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Monday, 27 September 2010

White people, and Australian Media

I echoed a point GirlClumsy made in regards to the latest tourism Queensland with the new slogan "Queensland, Where Australia Shines". I actually think it's a very good slogan, BUT, agree with GC in regards to Qld being more than just FKN beaches. The advertising images also feature more great looking young people running on the beach. In my comment on I made that point, but included 'more white people' where they edited out the 'white' part. We do know there's FAR more to this country than Caucasians, eh?.

Interesting piece of editing, if you ask me. It actually have been aware of Australian media's allergy to anything non-white. I used to live with a chick that had Indigenous, Torres, Pacific Island lineage. Her nieces and nephews used to come around on occasion and plonk themselves in front of the box. Interestingly enough, there's NO mainstream tele aimed at non-Caucasians.

I really don't have an opinion, but I'm sure someone will read this that has a better idea than me of why this is the case. Next time you're watching mainstream tele take note of what cultures feature in Australian made media. Judge for yourself.

FK ME this emergency services thing shits me

Reading an article this morning about a bloke in the UK that called their 3 digit emergency number for a cat that was in his kitchen and he was trying to sleep. He wanted the police to remove it. Sure, you laugh at his retardation, but really they get THOUSANDS of calls just like all over the world.

We have an ad campaign here about only calling emergency services in an actual emergency... *record scratch*

FKN FINE PEOPLE THROUGH THE FKN EYEBALLS. $500 bucks for wasting their time would knock 60% of them right off the bat. $1000 for the next time, and CONVICT THEM OF A CRIME if they do it again.

FKN HELL, they will fine you for crossing a solid white line on the road, but not FOR ENDANGERING LIVES THROUGH WASTING TIME?????????


I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords...

The UN ... just to clarify before I go on ... yes, the United Nations ... officially appointed Malaysian Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman - female, in case you were wondering - as Earth's ambassador to ... wait for it ... waaaait ... alien contact.

This is the point I laughed till I saw stars and had to step away from the computer before I had a stroke.



Turns out, they didn't tell her about it. So she really MIGHT be a sacrifice.

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Robin Hood

Yeah, it was alright. Was the story before he became The Hood. Was hoping for a fraction more 'Gladiator' than it delivered. Had potential for that but didn't quite get there. Bit darker, and a bit more brutal with a deeper story on various characters would've made it more than it was.

It's alright if you're each way on what to get.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Seriously, think I solved the internet censorship thingy. Instead of tentacle pron sites being .org, .com, .net, etc, just bundle the fuckers - so to speak - all up in a .cum address and make it illegal for them not to be...


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Death of the DVD

Blockbuster USA is about to go toes up over night due to being nearly a billion bucks in debt. If I was there I'd be renting every God damned DVD on the shelf ... but I'm dodgy as fuck. Thing is, the Seppo's net runs WAY better than ours and their deals on online entertainment makes digital renting the shit. Really, they should've seen it coming and if they didn't then perhaps store owners here should take heed with the NBN on its way. She's going to cost jobs in that area. It's just inevitable. Can't see a solution for the franchises. Their days seem numbered. I'll take a punt at less than 1,825, give or take a day or two for leap years. There goes my dream of owning a video shop. Maybe I should start an online rental now.....ish. C'mon Sauce Bottle, roll that shit out and make me rich.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Delhi, and Terrorism

Young Dani Samuels an Australian plate chucker pulled out of the games in the last few hours over her very real fears for her safety. Sleepness nights, and dread etc, then her games suit arrived in the post and she couldn't even open it. Obviously it's the right decision for her. Just ain't worth the stress, even if there turns out to be no incident, and obviously you pray there isn't, but it seems - and rightfully so - the spraying IN DELHI of a tourist bus was enough to make her mind up. Thing is, many are calling it a win for terrorism. Interestingly enough none of these people who are saying this are going to the games.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ban The Burka...

Kinda getting tired of references to the hijab. The reality on the street with your average non-muslim is that no one is concerned about the hijab. Feel free to wear that to your heart's content. The issue with the burka for the vast majority of non-muslims who are concerned about it - as I see it - is a security issue in various areas where NO ONE else can wear a "disguise". I have ZERO issue with muslim women wearing it in their day to day lives, but anything that POTENTIALLY jeopardises my safety is a concern. The harsh reality is that our military are at war with sections of this faith. On the other hand, many muslims are at war with every single one of us.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Changing the fuel filter in a Commodore

MY car was randomly dying, and before I started spasming I figure it needs some basic maintenance. Then we'll see how we go. Apparently Holden don't like you fucking with their cars - even though you own it - so what they do is make it a pain in the arse to do ANYTHING. Even then though, some things they can only make so hard. I had no idea so I tried googling how to do it - couldn't even FIND the fuel filter - and any of the info never had pictures to help. So, in the interests of helping my fellow cheap fucks, here we go..

If you do, don't blame me

Two things you MUST have if you're gonna dick around with the car is a manual - not the retarded shit Holden give you with the car; a REAL manual. $40ish from Repco. Exy, but worth it. Especially if you consider it will cost you hundreds for Holden to do it for ya.

Second is ramps. A must buy. While we're at this pic, Holden, in all their wisdom, put the fucking thing under the car just in front - towards the engine from behind - of the fuel tank. Ramps for me is like a oil filter removing strap thingo. Just get em.

Rightio, in to it. According to the book you need to release the pressure in the fuel lines before dicking with them. Something to do with fuel injection. First thing you do is remove the fuel cap; this takes the pressure from the tank. This is important for when you take off the fuel filter from the hoses. Trust me. Then you open the bonnet and find the "fuse and electrical centre". That is just on the left wall, on mine, a VT. Under the lid of it you will find a map to the 'fuel pump relay'. Take it out. Try starting the engine after you have removed it and 'run' till it dies. Mine didn't run at all. Then it says to turn the engine over for about 10 seconds. Just do it.

This is the fuel filter. You can get gear for plugging the fuel lines or if you're like me, and just don't want to, just do what the book says and work quick. Laughed at that. This is where removing the pressure from the fuel tank comes in handy. The shit POURS out, under pressure you'd get SHOWERED in it. Some forums I went to suggest I need a special tool ($20) from Holden to remove the fuel lines. Fuck that. I got them off with a standard pair of pliers by squeezing where that white circle is on the raised ridges. Took some fiddling, but got there. I removed the right side first.

I took the right one off and shoved the new filter - cost like 25 bucks - on with the yellow cap still. Pressure popped it off a coupla times but eventually stayed on. I did get some fuel down my arm. Gravity and all that. Next was to work the left one off then shove the new one on that hose. Again, more fuel. The old filter was full of fuel too. There's a strap that you can see on the pic above that holds it in place. The new filter came with a new strap, so I gave the old strap no mercy. Just try not to root the fuel lines. THAT would be a pain in the anus to sort out. Test the new one is attached good by trying - not overly - to pull the lines off, and make sure she's held in place well with the strap.

Bob's yer uncle and all that. Don't forget to put your relay back in.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maccas Muffin Vs Mine (image)

Second last blog was about Maccas 'stealing' my 'secret recipe' Bacon and Egg Muffin. Here's a screen shot of mine from the video.

Here's theirs. Fail.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Anarchists Cookbook and The Terrorists Handbook

Amazing how times have changed. Should start by saying, I don't have them, and I reckon these days even talking about them probably lines you up for 'a knock on the door'. Just because they're paranoid it doesn't mean they don't have badges, or pliers.

Apparently 'TAC' was written in '71 by a bloke that opposed the Vietnam war. Funny way of showing it, it seems, but turns out he had some sorta of conscience flap that prompted him later to try and get it removed from circulation ... too late...

The Terrorists Handbook - now renamed to The Big Book of Mischief (TBBOM) - sorta came across as the companion book to 'TAC' in the late 80's. Both then, were about making fireworks and smoke bombs for the young and stupid. Obviously now, both have taken on a vastly more threatening and insidious meaning. Years and years ago a school friend printed off the 'TAC' and the joy lasted about an hour because we were smart enough to acknowledge how useful our hands and eyesight actually was. Losing both those would obviously be less than welcome, but still, it was an interesting read.

These days even writing this I'm half expecting a maverick missile to come out of the blue and delete me. Again, funny - in a really sad sort of way - the world has changed for the worse.

Much like I have the SAS Survival Handbook - must buy - on the shelf I would REALLY like these two on the shelf for the same reason I'd like The Zombie Survival Guide and a tin of Tactical Bacon sitting right beside them. There's another one that I'll probably leave unnamed that I don't speak the language of that would be collectable. I guess this raises the question of legality. Anyone know if they would be illegal to import for the purpose of collecting?.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Streuth, McDonalds Stole Mah Baybee

In May, this year, I did a YouTube video on my 'secret recipe' Bacon and Egg Muffin. This can be viewed HERE. Warning, contains rude words like: fuck, and shit.

I actually hadn't found anyone else who puts tomato and BBQ sauce on the muffin ... until now.

Told ya's it was good. Haven't tried their version yet, but might on Friday. Hope some fucker didn't get a bonus for that idea. Still using shit cheese but...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bible and Koran Burning.

Local tosser - who happened to be a contracts lawyer for a local Uni - posts video on YouTube of himself ripping pages of the Bible and Koran out seeing which makes the better paper for a joint. For a start, unoriginal. When I was young and stupid and smoking pot I tried it with a Gideons ... then remembered the ink. In a way I agree with him; it IS just a book. Faith, for me, isn't found in a book, or a building, or through guilt. It's found inside yourself and it's a two 'person' contract. Between yourself, and the 'almighty'.

Think you'd have to have your retard hat on to miss the fact that some people of faith DO find their text of choice sacred and ARE offended by such acts. After knowing this and STILL doing it so overtly makes you a total fuckwit. The fella happens to be an Atheist. As we all know, fuckwits comes in all shapes and sizes and being a person of faith himself...

“I consider there is insufficient evidence to support a supreme being and that there is even less evidence to support any particular religion,”

...makes him a fucken hypocrite in the same breath.

How about we all just leave each other the fuck alone?.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Warning about buying from butchers.

Original poster is one. I'm 'StG'. HERE

LOLZ on Twitter...

Arnie having a go at Palin.

Over Anchorage, AK. Looking everywhere but can't see Russia from here. Will keep you updated as search continues.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bin Laden's Explanation..

Had - well, having - and interesting conversation with Jen on Twitter about 9/11. I made the comment after some conversation about her feelings about it all as to whether she's ever heard of Osama Bin Laden's "Letter To America". She hadn't, as I reckon most on our side of the paddock haven't. This an ACTUAL letter to the American people from Bin Laden himself about why it happened.

It seems to me that the attack on 9/11 has been sold to our side as another Pearl Harbor. Meaning, an instigating act of aggression. Now, don't get me wrong, I get tears at the footage and stories. It's horrific and terrifying at what these people went through and I can't imagine the horror. I've heard the phone calls as the building collapsed, I've seen the bodies falling and leaping from 90 floors up, I've heard them hit the ground. I'm getting lumpy in the throat just thinking about it.

One of the other travesty's that comes from 9/11 is the obvious smoke cloud from our governments as to why it actually happened. Not many people know that Osama Bin Laden wrote his "Letter To America" about why, in his mind, it happened. To me it doesn't justify the attack, but gives it reason, from their point of view.

Of course, if you share this stuff, you are anti-American. Jen herself is scared of linking - and even reading that letter - as she was afraid of the consequences. Interesting that they made people afraid of learning about our "enemies".

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Well THAT was a FKN waste

It's kind of ironic to me that The Sauce Bottle called an election to give the people the say in who runs the country after her and her mining company cronies pulled a Brutus on Rudd then in the end it comes down to one independent to decide between another election or a Labor government. At the final whistle, the people still didn't get to call it.

Katter turned out to be a waste of space IMO. I think his backing of the coalition - which is a FKN odd one after his opposition to various factions of the coalition in the past - was just to throw a curly one because he would've known who the other two were going for, which, if they kept their word after that 1:30 meeting they all would've known it was going to be a Labor gubbermint.

Oakeshott needs a FKN muzzle. Maybe he thought he was at the 'Brownlow'.

I like Windsor from what I saw yesterday. Thank fuck Windsor said Labor. His was the key vote, as it turned out. Not a big fan of The Sauce Bottle, but less of one of The Rabbott.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


In exciting news - for some - Apples announces its new range of iPods - and for Beeso, portable music storage and playback devices specific TO music storage and playback, and just to confuse him further, they have social media functionality - coming out VERY soon.

So, without further ado, Steve Jobs Presents...

The new iPod Touch:

Image Hosted by

The new Ipod Nano...

Image Hosted by

AND, the new iPod Shuffle...

Image Hosted by

Personally, not really sure which one to choose.

Article HERE.


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