Monday, 4 May 2009

The up side of having children?.

Twas reading a post from Daze this morning about Hurricane Kid arriving home for a bit that got me to thinking.

Unfortunately me and the little lady are unable to have kids naturally. Surrogacy became an option recently with the QLD Government 'decriminalising' it. 'Decriminalising it', go figure. But it's legal to buy one off of a hard up family in India. Adoption won't happen because the missus is terminal. And no, not the airport kind. lol

As I get older I appreciate the fact that I'm responsible for my own destiny and mine alone. The thought of being responsible for someone else's for a vast chunk of their existence terrifies me on some levels. At the moment the thought of a teen pregnancy is awesome, with our kids. When it's born we get to feed it, play with it, lock it in a paddock, then sell it if it's below our par. It eats outside, it has a trough, and a feed bucket. It can shit where ever it likes and damage anything it likes to it's heart's content. The only party it'll have is if a Buck breaks out into the Does herd. IT won't mooch off of us, and God delivers a lion's share of its necessities.

The only thing they have in common is the trust that we can protect it against harm. But even then, if it takes significant damage, we can shoot it.

Can you do that with your BIPED little animals without going to jail?...;o)


  1. All very reasonalbe and sane points Moko, however I doubt your goats can change light globes for you or reach the really high shelves in supermarkets for their short parent, and I would hazard a guess it is a lot less fun embarassing, mentally torturing, confusing and other wise playing with the brains of your 'kids'? That you can do without getting jailed. lol.

  2. My kids can't yet change light globes or reach high shelves either. Dammit.

  3. haha i can reach the shelves, I just usually dont... its fun returning the mental manipulation and torture... :D

  4. CT ~ lol That's the way.

  5. I am constantly reminded of the similarities between kids and dogs so it wouldn't surprise me if goats are similar too.

  6. Light globes?

    Bulb-right? lol.

  7. Is another similarity the fact that both types of kids will eat anything which they find lying around?


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