Saturday, 31 July 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Assange admits 'RPG' in "Collateral Murder"

In a New Yorker article written June 7th of this year was this little quote regarding footage of "Collateral Murder",

“One of them has a weapon,” Assange said, peering at blurry footage of the men walking down the street. “See all those people standing out there.”

“And there is a guy with an RPG over his arm,” Gonggrijp said.

“I’m not sure.” Assange said. “It does look a little bit like an RPG.” He played the footage again. “I’ll tell you what is very strange,” he said. “If it is an RPG, then there is just one RPG.

Gonggrijp is a colleague of Assange.

Here's MY video I made to show this instant.

What shits me still, is that he KNEW there were weapons - even if only actually a rifle and an RPG - and he STILL didn't acknowledge those in the video he uploaded. He ID'd a camera BAG but not two weapons?. He also left out of the vid the context of the choppers being there. By the crouch of the photographer that sadly died he KNEW there was a threat around that corner. Assange left this out as well. He played people's basic mistrust of all that's government. The guy sold out his integrity as a "journalist" - as he calls himself - and did something that accuses others of doing. And that's selling out your integrity for what he would perceive as the greater good, and in his eyes that would be the existence OF Wikileaks. Remember, Wikileaks was dead in the water previous to this story coming out.

Wikileaks shut due to lack of funds, states article written January 30th 2010.

5th of April 2010 saw the release of "Collateral Murder".

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Media, and Facebook

This one perplexes me.

Facebook signed up its 500 Millionth user. With the population of the world fast approaching 7 Billion, that's a SIGNIFICANT percentage of the population. Something like 7%.

It seems like that every single incident as a result of people meeting or interacting on Facebook that ends in death appears on the front page of news sites.

Now, if we were to cast a large bubble over the planet till we covered an area that equated to 500 million people and then compared the crime stats of that area against those as a result of online interaction on Facebook with each stack of stats sitting on Lady Justice's scales, the poor bitch would need 14 container ship cranes to hold up the real world side.

So why is it, that Facebook tragedy is getting a disproportionate representation?.

Monday, 19 July 2010

A Week For Kevin Rudd

I actually feel sorry for the bloke on some level. Dude's 'retiring' at 50-something on a zillion bucks a year; go fuck yourself there matey, but it's gotta sting like landing a jump on ya pushy and finding out the seat fell off mid air....if you know what I'm saying.

Here's a pictorial representage - it's a word - of Kevin Rudd's week. (a couple back, of course)

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Mind you, with Blockbuster on one side and a Chiro on the other, it's a win win. Should buy him an Xbox and he can hire games an do guest game reviews.

White Lady funerals in the same building might have been an omen though.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Deadliest Warrior

So I tripped over a game on Xbox Live Arcade the other day called Deadliest Warrior for a 10 buck download. That's the GREAT thing about Xbox Live Arcade. I saw it, then checked it out on YouTube to see what others had to say, then bought it.

It's a game spin-off of the Seppo TV series called Deadliest Warrior which is basically the mouth breathers version of Myth Busters with various 'warriors' throughout history pitted against each other with science. Great looking show; bought the first series last night on Amazon. God BLESS, Amazon.

I'll do a full review on the game site at some stage when I get some online time on it but the guts really is, you can be one of eight characters from history and fight against the others in a 'campaign' structured alot like Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat etc, or online in tourneys and one on one with strangers or through a private match with your mates.

There's the Apache, Spartan, Roman, Knight, Ninja, Samurai, Pirate, and Viking, with promises of Download Content coming and when you beat the game with characters they give you avatar content for your XBL persona. They reckon there's going to be other charaters as well. IRA versus Taliban anyone?.

You do get what you pay for with the 10 bucks. Initially it looks cool, but the frame rate can be dodgy on occasion and sometimes it's a little glitchy. I reckon they might put some fixes in if it picks up popularity. It is a return to the old button masher combos and I still haven't figured out half of them. What really brings the game to the table is that you can get your head chopped off at any time, your limbs frequently slop to the ground, a spear, arrow, flintlock shot, or ninja star through the forehead is a game ender with a gurgle.

I like it for a distraction, and am looking forward to getting online when I'm trained up a bit. Great one for a cheap piece entertainment, and challenging your mates in a party-up (XBL jarg) will be a GREAT one for bragging rights. I does have its faults and won't be for the purist, but if you give it a chance you'll see the depth it really does have in tactical one on one gladiator-esque warfare.

It's a hard game. 7/10. I'd bump it up to an 8 if they put some fixes in.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Marxism - Leninism

So I started reading about Atheism purely for the selfish point of storing boxes of ammo to fire at Doc when ever the need arises, but it quickly turned into an interesting read about the realities of human nature, versus ideology.

We all love a good brain fight; some more than others, and I enjoy firing shots about "well your bloke...." when in the end people that use faith - theist or not - to persecute then it's a sad indictment on humans as a species.

It's a fact that people with murderous agenda will use whatever tools work to achieve their goals. That rings true for the petty criminal, to the serial offender, to the likes of fundamentalist nutters from all creeds.

From the Fundamentals of Marxism Leninism Manual, Materialism and Idealism section.

The great historic service rendered by materialist philosophy is that it helped man to break free of all superstitions. Ever since ancient times it has taught him not to fear death, not to fear gods and other supernatural forces.

It teaches us not to hope for happiness beyond the grave, but to prize life on earth and strive to improve it. For the first time materialism gave man the realisation of his dignity and intellect, proclaiming that man was not a worm condemned to crawl in the dust, but nature’s supreme creation capable of mastering the forces of nature and making them serve him. Materialism is imbued with the utmost faith in the human intellect, in the power of knowledge, in man’s ability to fathom all the secrets of the world around him, and to create a social system based on reason and justice.

Interesting read. What's even more interesting is the rhetoric versus the man made reality of that Atheist ideology.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Medieval Politics.

Went to a festival north of Brisbane yesterday that displays all sorts of things from various periods throughout history. Apart from the obvious Knights type stuff they have ancient cooking, blacksmithing, carpentry, story telling, music, and on and on she goes. Some pictures HERE from the local rag.

Just a point that stood out for me was that it was all about history and learning for the love of learning for the people that take part. We were watching the Knights battle it out where the Turks take on whoever from another place in time, or traditional foes fighting it out where the politics of those battles are still being fought thousands of years later with smart bombs and tanks. The things is, the blokes doing it for the love of history were spotted later yapping about their gear over a pint or ten.

If only, eh....?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

FKN Hypocrites...

Gotta say, class act on Twitter last night. Not a huge fan of churches myself; full of hypocrites, but to shake your head at narrow minded xenophobes then set your attack dogs onto people of faith in the same day is a highlight in my online experience.

Well done.

Here's a couple of highlights:

@JohnBirmingham: Anybody feel like crashing the #hillsongconf hashtag with a little atheist jihad action?

@robdotcom71: Jesus is a shitty name for an imaginary friend..... I'd prefer something like Ozzy or Ringo.. #hillsongconf

@JohnBirmingham HAHAHA!! I've been bad too...can't resist stirring those pesky and misguided christians at #hillsongconf Fuck 'em!!

Yeah, and on she goes. All the kids that belong to hillsong would've enjoyed reading all that, I'm sure.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gillard on your ISP filter.

She supports it. It's coming to a random website near you by the end of the year.

Article HERE.

What's that, 3 for 3 for the knight in shining stockings.

Anti-Gay marriage. SOOOOLD OUT to the mining companies.

This asylum seeker waffle is just dog whistle politics for votes. Any idea where they'll get the funding and implement it before an election. GUA-RAN-TEE this will be her speech, "Okay, thanks for voting me in guys, but, it seems, we can't do a fucken THING about the stopping asylum seekers because that'll make us in breach of international law on human rights.......oopsie".

...oh, and Horta's going, "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis...?"

And now the ISP filter tripe.

Least we can't blame narrow minded religion for this chick. JUS-SAYEEN.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Why we need to sleep...

Twas laying in bed this morning and a random thought about the Transformers animated TV series found its way in about where a robot newly arrived from whatever their planet was called was going on about how superior they were to humans. One bloke pointed out to the robot that humans don't need to recharge like they do and other issues about rust and shit.

Long story short, it posed the question to me as a young fella about the human version of batteries. We DO need to 'recharge', sure, not energizer bunny type recharge, but we crash without sleep.

So my question: Why?.

What ACTUALLY is it in the human body that is the equivalent to batteries?.

So I turn to Lord Google which I consider a real version of Deep Thought from Hitchkikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Ready for it? (bolded by me to highlight where we're up to in this piece of truth):

"...neurons at the base of the brain begin signaling when we fall asleep. These neurons appear to "switch off" the signals that keep us awake. Research also suggests that a chemical called adenosine builds up in our blood while we are awake and causes drowsiness. This chemical gradually breaks down while we sleep."

Riiight. You don't wanna know what they're telling kids about it.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gillard on Asylum Seekers...

Kinda like the moment I've been waiting for, for some reason.


Gillard to send back asylum seekers who arrive by boat as can be read HERE.

Coupla points:

HUNDREDS of Afghan and Sri Lankan asylum-seekers are likely to be sent home under Julia Gillard's tough policy agenda to deter boatpeople.

New guidelines from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees are expected to remove the blanket assumption that any Tamil asylum-seeker from Sri Lanka's war-torn north should be considered a refugee. It will be replaced by assessments likely to focus on high-risk groups, such as Tamils associated with the defeated Tamil Tigers or critics of the Sri Lankan Government.

As Australian officials confirmed the arrival of another suspected asylum-seeker boat over the weekend near Christmas Island, carrying 34 passengers and two crew, Ms Gillard again signalled a policy shift on the issue, pledging to cast aside "political correctness".

Here's the governments own advice about travelling to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Definitely sound like places worth holidaying to oneday. If you go to the article link near the top there you'll see general support in the comments.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mining Tax

Sell out. Wrote this before an official announcement but odds on better deal than what the mining companies were LOBBYING FOR two weeks ago?.

Favourite quote from an article I read.

While the Government would not confirm any details of the agreement, reporters spotted two drinks trolleys laden with champagne, wine and beer being wheeled into the cabinet room at about 5.30pm.

I bet.

We should just let multinationals pick the gubbermint. Save us SO MUCH on advertising and campaigning.

Next, ETS and asylum.