Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gillard on Asylum Seekers...

Kinda like the moment I've been waiting for, for some reason.


Gillard to send back asylum seekers who arrive by boat as can be read HERE.

Coupla points:

HUNDREDS of Afghan and Sri Lankan asylum-seekers are likely to be sent home under Julia Gillard's tough policy agenda to deter boatpeople.

New guidelines from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees are expected to remove the blanket assumption that any Tamil asylum-seeker from Sri Lanka's war-torn north should be considered a refugee. It will be replaced by assessments likely to focus on high-risk groups, such as Tamils associated with the defeated Tamil Tigers or critics of the Sri Lankan Government.

As Australian officials confirmed the arrival of another suspected asylum-seeker boat over the weekend near Christmas Island, carrying 34 passengers and two crew, Ms Gillard again signalled a policy shift on the issue, pledging to cast aside "political correctness".

Here's the governments own advice about travelling to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Definitely sound like places worth holidaying to oneday. If you go to the article link near the top there you'll see general support in the comments.


  1. 'Kinda like the moment I've been waiting for, for some reason'

    For some reason? Like, I dunno, you're the Archbishop of Trollerbury?

    And in related news I've just decided the Orange Roughy can go fuck herself.

  2. Trollery?. Didn't offer an opinion and supplied nothing but facts.

    But, as you raised the point. HA, FKN TOLD YA SHE WOULD.

    Wanna know what's next?.

  3. "Archbishop of Trollerbury"


    ya gotta admit, that was kinda funny.


  4. Dude's a comedian. He's the Pope of Trollican City.


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