Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Image Blog

In my spare time as a bit of personal therapy - quiet time; whatevs - I like to do some photography. Well, my version of it. I haven't done a shout-out for them in ages so I'd thought do one now as I got a couple of new lenses and have a few projects on the go.

The following is a couple of examples. Hope you like em. Links to the image blogs on the right. The top one is the one I update from now. Think you need to click the images for a better view.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Civil Union ... what's left to create equality?

On the legal face of it gay couples are equal in regards to civil rights as a couple under the law in Queensland. In the traditional sense of the words 'wedding' and 'marriage' it ain't so much ... but that's only in the sense of that union being 'ritualised'. What's stopping same sex couples from creating their own sort of ... uh ... ritual? Really, they only need someone officiating that can witness the signing of the documents. If that's how it works..