Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bible and Koran Burning.

Local tosser - who happened to be a contracts lawyer for a local Uni - posts video on YouTube of himself ripping pages of the Bible and Koran out seeing which makes the better paper for a joint. For a start, unoriginal. When I was young and stupid and smoking pot I tried it with a Gideons ... then remembered the ink. In a way I agree with him; it IS just a book. Faith, for me, isn't found in a book, or a building, or through guilt. It's found inside yourself and it's a two 'person' contract. Between yourself, and the 'almighty'.

Think you'd have to have your retard hat on to miss the fact that some people of faith DO find their text of choice sacred and ARE offended by such acts. After knowing this and STILL doing it so overtly makes you a total fuckwit. The fella happens to be an Atheist. As we all know, fuckwits comes in all shapes and sizes and being a person of faith himself...

“I consider there is insufficient evidence to support a supreme being and that there is even less evidence to support any particular religion,”

...makes him a fucken hypocrite in the same breath.

How about we all just leave each other the fuck alone?.


  1. Absofknlutely! The guy's a tool!

  2. Agreed, just wanting to grab his little 15 minutes of attention with as little thought or effort as he can.

  3. Faith?

    I must have misunderstood you. I thought you said he was an atheist. Note there's no capital on that, eh?

    Oh. Wait. You're one of those who likes to argue that not believing in something that doesn't provide adequate evidence to take a solid scientific stance upon is an act of faith. Like, for example, not believing in Russell's Teapot.

    That's a pretty peculiar definition of faith right there. But if that's what it takes to make you feel you've got the high ground, I guess it's all yours.

  4. For the record, I thought the guy was a pointless asshat too. But not an asshat with any particular faith.

  5. *I'm NOT suggesting I know....

  6. Cap'n,

    Funny. Two points, I guess. First one is that I believe you have the right to believe what ever the fuck you like without having to justify it. Unless, of course, it causes harm. I take Atheism - you'll note the capital; not sure what your fucken point is there - mostly like how I take Barnes' take on the universe. He has decided whatever he's decided but respects the right I have to come to my conclusions. I'm suggesting I know everything about B's beliefs, but I know that much. I respect his beliefs and will stand right beside him defending his beliefs, whether I agree with them or not. He gives me that, as well.

    As for the bloke above. He waded into the debate - seems to me you chose to ignore this part of my comment - when he used the word, 'evidence', twice. What fucken evidence?. He's gone beyond what I perceive as Barnes' version of A/atheism, to CONSCIOUSLY ENTER into a theological and ideological debate using 'evidence'. Sorry, champ, but that's sticking your chin out.

    I assume with your version of 'a'theism is that religion is a moot debate. I said it on YouTube, but I take that sort of atheism as me not believing in unicorns and be fucked if I'm going to pre-school to debate 2 year olds on my reality. So no, Barnes - how I take it - beliefs aren't a faith, but a reality ... for him, and that's his right. He will tell you I've never debated him. And I don't, for that reason.

    Secondly, I'm going to call your entry into this discussion, 'The Flashbang' approach. Daze and confuse. You admonish me over my thoughts on this fucken dickhead Atheist, but you make sweeping assumptions about the both of us. Funny. Fucken. Shit.

  7. Oh...and I assume you realize not all Christians have cloned beliefs .. much like A/atheists, eh?.

  8. Huh. I thought my last comment here actually made it through. I guess not.

    Doesn't matter. I just wanted to add this: you wanna know something really sad? This entire topic is interesting enough that for about ten minutes, I thought I might like to write a reasoned blog entry on it.

    But then I remembered that there are people hereabouts who occasionally read my blog. And I know that if I wrote anything, no matter how rational, in support of (non-smoking!) atheism, there are people in this community -- people of faith -- who would be so offended that my children might wind up suffering at school, or my wife at her work.

    I wish that wasn't true. I wish I was making it up to score points.

    I'm not. I am genuinely frightened for the well-being of my family if I speak up.

    Must be nice to be Christian sometimes.

  9. My comments have been vanishing too. Dunno what's going on.

    What, you're trying to make me feel guilty or something?. You realize I'm not responsible for the actions of others within Christianity?. Do you blame all of Islam for the actions of Bin Laden too...rhetorical. Obviously you don't. Yeah, it's great being a Christian. Love being held responsible for everything that's wrong in the world. It's easier to not talk about it. Just look how you think of me, and you ain't the online minority buddy.


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