Monday, 11 May 2009

Your Signature Dish?

Lerm and Uamada's - (in the menu to the right) - little cooking Tete a tete got me to thinking about how much I like to cook too. I've always wanted a signature dish that I can do better than anyone. I can cook to save myself - unlike Lerm - but it's the usual stuff like meat (roasts, steak) and veges and few little tricky ones but nothing that makes you stop and go......WOW.....except for my steak, that's pretty yum, but learning how to do LONG steak house baked steaks is on another level.

My favourite restaurant of all time was a Cambodian one in New Zealand. Just fucken yum. Since then I've wanted an Asian dish to call my own. The thing is, my MIL (mum in law) does a wicked stir fry. Anything I do would be compared against that.....dontcha hate that? lol. So that kinda lays that idea to waste. So I'm leaning towards a pasta dish, of sorts. It has to be a 'from scratch' creation. I knew an Indian dude whose dish was Butter Chicken with a mean rice and bread combo, problem was that took like 8 hours to make.....pffft. Arsehole.

So what's yours?. What's YOUR dish?. And any suggestions for me?.


  1. Mate - I do a pretty mean rack of lamb!

  2. LOL 'Mean' covers it nicely, yes.

  3. Stuff that's quick to make (since I'm the house chef), requires little preparation and is amenable to our 2 yr old (then again he's happy to eat grownup food with a bit of spice in it which is great). Mother Focaccia has last night's hoisin pork chops on it - that's simple and works v well.

    The best Italian is the simplest - not lots of cream and shite, just simple ingredients cooked well. The best carbonara is just bacon and garlic panfried and reduced in olive oil, thrown over pasta with beaten egg and parmesan - mix thru until the egg begins to set - brilliant. For a red meat dish - a bolognese, for want of a better word - my uncle's tactic of using fresh farmers' market tagliatelle and using half portions each of beef and pork mince is one I've stolen and run like hell with. Sauce is just canned tomatoes, onion and garlic, reduced down. Maybe a bit of fresh basil. Simple works.

  4. Rice stuffed Avocado

    Red wine Rissotto

    Spinach and Ricotta Caneloni

    Deepfried tofu and Cashews - though to be fair I don't do this anymore. The processing of cashews is a human rights thing (seriously)

  5. Yob ~ YUM dude.

    U ~ Deep fried Tofu? were doing well up till

    Dammit, you're gonna ruin cashews for me. What's their dealio?.

  6. No one warms up a can of baked beans like I do!!!

    A meal fit for Warnie (there is no higher praise).

  7. I'm a terrible cook but my ex taught me how to make cook a fantastic bloody steak. *drools*

  8. My plats des maison?

    Gumbo (yes the real thing)

    spanish tortilla

    Boeuf Bourguingnon

    Whole Poached Salmon

    Baked Ham with honey and peaches

    Roast rib of beef (with yorkshire pudding)

    Morrocan spiced lamp with cous cous

    Rich beef cassorole with dumplings

    Rack of lamb with champ and baby carrots plus red wine jus

    Duck breast with cranberry jus and new tatties or duchess potatoes

    lamb madras with home made naan

  9. Crikey I really don't want to follow that comment (they sound like a gourmet chef to me) but I'll risk it. I particularly enjoy the Italian thing and make a mean lasagne. I had a truly wonderful spicy tomato pasta dish a couple of weeks ago - can't remember what it's called but it wasn't too complicated but was simply superb. It would make a fine man signature dish I think. Not fussy but tasty and with zing.

  10. Anything nice and simple, Italian or just simple English cooking like a Sunday I'm hungry and need to eat.

  11. Pasta is easy - I like Dr Y's carbonara. If you start up any sauce dish with onion and garlic in a bit of oil (preferably olive)and just add stuff in. Mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, whatever you have. A simple one is to add in a tin of tuna, using the juice from the tin in the sauce. I can't resist starting up the sauce with bacon in with the garlic and onion.
    Don't worry about the food tossers on TV talking about cooking pasta al dente, follow the instructions on the packet if you have any doubts and it will work fine.
    Cheap and tasty toasted sandwich is cheese with either baked beans, sweet corn or tuna.
    When doing roasts, they work out okay if you don't have the oven cranked up to maximum. Even if the temp is a bit on the low side the roast will forgive you. Just takes a bit longer.If it was up too high to start with just turn the bugger down. Par boil the spuds before baking and coat them in some of the juice of the meat out of the baking pan.


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