Saturday, 30 May 2009

Japan to join weapons development

"THE Japanese Government is about to ease its universal embargo on weapons exports in a move that may foreshadow Japan joining the US-controlled F-35 joint strike fighter project.

The decision is another whittling-away of Japan's long-standing policy of standing apart from foreign military engagements and co-operation.

It would allow Japanese companies to join international weapons development programs, such as the F-35 program, by removing the ban on exporting components to other participants

Tokyo has already lifted one corner of the 33-year-old embargo to participate in the US's Pacific ballistic missile defence program - Japan is developing an advanced nose-cone for the SM-3 high-altitude interceptor missile."

So, does this mean the pilots will start to see miniature microwaves for heating their lunch in the flightsuits?. Downloadable Manga and Hentai content for their HUD?. Aircraft with Coca Cola LED advertising on the side?. I guess time will tell.

....I hope they start working on Transformers.


  1. this is a precursor to pilotless fighter jets with heuristic computer brains. tiny jets like mosquito fighters. swarms of jets destroying cities like locusts.

  2. Things are getting pretty interesting in that part of the world! Transformers would be cool though - just need to make sure N Korea doesn't get hold of Megatron

  3. I thought it was MacArthur who said they could not have any military or weapons?

  4. Yeah, not real sure on the mechanics of it all.

  5. Will there be a F-35 rebranded as a Lexus with leather interior and an iPod hookup to the comms?

  6. See, these are the sorta hard hitting questions we'd ALL like to know.


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