Sunday, 31 May 2009

Car manufacturers got themselves to blame?.

I notice that GM is in the shit in the States. Fiat is gonna clean up there. LOL. Ford, here, is fucked. Could they have buffered the damage themselves by making COMPETITIVE electric/hybrid/hydrogen vehicles?.

I appreciate it isn't as simple as that but it seems to me not having all your eggs in one hen house is a basic hard times strategy. People WOULD buy cheaper running cars if they looked good, performed well, and were affordable. Toyota's hybrids are ugly and expensive. I noticed a coupla new ones - that really ARE high performance (0-100 in 4 secs) - that range from 60G's to 250G's......umm yeah right.

Is it the fault of the oil industry?. They seem to pull some significant strings.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Japan to join weapons development

"THE Japanese Government is about to ease its universal embargo on weapons exports in a move that may foreshadow Japan joining the US-controlled F-35 joint strike fighter project.

The decision is another whittling-away of Japan's long-standing policy of standing apart from foreign military engagements and co-operation.

It would allow Japanese companies to join international weapons development programs, such as the F-35 program, by removing the ban on exporting components to other participants

Tokyo has already lifted one corner of the 33-year-old embargo to participate in the US's Pacific ballistic missile defence program - Japan is developing an advanced nose-cone for the SM-3 high-altitude interceptor missile."

So, does this mean the pilots will start to see miniature microwaves for heating their lunch in the flightsuits?. Downloadable Manga and Hentai content for their HUD?. Aircraft with Coca Cola LED advertising on the side?. I guess time will tell.

....I hope they start working on Transformers.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The tree, the Taj, and the Ant-pi-theatre (photo heavy)

This is the tree that I gave everyone who needed to know the heads-up about its inevitable demise. Typically no one listened and down she came - cleaning out the power lines and the fence. Check out the dint.

Image Hosted by

The view looking up. Quite shallow roots, but still at head height. I'll show ya's the colour of the wood inside when I dismember it.

Image Hosted by

We had a real heavy fog this morning. The thing I like about fogs is that they bring out things you don't normally see. It's like a Taj-Mahal for spiders.

Image Hosted by

Thisone is like an outpost for meat-ants. I call it, 'An Ant-pi-theatre'....MWAHAHAHAHAH MWAHAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHA...yeah, ok.

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Sunday, 24 May 2009

The dog ate my phone charger...

Am back.....and he did. SRSLY

Turns out a lightening bolt blasted something - remember hearing it - which caused a surge and reset the router. Took a few days to figure THAT out. No offense, but didn't actually miss the joint. STARTED to just yesterday.

Bought a coupla new books. 'Forensics for Dummies', rofl, actually quite good, and one called 'Gaspipe, confessions of a Mafia boss'.

A tree that we called the power company over about a month and a bit ago finally came down and took out the power lines. Big surprise. HUGE dint in the ground though. Quite impressive. Kinda pleaded ignorant to the neighbours when they told us about it because foreknowledge may cause dramas. We told Energex....take it up with them, so we were all like, "OH EM GEE That's AMAAAAAAZING" Nice blood wood too. Be good for something....stacking, and bluntening (it's a word) and chain on the saw most likely.

Hope ya's are well and didn't miss me too much.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Still Alive

Our net down from....the storm.....apparently.

We shall return to regular progamming shortly.

At my course.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cute little guy I woke to this morning...

Do yourself a favour and watch the whole thing. He does Police sirens and alarms and stuff.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Easily the most anticipated game this year, CoD:MW2 has got some shoes to fill. Especially with failure of Call of Duty: World at War - (don't give me stats on sales...the multiplayer sits on 'meh' on Moko's gaming scale. The single player is GREAT, but the series is all about online gaming now).

It's gonna be a defining moment for the series, and Infinity Ward. They earnt HUGE kudos with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the ground breaking infantry style gameplay with being able to custom weapons to your style of play. Probably the war in Iraq had abit to do with it's success with it coming out after the net had been flooded for at least 5 years with footage from the region glamourising - (in a way) - modern warfare.

The problem - I see - for Infinity Ward is what direction go. In Battlefield: Bad Company, large scale modern warfare gaming was redefined and the bar raised with the use of the Frostbite engine that allowed the environment to be almost totally destroyed. Does Infinity Ward attempt to compete against that, especially with a BF: Bad Company 2 coming out around the same time, or do they play their own style?.

Destructable environs is a benchmark they HAVE to have a go at on a certain level. How much is destructable is kind of where they need to head. How big the maps should be is another issue too. Do they stick with small maps like with CoD4 or should they scale it up a bit?.

Get anything wrong in what they do and how they do it and they'll get CRUCIFIED by the gaming community. The game WILL succeed no matter what happens, JUST BECAUSE Infinity Ward are making it. World at War succeeded purely on the coat tails of CoD4.

Don't believe it's THE MOST anticipated game this year?. Check this out. A 20 second gameplay teaser analysed frame by frame. Don't doubt this is the most watched gaming vid on YT.

Friday, 15 May 2009


We travelled into Deliverance today. Don't believe ME?. Just ask this dude.

Image Hosted by

Gotta give them SOME credit though, their patriotism was out for all to see. So was their support for our long standing allies - although that ally support has something to do with America blowing some of our potential immigrants away.

Image Hosted by

The class of the vehicles were OUTSTANDING.

Image Hosted by

Dixie flags, Eureka flags, but no Swaztika's or Bedsheets unfortunately.

Image Hosted by

SPEWING I missed a shot of the wiiiiife.....maybe......of the couple that owned this. Her with her finger up to the second knuckle up her nose would've just topped it off. I hope they win....something.....ANYTHING.....retards crying is tough to watch.

Image Hosted by

Great day though. Nice spot, beautiful weather, and the missus picked up some prizes.

Totally fucked though.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The secret ingredient of life....

I have acknowledge Birmo in his latest Blunty episode for the inspiration, but...

When did we all realise the secret ingredient in the Cake Of Life was actually shit?.


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Altered Bush Speech....

If this was his election speech how different would the world be today?.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Your Signature Dish?

Lerm and Uamada's - (in the menu to the right) - little cooking Tete a tete got me to thinking about how much I like to cook too. I've always wanted a signature dish that I can do better than anyone. I can cook to save myself - unlike Lerm - but it's the usual stuff like meat (roasts, steak) and veges and few little tricky ones but nothing that makes you stop and go......WOW.....except for my steak, that's pretty yum, but learning how to do LONG steak house baked steaks is on another level.

My favourite restaurant of all time was a Cambodian one in New Zealand. Just fucken yum. Since then I've wanted an Asian dish to call my own. The thing is, my MIL (mum in law) does a wicked stir fry. Anything I do would be compared against that.....dontcha hate that? lol. So that kinda lays that idea to waste. So I'm leaning towards a pasta dish, of sorts. It has to be a 'from scratch' creation. I knew an Indian dude whose dish was Butter Chicken with a mean rice and bread combo, problem was that took like 8 hours to make.....pffft. Arsehole.

So what's yours?. What's YOUR dish?. And any suggestions for me?.

Hubble Telescope Repairs

The shuttle Atlantis took off to do repairs to the Hubble Telescope.

Do yourself a favour and check out this gallery.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Journos in war zones.

I'm a bonafide war footage junkie. Dunno why, it's just part of my genetic coding. The ironic thing is though, on a certain level I don't have a lot of sympathy for journalists that get themselves blown away in war zones. Of course if you consider the humanity of the situation it's horrible. Left behind kids, wives, families, husbands etc, it's horrible, but like a profession soldier they volunteer for it and walk willingly in to war zones with a camera. No one dopes them up whatever and gaffer tape's a camera to their shoulder.

Alot of what they do they do for personal gain. How much does footage of a civilian being shot a professional soldier 'go for' these days?. What does being in the right spot at the right moment do for a journos career?. Tell me none of these journos consider this stuff when they sign up for it.

Do journalists deserve free access to war zones?. Are doing it 'for me', 'the victims', or themselves?.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Coupla piccies from the day.

Here's a coupla piccies from the day we had down the Gold Coast for the missus' mum's Mum's Day today.

Saw lots of beautiful people, cars, buildings, and scenery. The photo below is taken from the 77th - (which you travel the lot in 40 seconds) - floor of the Q1 which is the biggest building in the middle of the bottom photo. Such a stunning day, such a stunning place. The water was just amazing.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

...and my Halo maps downloaded while we were there!. HAZAAAH!!!.

Off To The Goldie

Taking the mother inlaw down to the Gold Coast today for Mums Day.

Note. I could've fit that into Twitter, but I didn't. ;o)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ok, here's the story.....up to 200 nukes.

A man from the middle rises through the ranks and brings peace to the middle east. The western world celebrates and embraces this person/regime/President (of Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE...whoever) and through the peace in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Africa via the Muslim faith.

Western leaders gather in Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE...where ever (like the G20, but bigger) for peace. BIGGEST THING EVAAAR.

They are taken out. It's a Jihad end game move on a global scale by Fundimentalist nations loyal to Sharia that's been coordinated while we've been distracted by Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel is gone. Pakistan is taken. Within a week up to 200 nukes have taken care of the States (how?), Canada, Alaska, Russia, much of Europe, England, China.

The purpose is to attempt to make the world Sharia run. Islamic Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Bloc, etc etc do it. Northern Australia is gone. American navy is left with PT boats and under. Maybe some subs left.

They've used the lost nukes from the Russian fall, lost (actually) in the Ukraine. Lower South America survive. Pacific Nations, excluding Hawaii, most nations have lost the military ability to resist on a worthwhile scale.

Ok, so you've got 70 nukes...

...and you're gonna let as many roar as you need to cause maximum damage to the non-fundamentalist Islamic world as possible, without mercy. Nowhere is safe. You're doing it for the Faith as a whole and for the long term so symbolic hits would be a waste.

The attack would be followed up by coordinated personnel movements to take over societies throwing much of the planet into a Sharia dark age. You'd need to demolish military resistance by at least 75%.

The nukes aren't missile-borne. They were shipped, or driven, or flown, or planted.

Who goes?.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Newest Addition To The Family

Naming suggestions always welcome.

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The up side of having children?.

Twas reading a post from Daze this morning about Hurricane Kid arriving home for a bit that got me to thinking.

Unfortunately me and the little lady are unable to have kids naturally. Surrogacy became an option recently with the QLD Government 'decriminalising' it. 'Decriminalising it', go figure. But it's legal to buy one off of a hard up family in India. Adoption won't happen because the missus is terminal. And no, not the airport kind. lol

As I get older I appreciate the fact that I'm responsible for my own destiny and mine alone. The thought of being responsible for someone else's for a vast chunk of their existence terrifies me on some levels. At the moment the thought of a teen pregnancy is awesome, with our kids. When it's born we get to feed it, play with it, lock it in a paddock, then sell it if it's below our par. It eats outside, it has a trough, and a feed bucket. It can shit where ever it likes and damage anything it likes to it's heart's content. The only party it'll have is if a Buck breaks out into the Does herd. IT won't mooch off of us, and God delivers a lion's share of its necessities.

The only thing they have in common is the trust that we can protect it against harm. But even then, if it takes significant damage, we can shoot it.

Can you do that with your BIPED little animals without going to jail?...;o)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

You're ALL going to die down here.

Here's what happened to that intro I did the other day.

Contains COURSE language. I've gotta tone that back for personal presentation purposes. lol.


Judge lest ye be judged, bitches.

What we've got here, is a failure, to communicate.

...some men you just can't reach, so you get what we had here last week.

That line is out of Guns and Roses, Civil War. It's from a movie....Cool Hand Luke, I think. It's one of those lines you just can't forget.

I think Twitter is direct competition against Blogging itself. I say my random thoughts on there, then I don't feel the need to blanket this joint with them. Which opens up the actual reason for blogging.

Why do you do it?.