Saturday, 14 January 2012

Two Way Radio Frequencies - Australia

Got some fan-dangled two way radios from the States for a few projects I've got going on. Figured I'd get on Amazon and Ebay for some deals. They're usually fairly good for that. Found a set from midway that comes with all the bits and pieces for making them super spesh and awesome and shit. Saw some reviews on YouTube about these and figured they were the one to get. Similar quality sets here cost HUNDREDS.

SO I bought em and they arrived. They came charged and ready to go. Actually awesome quality, weight - sturdy but light - with ear pieces and the shiznit. Hundred and something bucks for top end two ways with a reach of 36 miles. Hazzah! ... yeah .. not.

Turns out, after some accidental research, these American frequencies are the ones you need licences to use. And guess who has licences for em? SES, Department of Justice, Federal Police ... oh my GOD.

Actually have no idea on the recourse I've got for this. The packaging gets turned confetti on arrival ... or do you use em on the low power in the bush and hope no one's in the area?