Sunday, 18 July 2010

Deadliest Warrior

So I tripped over a game on Xbox Live Arcade the other day called Deadliest Warrior for a 10 buck download. That's the GREAT thing about Xbox Live Arcade. I saw it, then checked it out on YouTube to see what others had to say, then bought it.

It's a game spin-off of the Seppo TV series called Deadliest Warrior which is basically the mouth breathers version of Myth Busters with various 'warriors' throughout history pitted against each other with science. Great looking show; bought the first series last night on Amazon. God BLESS, Amazon.

I'll do a full review on the game site at some stage when I get some online time on it but the guts really is, you can be one of eight characters from history and fight against the others in a 'campaign' structured alot like Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat etc, or online in tourneys and one on one with strangers or through a private match with your mates.

There's the Apache, Spartan, Roman, Knight, Ninja, Samurai, Pirate, and Viking, with promises of Download Content coming and when you beat the game with characters they give you avatar content for your XBL persona. They reckon there's going to be other charaters as well. IRA versus Taliban anyone?.

You do get what you pay for with the 10 bucks. Initially it looks cool, but the frame rate can be dodgy on occasion and sometimes it's a little glitchy. I reckon they might put some fixes in if it picks up popularity. It is a return to the old button masher combos and I still haven't figured out half of them. What really brings the game to the table is that you can get your head chopped off at any time, your limbs frequently slop to the ground, a spear, arrow, flintlock shot, or ninja star through the forehead is a game ender with a gurgle.

I like it for a distraction, and am looking forward to getting online when I'm trained up a bit. Great one for a cheap piece entertainment, and challenging your mates in a party-up (XBL jarg) will be a GREAT one for bragging rights. I does have its faults and won't be for the purist, but if you give it a chance you'll see the depth it really does have in tactical one on one gladiator-esque warfare.

It's a hard game. 7/10. I'd bump it up to an 8 if they put some fixes in.


  1. Sounds like a great reason to buy and Xbox.

    I fell of my chair laughing when the had the IRA vs Al quada on Deadliest warriors.

  2. lol yeah, can't wait to see it.

    It's a good game. Good one for you and your kid. Check it out on YouTube first though.

  3. I saw a preview of the actual tv show last week where they pitted a US Navy SEAL vs an Israeli special forces soldier. They had actual SEALS and Israeli's talking smack on the interview.

    You'd think though that a more appropriate battle would be between IRA and SAS, and Al Qaeda (or Taliban) and a SEAL (or Taliban vs Australian SAS), seeing as how those fights have actually happened. Although they have often been one-sided.

  4. speaking of mouth breathers,hows you lot of auzzies doing? ;)

    I recommend Black Light Tango Down. Great XBL arcade game.

  5. Steve, sorry mate, gave up on this topic. lol Yeah, you're right, but I guess there's a certain amount of bragging rights people want. The Legion versus Africa Mercenaries might be alright too.

    Ak, I'll check it out. Cheers. Seal fucker. ;o)


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