Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gadgets I'd Die Without...

Well, not die....but, ya know.

....twitch uncontrollably.

Ok, I love me gadgets, but some just don't work for me. I've always had issues with Nokia and their phones. I hate the way they release a function one at a time for every model and charge like a wounded bull for it, but I digress.

The list:
  • Mobile phone. I never have the latest and most expensive. The prerequisite for a phone for me is that it must make phone calls anywhere I am (stay with me), it must have a 'decent' camera - >3 mega pixels now. I'd aim for 5. That's only because I'm constantly taking footage of shit. Video cams really aren't that HANDY all the time. You can't just wander everywhere with a video camera. I don't have a phone with browsing internet. That's on the list for my next phone because of the nature of what I do for a job. I'm outside, and usually bored. I see the benefit in maps on a phone, but with browsing internet that negates all. Just that, a good camera, and the ability to make calls, and I'd be happy as pig in shit.
  • GPS in the car. Love it, need it, detects speed cameras, gets me out of all sorts of shit. Dunno how many eps of Lost In Brizvegas I could've made by now without it. They can be slightly fallible with an ever expanding large city, but on the whole, a total necessity.
  • Digital video camera. I ALWAYS have it in the car. You just never know when a payday might pop up like a lotto ticket. Check out my videos on Youtube (link to the right) for a few examples of having one handy. Stack, Bats, and I've got buckets more of them on the comp.
  • iPod Touch. I recently upgraded mine to the equivalent specs of an iPhone. It's awesome. I use it to blog sometimes, and I use it for various other things. The games are the coolest thing out. Free and cheap from iTunes.
  • Laptop. Nuff said. Greatest thing out. It even has a finger print scanner for security. Never used it, but the coolest thing EVAAAR.
  • Xbox 360 Elite. You know, coolest piece of gaming goodness EVAAAAR. And I used to be a total Playstation freak. Not that I'm biased against PS3, I'd own one as well as the Elite, but the missus....and all that. Sigh. It'll happen.
  • I'm working on a GREAT TV.....stay tuned. *cough cough Bravia cough*
  • My alarm clock is just cool. Hit the top and it displays the time on the wall so you don't have to struggle to focus on the screen. My last one told you the time when you hit the button, the new one is just quirkier.....and it gives you the temp...that's just shit you need to know.
  • Climate control in the car. A must. It's not just aircon, it's CLI-MATE-CON-TROL.
  • I've got an old school - now - canon eos film camera. It takes the best pictures.
  • Electronic Wok. Awesome.
  • Gas BBQ. The missus spoilt me with a swishy one that we can take anywhere.
  • Instant hot water jug. You don't have to wait for it to boil. It pumps out hot water about 2 seconds after hitting the button. It fills to measure for your favourite cup. It's COOL.
...can't think of anything else. What's a couple of yours?.


  1. I guess all the usual things mean the world to me. The laptop, the mobile, etc, etc, etc. But my most favourite of all right now is the air cooler going at about mach nine right beside me, while I 'enjoy' a Bris Vagas summer.

  2. Still lovin' the Iphone. Does all I want and a lot more. The camera could be better (only 2MP), but, otherwise, everything you said about the Touch applies. Synched to my email, so in the morning, no neeed to even check the computer, the iphone will tell me if I have mail, and I can read it all on the spot, free, cos its Wifi, Brilliant!

    My stereo. Gotta have good sounds. Got a wicked Sony home theatre amp with 4 full size floor standing Aaron speakers at present. Got the big TV, but its only std def, so due to be traded for a Bravia and a Bluray player. Also chasing a subwoofer, and more time home-alone to really crank it ;)

  3. 1. Laptop.. mine is a two year old Compaq. I love it. Hubby tried buying me a new one two months ago. I let him buy it, but once we got it home, I gave it to him. I love this one too much.

    2. Cell phone. I have the LG Shine right now. I don't have internet access, because I don't want to become an even worse 'net junkie than I am now. It has a music player I don't use. It has video that I don't watch. I love it, though, for the camera. It has a built in flash, which is kick ass!

    3. Nintendo 64. I prefer the old school game systems over the newer ones. I hate the new shit. I want basic graphics. Don't give me no realistic blood splattering shit. If I want that, I will move to NYC.

    4. My 32 inch flat screen HD-TV in my bedroom. I love it!

    5. My collection of vibrators. They are gadgets, no?

    6. My DVD/VCR player. It allows me to watch my ever growing collection of porn. God, I love porn! Yeehaw!

  4. OMG I forgot one!!

    7. My car phone!! w00t!! My car has a built-in phone. I don't need to travel in the car with my cell.. ever.

  5. Ipod
    rice cooker
    coffee machine

    (is your elite back from the shop yet - It must be like 10 weeks to fix it)

  6. Daze ~ Yeah, I've got an aircon right behind me. Loving it.

    Drej ~ Good sounds are a must. Having had a grump at Nokia, I just saw the N97. Cool. Bit exy but.

    Doll ~ I still play Space Invaders. No shame in that. You love what you love.

    Vibrators, yes. You play with them and enjoy them, that means they're gadgets lol.

    Don't get me started on yank gadgets. You guys rule gadget-world.

    Uamada ~ Rang Microsoft yesterday...finally. lol. Am sending it tomorrow. They're giving out all sorts of reachrounds to make up for it. Apparently the RROD have been an issue on a big scale. Free XBL, 3 year warranty, post paid etc etc. Been good for a break.

    Hey Youtube Battlestations: Pacific. You might like it. BS: Midway is out already.

    Rice cooker, yeah. They rule.

  7. A year ago I would have sworn that I couldn't live without my camera and my laptop computer. By June, the computer had been stolen and the camera had fallen into a creek, rendering it useless.

    Hmmm... maybe that's when last year started going to hell in a handbag.

  8. This Yank prefers his MOTO RAZR (this thing is almost bulletproof)
    His LED "torches" (Surefire G2 with a LED upgrade and a Coast LED Lenser),His dualcore computer with the 9800GT video cards,his new to him Toshiba Satellite laptop,his 2,4 and 16GB flash drives,my Sony PSP (I use it for music and music vids)
    Monday I'll be receiving a Dell 2408WFP..definitely going to have pictures of that.

  9. Wow guys, I now have mega serious case of gadget envy. I have crappy old hand me down iPod from my son, non HD television and 3 year old laptop. I thought I was happy but what did I know?

  10. A Sony HDD/DVD recorder. I record most things I watch, certainly films. This allows me the luxury of watching when I like, pausing when I like, and skipping the ads. It also means I can dub a film – having edited out the ads and the lead-in and lead-out – to a DVD-RW, which I can keep and either watch on the recorder, or my computer, or lend to someone else.

    Oh yeah, and my collection of vibrators.

  11. Hmm. I have a two year old Samsung flip phone with internet access, an iPod Classic 30GB, but would love a 32GB iPod Touch, and a 4 1/2 year old Dell laptop. I still use my five year old Canon Elph 4MP, and my favorite toy is my Canon Rebel XT. I have a couple of USB music interfaces, one for guitar and an 88 key controller, but I haven't used them in a long time.


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