Sunday, 17 May 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Easily the most anticipated game this year, CoD:MW2 has got some shoes to fill. Especially with failure of Call of Duty: World at War - (don't give me stats on sales...the multiplayer sits on 'meh' on Moko's gaming scale. The single player is GREAT, but the series is all about online gaming now).

It's gonna be a defining moment for the series, and Infinity Ward. They earnt HUGE kudos with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the ground breaking infantry style gameplay with being able to custom weapons to your style of play. Probably the war in Iraq had abit to do with it's success with it coming out after the net had been flooded for at least 5 years with footage from the region glamourising - (in a way) - modern warfare.

The problem - I see - for Infinity Ward is what direction go. In Battlefield: Bad Company, large scale modern warfare gaming was redefined and the bar raised with the use of the Frostbite engine that allowed the environment to be almost totally destroyed. Does Infinity Ward attempt to compete against that, especially with a BF: Bad Company 2 coming out around the same time, or do they play their own style?.

Destructable environs is a benchmark they HAVE to have a go at on a certain level. How much is destructable is kind of where they need to head. How big the maps should be is another issue too. Do they stick with small maps like with CoD4 or should they scale it up a bit?.

Get anything wrong in what they do and how they do it and they'll get CRUCIFIED by the gaming community. The game WILL succeed no matter what happens, JUST BECAUSE Infinity Ward are making it. World at War succeeded purely on the coat tails of CoD4.

Don't believe it's THE MOST anticipated game this year?. Check this out. A 20 second gameplay teaser analysed frame by frame. Don't doubt this is the most watched gaming vid on YT.


  1. reckon they need to be able to FLATTEN THE FUCK outta the surrounds,bigger maps as well. f BFBC2, has the same variation of weapon selection as COD, then it will nail cod arse to the wall.

  2. So what do you play these on - XBox?

  3. Lerm ~ Yeah mate, PC, Xbox, and Playstation are the main platforms. PC tends to have a few extras over the consoles but the consoles don't get hacked as much by the fanboi's ruining the experience.

    Me, Havock, Chaz, and the rest are on Xbox.

    Havock ~ I think so too.

  4. This is going to be soooo cool, o really it is.

    Had to laugh when we were playing on Sunday and Jordan asked H to stop embarassing him and I said "Jordan, welcome to our world!" I so funny I kill myself!

    lerm: also alot of the people who play don't tend to drink as much as i do whilst playing..

  5. *bigass grin*

    can't wait.

  6. I heard the main criticism of MW (if there was any) was that they needed to come up with a new concept that wasn't "one unpassable objective after another". You know, getting killed, then trying it again, getting killed, then trying again...I noticed that myself upon recently finally getting an xbox360. I'm not sure what they could do without sacrificing alot of the action though. Add more planning before the mission? More personal interaction? It seems that most people, myself included, just want more and varied weapons.


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