. Right now I am at 163-ish and would prefer 157 OR sudden muscle tone. I dont want to work out :-)

    Keep at it, lad. you are doing fine.

  14. Well done mate. Me I bought new shorts and the button failed.

  15. Bangar, I'm tired of ripping the arse out of shit. lmao. It's funny for awhile, but then it gets a fraction depressing. lol Nah it's still funny.

    Naut ~ Deja vu. I swear to God I replied to yours and YDog's comments...Thankyou fellas.

    If you're talking 4 or 5 pounds dude I wouldn't even be thinking about it. Go and have a shit or something, that'll help. lol

  16. Belts, clothes, buttons, blobs of fat, they tell the true story. Who the hell cares what some scale states? I don't own one and never will. I think they were invented to make people crazy. Just let your clothes tell you if you have lost weight. This just in....64% of US adults are either overweight or obese. YECH....not for me baby. just move your body..and I say "just dance". Makes me in perfect condition.

  17. Yeah anything's better than nothing. Thanks for stopping in.

  18. I am in the same phase. I am busting my arse dragging it up castle hill actually ... and for those of you who have been to the Ville, the back goat track up Castle hill is not a mere stroll) ... as soon as I get back I am on those scales... So I hear you brother!

  19. You must be growing muscle, too. Good news on the belt getting pulled in a notch tighter.

  20. Just beware of the MASH crew. "What's next? He gets taller"


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