Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Well THAT was a FKN waste

It's kind of ironic to me that The Sauce Bottle called an election to give the people the say in who runs the country after her and her mining company cronies pulled a Brutus on Rudd then in the end it comes down to one independent to decide between another election or a Labor government. At the final whistle, the people still didn't get to call it.

Katter turned out to be a waste of space IMO. I think his backing of the coalition - which is a FKN odd one after his opposition to various factions of the coalition in the past - was just to throw a curly one because he would've known who the other two were going for, which, if they kept their word after that 1:30 meeting they all would've known it was going to be a Labor gubbermint.

Oakeshott needs a FKN muzzle. Maybe he thought he was at the 'Brownlow'.

I like Windsor from what I saw yesterday. Thank fuck Windsor said Labor. His was the key vote, as it turned out. Not a big fan of The Sauce Bottle, but less of one of The Rabbott.


  1. Yeah I found Bob Katter's timing and announcment inexplicable. But that has been pretty much all my experience of Bob Katter.

  2. It's just all too confusing. Maybe these things should be decided by the judges on Masterchef in the future?

  3. No.

    Once it was clear that the other indies were backing Labor, they gave Katter the option of backing the Libs separately so as not to get BBQd by his heavily Cletus-focused North Qld constituency who'd rather cut off their own nads than back Labor. In reality he'll probably back Labor too.

  4. The whole country is cletus-focused. You can tell this by 'the boats' still being an item of agenda.

  5. True. But Katter's electorate redefines Cletusdom. I mean this is the electorate where their STANDING MP declared there were no gay people, and if there were he'd walk nude backwards to Mt Isa. I mean we are talking serious backward fuckwittedness here. That's why it was such a surprise he came out talking something like sense a couple weeks ago when it appeared he'd have the balance of power - I actually agree with him on the Coles/Woolies supermarket monopoly royally shafting everyone in Aust from the farmers to the shoppers.


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