Friday, 15 May 2009


We travelled into Deliverance today. Don't believe ME?. Just ask this dude.

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Gotta give them SOME credit though, their patriotism was out for all to see. So was their support for our long standing allies - although that ally support has something to do with America blowing some of our potential immigrants away.

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The class of the vehicles were OUTSTANDING.

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Dixie flags, Eureka flags, but no Swaztika's or Bedsheets unfortunately.

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SPEWING I missed a shot of the wiiiiife.....maybe......of the couple that owned this. Her with her finger up to the second knuckle up her nose would've just topped it off. I hope they win....something.....ANYTHING.....retards crying is tough to watch.

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Great day though. Nice spot, beautiful weather, and the missus picked up some prizes.

Totally fucked though.


  1. WTF?? What was it - some kind of flag convention?

  2. looks as if you had a great day out and t-shirt weather as well.

    Did they have any duelling banjo's there as well?

  3. Lou ~ One would think, wouldn't one. lol

    Stu ~ Yeah, nice day. Cool morning leading into a T-Shirt Day. No Banjo's unfortunately. By 9 o'clock I think they'd be smashing each other with them if they did.

  4. That is unreal! I'm going next year! Boonah Show yeah? How come you're not staying the Rodeo?

  5. Boonah, yep. Fella's riding their missus' around a ring isn't my thing. lol

  6. That's gold. Love to see how long the dude lasts in somewhere like Alabama flying his Confederate flag with REDNECK plastered across it. You's lookin fer a lynchin, bohhhhh.

    The 'Dogs permitted off leash' sign in the last one has a range of hilarious connotations ref the dude's missus.

    Would be interested in Bedes' position on the Brumby ute with pink wheels. His kinda lady?

  7. I wish utes were still sold here. They were a lot larger, of course, but such cool cars. The push bars on the top one are a bit of overkill :-)

  8. The sad thing is, this is a show whereas if you're driving through the Appalachian Mountains here any given day, you'll these displays in people's front yards...or that patch of dead grass in front of the double-wide.

  9. GOLD..PURE FUCKING GOLF and a slice of HEAVEN.

    additional number plates
    CB aerial
    UHF aerial
    Mobile Phone Aerial
    Maybe sat phone aerial
    Bull driving lights
    general driving lights
    fog lights
    clearance lights down side & across front, plus roof
    5 post stainless or ally bull bar..JUST FUCKING WICKED
    ally checkerplate stone guards on the skilrts
    should have large rear hand down mud flaps..CAT on them
    dog in rear
    dog in front
    swag in rear PLUS esky

    I AM IN GOD DAM FUCKING HEAVEN...only go one better and that would be all that on a HUMMER UTE, with extractors, with a big bore exhaust system...

  10. roflmao.

    Don't get me wrong, I like it too. But these people were something else altogether.

  11. 3rd picture down,that's guys man-boobs are bigger than the blondes on the left.

  12. You could go to Alabama and find the Confederate battle flag with "REDNECK" on it, but only in a bumper sticker or a fake front license plate (for those states that only have rear plates, they put the vanity one on the front). Having it on a full-sized flag would just be tacky.

    And the only thing missing is the bumper sticker or t-shirt that says "American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God."

  13. that makes me want a ute of my own...
    even more...
    ill just stick with my mates...
    less lights...


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