Monday, 27 September 2010

FK ME this emergency services thing shits me

Reading an article this morning about a bloke in the UK that called their 3 digit emergency number for a cat that was in his kitchen and he was trying to sleep. He wanted the police to remove it. Sure, you laugh at his retardation, but really they get THOUSANDS of calls just like all over the world.

We have an ad campaign here about only calling emergency services in an actual emergency... *record scratch*

FKN FINE PEOPLE THROUGH THE FKN EYEBALLS. $500 bucks for wasting their time would knock 60% of them right off the bat. $1000 for the next time, and CONVICT THEM OF A CRIME if they do it again.

FKN HELL, they will fine you for crossing a solid white line on the road, but not FOR ENDANGERING LIVES THROUGH WASTING TIME?????????


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