Thursday, 29 January 2009

SHIT, your addresses....and 'Underbelly Style'

Before Xmas I got a few of your addresses as I was gonna send ya's a 'Moko T-Shirt'. Unfortunately with the crash and burn of JS your info went with it. Now I've got a wardrobe full of shirts. lol Me no complainy, but that's what happened cause I'm sure some of ya's a wondering.

I'm FINALLY about to get into Underbelly the TV show. A guard from work brought it in for me to watch. Always been too cheap to buy this one for some reason, and the second season is about to kick off.

It's odd, but typically 'media', but everytime there's a killing that smells of dodgy dealing here in Aus the media call it 'an Underbelly Style Killing'. Fuck they annoy me. Sorry Clumsy, not individually, but the whole spinning vortex of sensationalism that is 'The Media'. 'Underbelly Style' has an entertainment connotation to it. People's suffering isn't entertainment unless it's on 'Funniest Home Videos', then it's comedy GOLD. But in the news?, no, it's bad.

...unless they're handcuffed together and try running either side of a pole....and it's on the news. THAT'S funny too...


  1. I've never seen Underbelly either - I thought it was about a bunch of Victorians killing one another - more of a community service type of a show

  2. Lol Lerm, I can do that because as a Victorian I am secure in the knowledge that I am superior to all Northeners.

    I saw the first 4 eps that they allowed us vics to watch. I have another 4 on dvd but can be bothered watching them if I don't finish the whole season.

    Don't really need to watch them as one of the blokes at the footy club is a court reporter for Fairfax and he pretty much told us the whole story over the course of last season.

  3. I got the boxed set in Tasie when it was illegal here in Victoria and it is actually pretty good. Funny when there are scenes in Moonee Ponds and Essendon around the corner from were I live...

  4. Loved the series (mainly as it helped reinforce my bias towards melb as Sin city). Alway felt that the body count was low as the state police and SOG weren't invovled!!!

    Moko, if you got a spare shirt I get it off you when I'm over in march.

  5. wow, i kinda hate busting up this oz-fest, but ... no actually i don't. the word "underbelly" has always had good connotations to me, like softness and warmth and ... stuff.

  6. I love the thought that maybe I live in Sin City.

  7. The series is quite good. Watch it before the new one comes on. The Donald Mackay bit should be interesting. An anti-drug politician getting whacked. Just wish someone would do the same thing to our state government.

  8. For those of you from over the water here is some info on Underbelly:

    I just got series one of The Wire at JB Hi Fi for 15 bucks so there goes the weekend.

  9. Those two guys handcuffed made the news up here. Good stuff!

  10. Not to defend myself too much (fire away all you like), but the "Underbelly-style" description really only came in once the TV show started, and it was mostly to cash in. If you did a comparison, I'd bet you a melon helmet that Channel 9 used it the most.

    Having said that, the phrase "gangland-style killing" has been very popular over the past 10 years or so. Basically anybody shot in daylight, or in front of people, or in an exceptionally sensational way (and usually for revenge), is a gangland-killing.

    In journalism, phrases like that become useful because they instantly convey to the audience the TYPE of crime involved. It draws interest; and people LOVE true crime. Hence why Underbelly was so popular - yes, it was dramatised, but there's no denying Jason Moran was popped in his van in front of his kids.

    All those sex scenes though... my little naive brain exploded slightly... ;)

  11. Therbs, you aint ever going to be that lucky!!

    GC: You're right also with the rise in tabloid journalism over here it gets worse and worse. I find the media are slight better than in the UK, but then in the ned UK media groups just have more practice....

  12. Nah. it's ok GC, you keep that melon helmet and wear it with compliments for one of those clumsy moments. lol I reckon it's a bet I'd lose.

    Chaz ~ Media better in the UK?, The Sun is published there, isn't it?. ;o)

  13. Are you going to put the T-Shirts on the Zombie goats to keep them warm in winter?

    That I'd like to see. A bunch of goats running around in Moko T-Shirts.

    Bloody Indian Giver!

  14. The babies get them in winter lol.

  15. Schadenfreude is always OK to laugh at...and funny death, as long as it was very far away (like here in America, for you), or a long time ago.

    Men getting a tennis ball into the jimmy on Funniest Videos is always good. And from that show, I learned to protect myself when one of my kids came running to give me a hug. I can honestly say I've never been head-butted in the privates.

  16. Dear you have mine, are you going to post on Simon's new blog your bum pics for us? :)

  17. A cricket ball in the nads is an experience Steve, you should try that one. lol.

    K ~ Doubt it. lol

  18. Pfth.. you didn't ask me for my address. I see how you are. Bitch!

    Me <3 You .. all the time..

    ahh sometimes..

    um.. once in awhile?

    shit.. okay..

    never! hahahahaha

    No.. me <3 you.

    You're neat.

    Now give me a tshirt with your naked butt on it :D

  19. LOL Fuck you're random sometimes. No, you're not seeing my arse. lmao

  20. Nah mate I said the media here is better than the one in the UK!


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