Thursday, 29 July 2010

Assange admits 'RPG' in "Collateral Murder"

In a New Yorker article written June 7th of this year was this little quote regarding footage of "Collateral Murder",

“One of them has a weapon,” Assange said, peering at blurry footage of the men walking down the street. “See all those people standing out there.”

“And there is a guy with an RPG over his arm,” Gonggrijp said.

“I’m not sure.” Assange said. “It does look a little bit like an RPG.” He played the footage again. “I’ll tell you what is very strange,” he said. “If it is an RPG, then there is just one RPG.

Gonggrijp is a colleague of Assange.

Here's MY video I made to show this instant.

What shits me still, is that he KNEW there were weapons - even if only actually a rifle and an RPG - and he STILL didn't acknowledge those in the video he uploaded. He ID'd a camera BAG but not two weapons?. He also left out of the vid the context of the choppers being there. By the crouch of the photographer that sadly died he KNEW there was a threat around that corner. Assange left this out as well. He played people's basic mistrust of all that's government. The guy sold out his integrity as a "journalist" - as he calls himself - and did something that accuses others of doing. And that's selling out your integrity for what he would perceive as the greater good, and in his eyes that would be the existence OF Wikileaks. Remember, Wikileaks was dead in the water previous to this story coming out.

Wikileaks shut due to lack of funds, states article written January 30th 2010.

5th of April 2010 saw the release of "Collateral Murder".

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