Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Death of the DVD

Blockbuster USA is about to go toes up over night due to being nearly a billion bucks in debt. If I was there I'd be renting every God damned DVD on the shelf ... but I'm dodgy as fuck. Thing is, the Seppo's net runs WAY better than ours and their deals on online entertainment makes digital renting the shit. Really, they should've seen it coming and if they didn't then perhaps store owners here should take heed with the NBN on its way. She's going to cost jobs in that area. It's just inevitable. Can't see a solution for the franchises. Their days seem numbered. I'll take a punt at less than 1,825, give or take a day or two for leap years. There goes my dream of owning a video shop. Maybe I should start an online rental now.....ish. C'mon Sauce Bottle, roll that shit out and make me rich.



  1. Just moved into a new suburb, and couldn't find a DVD shop anywhere near hear. Closest one is about 5 trams stops away and even then, it's shite.

    Now I have a home theatre system with a USB plug in, I can't see myself rushing to single-handedly save the DVD rental industry. Besides, DVD extras were always crap.

  2. Must say, I like having hard copies, but that's without having the ability to have digital hooked up to the tele and shit yet. Yet....

  3. I think DVDs will be around for some time yet, DVD rental? Well try renting a Beta or even a VHS tape nowdays. The writing has been on the wall for a long time now, if they aren't going to read it and change their business to suit they've earned their failure.

  4. It's interesting though how fast it's accelerating. Was watching a video of a game I played in 2004. It looked like something from the 80's compared to now. Things seem to EXPLODE when it comes to digital information.

    The NBN will change our reality. We just haven't had anything to compare it against before. You're right. Adapt and overcome, or die.

  5. Certainly ain't the NBN's fault that Blockbuster et al are stuck in a 20th century business model.

  6. It's sad for local video stores but fuck Blockbuster. They had no selection, everything was over priced, and to get a membership required your first born child.

    Seriously? I went in to get a membership one day and they asked for picture ID, a copy of my most recent credit card and utility bill and also required my credit card number to have on file so they could just automatically charge my card if I returned a DVD late.

    Bullshit. Fuck Blockbuster. They dug their own grave.

  7. You should've hired every new release they had last night. Fuck taking them back.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with jennicki. Blockbuster can eat my dirty underwear. They are the WORST rental outfit around. I hate them with a passion. Their rental fees are astronomical, and like jennicki said, their selection is shit.

    I switched to Netflix. I adore them and their vast selection of movies, but like you, I do long for a hard copy. This is where ebay comes in to play..

  9. OMG Doll?. *big hugs*

    I love Amazon. 'Cept for the BLOODY regional shit. That sucks.


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