Saturday, 3 January 2009

I have a dream...

My whole working life has been made up of jobs. Just something to earn a crust and get me outta the house. It hasn't been fulfilling: spiritually or professionally. Having spent the last 15 odd years working in various jobs HAS given me a handy set life tools though. Whatever I do I'm good at it, because of those skills. Which brings me to this year...

I actually wasn't going to write this down, or put it out there for various reasons, but mostly, it's because I'll have some sort 'way out'.

This year I want to go for the cops. It probably sounds a fraction cliche for someone from the security industry heading that way and I don't really want to do it for what many would believe security guards might do it for. More power, respect, a gun....whatever. That ain't it.

You are MORE answerable to your position than nearly any other job as a cop. You don't get much respect. Guns in a job ain't fun.

I wanna do it cause of the skills I mentioned earlier. The money is getting better, but most of all it's because of SOME of the cops I come across are real fucking gomers. If they can do it, then sure as shit, I could do it better.

It's gonna be a year long challenge - fitness, citizenship, some study - and it ain't guaranteed, but worth the effort.

I do have a backup plan, but that may come into play later.

Wish me luck.

...and thanks Nat, for the motivation.


  1. Best of luck to you! I've met plenty of cops who enter into the field for the wrong reasons, and are the biggest pricks on the face of the universe. The number of police officers that join and stay for the right reasons are limited. Your heart is in it. You want it. You will achieve it. I know these things. I'm psycho .. no I mean psychic :D

  2. Good luck. I have more respect for law enforcement than I do for most others in society. At least where I live. They're the only ones around here who really stand for anything. Frankly, I don't think I could deal with it. it's s largely thankless, dangerous, challenging job. High rate of suicide. LOL. I won't be going into PR for the Police.


  3. Hey man, good to see ya. Let me know if you get set up somewhere.

    ...and no, stay away from their PR. lol

    I occasionally get to work with police in my job, or I'm around them, it's something I could do. I like the idea of venturing into different areas after a time too. Keeps it interesting.

    Thanks mate.

  4. Weren't you going to do some correspondence course thing? - you're as bad as me at making and sticking to decisions

  5. Worse my friend.

    THIS IS lol

    Nah the correspondence was related to this. You need 200 hours of cert 4 (?) or up of study. I found a joint that can get it done in like 7 or 8 weeks.

  6. Wow good for you Moko! You'd make a great cop.

    -Jen aka Your Cheering Section

  7. Luck mate. What they said.
    Worked with a bloke a few years who tried to get in for years. Finally, he did, saw him on one of those cop shows a few weeks ago organising a raid, he made detective already.
    And now you've got all of us on your arse for motivation ;)

  8. lol That's why I put it out there. Don't wanna get to the end of the year with my thumb still up my arse.


  9. Luck, U.

    Let us know if they give you car 66. ;-)

    You seem to have a level head. I am sure that goes a hell of a long way. Or it should.

  10. Hey Moko,

    I've a friend who just began his police training a couple of months ago. He'd been talking about it for years; then it took him a couple more years to get his fitness up. But now he's enjoying it thoroughly!

    Good luck with your quest - it's good to have a goal, and I'm certain we'll all be cheering you on at your marching in someday soon. ;)

  11. I worked for our local police dept for ten years. It was a highly sought after, very competative and very well paying job on LI.
    I believe most have college degrees. Their school includes law, physical training, driver training, medical training (most are AEMTs) and the course lasts for months before they are put on the street on probation.

    I think most of them after a few years on the job would admit it is not what they thought it would be.

  12. Gomers is too kind a word for some of the cops here. We have a lot of young men with something to prove, and they are usually pricks about it. The ones with some years under their belt are much more pleasant to deal with, and we do have some really good guys on the force.

    I guess I'm going to have to join the group that is collectively going to push you along, and wish you good luck, mate.

  13. Go for it champ!

  14. The coppers down here in Tasmania are a grounded, cool bunch. I've got a lot of respect for them. They work inside one of the most tightly linked communities in Australia, and it has to be difficult.

    It has to be a good job on its good days, though. Best of luck, mate.

  15. Duuuuude, think twice before taking on that mantle.
    As mentioned above it has some big arse downsides. Double the divorce rates of rest of community, v high suicide & alcahol abuse rates, crap pay (relative to private sector) and and and.
    I hear you being motivated by the best of intentions, but man o man what a soul eating job. EG: Turn up at a Domestic Violence complaint, she & the kids are black & blue, but won't pusue the complaint so you have to leave him there? How does that fit your world view? The days of taking him out the back & giving him some attitude realignment are long gone.

    Many cops espescially in remote & rural areas only socialise with other cops - Not suprising when you may have to book your mate for DUI - this makes it a very insular and negatively enforcing cycle of them V us attitudes.

    Legislation. What a complete headf*ck. You have to know chapter & verse not only the offence, but all the exculpatory elements. Apparantly in cop school you have to memorise it all & on assesments 100% pass mark.

    As you know I'm a QLD fishpig and that is harsh enough. It is a real drag punching $200 holes in peoples holidays for ignorace - but that is what I have to do. I couldn't imagine doing the 3AM knock on the door - "Mr Smith your son / daughter is dead."
    Big props to the guys who can do it with humanity & compassion & are motivated by altruism.
    Unfortunately I reckon they are far far far the minority.

  16. best of luck mate, then you can pick on all those uppity bouncers!!!

  17. Good luck, I've no doubt you'll be a fine addition to the force. I don't know if Savo has fired up another blog, but he'd be a good man to have a chat to.

  18. Good Luck Moko. Lots of study ahead.

  19. Good luck, if that's what you want. Being a cop often means doing crap work under some not-very-good conditions. You DO get to see all kinds, though.

    Seconding Bangar-dig up Savo for a talk before committing.

  20. Thanks guys, for the support. It's something I need to do for myself and it's not something I'm going in all naive about.

    My brother is a paramedic and I DO spend quite a bit of time around cops, I/'ve work/ed in the security industry with ex-coppers so I do have a fairly reasonable grasp of what it's about. I appreciate it ain't the same unless you've done some the shit yourself but it is what it is.

    I need to do something slightly more fulfilling. Even if I don't make it it's better than not having tried.

    Out of everything I dread the study. lol.

    Thanks again, I'll keep ya's updated as I go.

  21. Go for it dude!

    I'm finally getting back into finding/reading my fav blogs

  22. I think it sounds great! Here in the states, cops retire to become security guards LOL (or rent-a-cops)

    best of luck hun (((huggss)))

  23. Good luck with it all Moko - I'm sure you'd be good at it - and I'm certain you'll get in if you give it a Red Hot Go!

    Best wishes in this endeavour in particular and for 2009 in general


  24. Mick ~ Thanks mate, been wondering why I haven't see you outside your castle. o.O

    BABE!! ~ I think it's called going to pasture. It kills lots of them. Thankyou, great to see ya.

    Lerm ~ MATE....where you holding up?. And thanks mate, you too.


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