Monday, 4 May 2009

Newest Addition To The Family

Naming suggestions always welcome.

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  1. Outside of adorable-what is he or she?
    Dense of me surely, though, hm, it looks to be a little lamb, though--mixed with something-A Terrier? (chuckles).Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Your new addition is simply precious no matter.

  2. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights with left overs for lunch.

    Bit of a long name that one.

  3. You bastards are going to hell.

    She's a she SW. lol

  4. LG...Little Goat?? if its a sheep ... um...Bitza??? looks a bit crossed with something.., but cute as.,.,, can I have her please?? she and Mina would have wonderful games..*grins* (clasps hands together and looks beseechingly at the screen)

  5. its a goat? call it glutton for grass. :)

  6. You could call her Havock - jk!

  7. Just trying to remember how to spell my ex-mother in laws first name.
    Or -
    Didn't Herman Munster's missus have a small shock of white hair too?

  8. Boo Hoo Woo Hoo. Its the name of a baby goat which a girl I once knew was given. She'd been arguing and tantrumming with her mum and when dad got home with a baby goat he asked daughter to name the kid. She was still tantrumming and crying so Dad said, "Right! Its name is Boo Hoo Woo Hoo." And so it was.

  9. goat curry with rice n peas

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