Saturday, 9 May 2009

Off To The Goldie

Taking the mother inlaw down to the Gold Coast today for Mums Day.

Note. I could've fit that into Twitter, but I didn't. ;o)


  1. The gold coast should be a lovely day out for you MIL, an awesome chance for you to catch up with her and discuss you SIL's upcoming wedding and what means to the world in general. HOWEVER the Gold coast has never and will never be the holy grail.
    Note. My comment wouldn't have fitted on twitter

  2. Have a great day Moko and thanks for throwing us non-twitterers some scraps. 'Preciate it.

  3. U ~ I know, it's funny, I was thinking bikies, organised drugs rings, the Yakuza, assaults of off duty coppers, GHB, and the extortionary prices of food, when I was watching it.

    Lou ~ Just for you, darling.

  4. Have fun! If you are near the water - you could perhaps drown her!


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